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Duke-NUS & NHCS Regen Diseased Kidney: World First
Lower BP Reduces CVD Risk for Kids With CKD
Risk of Heart Failure, Rehospitalization Up with Sepsis
Risk of Heart Failure & Rehospitalization Up After Sepsis
Coffee & Kidney Disease Link May Depend on Genetics: Study
Research Reveals Effect of ‘Hyper-Palatable’ Foods on 4 Diets
New mathematical model shows how body regulates potassium
Hong Kong Study: Booster Dose Cuts COVID-19 Deaths by 90%
Body’s Potassium Regulation Explained by Mathematical Model
Reduced Kidney Transplant Access Disparities Through Quality Improvement
Americans don’t know what’s healthy blood pressure – and that’s problem
False Confidence Prevents Seeking BP Care
CT with Photon-Counting Enables Lower Contrast for Aorta Imaging
Academy Fellows celebrated with Order of Australia honours
NIH launches intramural bioengineering center to foster technology collaboration across agency
40-Year Follow Up: Bariatric Surgery Reduces Death Rates
Penn State CTSI Offering Pilot Funding Through Bridges to Translation
Beetroot Juice Boosts Exercise Performance: Study
Telemedicine Effective in Shared Decision-Making as In-Person Appts
UC Davis Health Awarded $4 Million for Obesity, Diabetes Study
Seafood May Shield Against Kidney Disease: Grill Up Prawns
Seafood Omega 3s Linked to Lower Chronic Kidney Risk
Gut Microbiome Communication: Gut-Organ Axis
Vitamin D Benefits May Vary by Body Weight: Study
Novel Tool Uncovers Gut-Brain Connection
Obesity-Linked Trigger May Cause Diabetes: Study
Oral health and its link to general health of people around world
Lower Risk of Premature Death Linked to Healthy Eating
Group Details Guidelines for Diabetes, Kidney Disease Treatment
3-D Model Sheds Light on Glucose’s Role in Kidney Disease
Study illuminates sugar’s role in common kidney disease
Sugar Linked to Kidney Disease: Study
3-D Model Sheds Light on Glucose Role in Kidney Disease
Role of Gut Bacteria in Diabetes Examined
Young Adults Develop Rare Complication After COVID Vaccine: Study
Time-Restricted Eating Alters Genes Throughout Body
Eye Injury Recovery Process Altered by Dry Eye Disease
Rise in Japan’s Nephrosclerosis-Related Kidney Treatments
2022 CVD Research to Focus on Maternal/Child Health, Repurposing Meds
Cardiologists Successfully Perform Pioneering Tricuspid Valve Procedure
Dimerix completes recruitment in first part of DMX-200 trial
Penn Medicine Launches New Center for Living Donation
Alcohol Use Rises Post-Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery
Liver-transplant patient demographic info can help predict hospital readmission
Survival Improved in AKI Patients with Nephrologist Follow-up
Revised Blood Pressure Guidelines Help Detect Kidney Disease Risk in Kids
Diabetes Care During COVID-19: Research Brief Outlines Options
New immune target to treat cardiovascular disease discovered