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Penn Researchers Find Three Distinct Immune Responses for Sicker COVID-19 Patients
Drug that calms ‘cytokine storm’ linked to lower risk of death among COVID-19 patients on ventilators
National Diabetes Week: Simple test saves lives
Green Glowing Worms Provide Live-Action Movies of Body’s Internal Scaffolding
Bad E. coli we know, but good E. coli?
Majority of children no longer need to shield
Study Finds Immune Cell That Predicts Risk of Organ Rejection In Transplant Patients
Discovery of new disease-susceptibility gene for steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome
Palmerston Renal Unit Opens at new Palmerston Regional Hospital Site
Trailblazing study discovers novel genetic causes of rare diseases
Study reveals high prevalence of ‘hidden’ illnesses in people with type 2 diabetes
Australians not buying enough fruit or vegetables
Tiny protein has a big impact on health and longevity
Emory, Georgia Tech participate in six-year exercise research study
Australians not buying enough fruit or vegetables
CDC updates, expands list of people at risk of severe COVID-19 illness
New treatment method for Alport Syndrome uses antisense oligonucleotides
Kidney medication ineffective
Commonly prescribed kidney medication ‘ineffective’: clinical trial
Promising treatment to slow kidney disease doesn’t prove out in clinical trial
Research Shows Patients and Clinicians Rated Telemedicine Care Positively During COVID-19 Pandemic
Young, but chronically diseased: One reason why COVID-19 Pandemic looks different in Global South
Researchers Identify Novel Genetic Variants Linked to Type-2 Diabetes
Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 Are More Likely to Develop Heart Rhythm Disorders Than Other Hospitalized
Meds as effective as surgery for some heart disease
Health and Social Care Secretary’s statement on coronavirus 19 June
Cloning Stem Cells to Find a Cure for Crohn’s Disease
A new weapon in fight against sickle cell disease
Study finds better glucose control for young people with diabetes using continuous monitoring devices
Lightly salted kale chips crowned saltiest snack
Estimates suggest one in five people worldwide have an underlying health condition that could increase their risk
Blocking brain signals detected in kidney could help unlock future treatments for kidney failure, heart disease
Key lies in genes
Impact of COVID-19 infection in blood cancer patients
Lab-Grown Miniature Human Livers Transplanted into Rats
Human insulin enhanced with cone snail ‘blue print’
Simulations Indicate Heightened Risks When Pandemic and Hurricane Season Overlap
WORLD MS DAY: New Study to Explore Resilience in MS Community Against COVID-19
Health of truck drivers and evening TV binge-watchers under Otago researchers’ spotlight
‘There is light at end of tunnel, not at end of a cigarette’ Message from NACCHO on World No Tobacco…
Increased Usability and Precision in Vascular Imaging
Dark shadow of type 2 diabetes
Diabetes dramatically increases dementia risk, doubles chance of some cancers
App helps COVID anxiety, depression
Risk factors associated with severe and fatal cases of COVID-19 identified
Age, male sex, obesity, and underlying illness emerge as risk factors for severe covid-19 or death
Funding success for vital health and medical research
Indigenous Peoples around globe are disproportionately affected by pollution