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African Americans, those with type 2 diabetes, kidney disease at higher risk of COVID-19 hospitalization
Diabetes treatment depends on where you live
Rockefeller issues license for development of novel anti-inflammatory drug
Healthy life expectancy across Australia on rise as latest global disease estimates revealed
Chronic disease, poor public response fuels COVID-19
$1.6 Million Grant to Reverse Urinary Incontinence
University of Sheffield academics honoured for world class research and innovation
Shutdowns Mean More Go Hungry Among Spanish-Speaking Latinx Households in Bay Area
Harnessing power of nanobodies to rebuild kidneys
Role of gut viruses in inflammatory bowel disease is focus of $8.5 million grant
American Chemical Society honors Craig Hawker with 2020 Kathryn C
Certain pre-existing conditions may double, triple mortality risk for COVID-19
Solar panels to improve health inequalities and a radio show to beat mental health stigma scoop prizes
Atlas Advisors Australia and Stoic Venture Capital celebrate Uniseed’s 20th anniversary
New Zealand First announces Healthy Kiwis Package
Kidney-chip research is funded for prime-time opportunity
Using wearable technology to prevent kidney stones
Study finds pioneering dual surgery a safe option for patients with polycystic kidney disease
Regular use of acid reflux drugs linked to heightened risk of type 2 diabetes
Lipids, lysosomes, and autophagy: keys to preventing kidney injury
ACA reduced out-of-pocket health costs for families with kids, but they still need help
Australia must ensure water justice for all: expert
UVA Reveals How Genetic Differences in Fat Shape Men and Women’s Health Risks
Hidden Risks of Black Licorice
LatinX Diabetes Clinic opens at UW Medicine in SLU
Improved process sought for kidney donors, recipients
Excess belly fat linked to higher risk of early death regardless of total body fat
Little evidence taking vitamin D prevents severe COVID-19
Web resources bring new insight into COVID-19
More than half of people with diabetes and an elevated blood sugar could be
Tool uses fat in bone and muscle to diagnose disease, predict falls and fractures
Rutgers Is Study Site for Monitoring and Predicting Kidney Risk in COVID-19 Patients
Survivors of neonatal heart repair surgery face lifelong risk of kidney disease, high blood pressure
Zebrafish research could unlock key to genetic defect in people
How Australia can better avoid future medical supply crises
Grant supports research on chronic, debilitating condition in women
Optimal detection and treatment of cardiac risk could save millions of lives and billions of pounds
New research may help prevent diabetes-related kidney damage
Andy Cole backs King’s wellbeing platform for kidney patient
Editing Immune Response to Boost Gene Therapy
Protein discovery could improve type 2 diabetes treatment
These lifestyle choices can reduce risk of chronic kidney disease
Lifestyle choices can reduce risk of kidney disease
Research shows stimulating tuft cell production reverses intestinal inflammation
UVA-Developed Artificial Pancreas Effective for Children Ages 6 to 13, Study Finds
Artificial Pancreas Effectively Controls Type 1 Diabetes in Children Age 6 and Up
Researchers Call for International Collaboration on Parathyroid Cancer
World-first study on blood hormone could help reduce cardiovascular deaths