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A new mechanism behind continuous stem cell activity in plants
Did heat from impacts on asteroids provide ingredients for life on Earth?
EDNA analysis could contribute towards more effective pest control
Superoxide produced in cochlea of inner ears causes acquired hearing loss
Icing muscle injuries may delay recovery
Microalgae biofuels: Changing carbohydrates into lipids
Newly developed AI uses combination of ECG and X-ray results to diagnose arrhythmic disorders
New method of artificially creating genetic switches for yeast
Toxin in potatoes evolved from a bitter-tasting compound in tomatoes
Holographic microscopy illuminates pain-driven changes in neuronal network activity
Omnidirectional cameras reveal secret underwater lives of marine animals
‘Falling insect’ season length impacts river ecosystems
Captive-bred juvenile salmon unlikely to become migratory when released into streams
Fetal and neonatal therapies improve prognosis of congenital cytomegalovirus infection
Highly functional membrane developed for producing freshwater from seawater
Kobe University and Sysmex Conducted Clinical Evaluation of ELISPOT Method
Maternal Immune Activation Induces Sustained Changes in Fetal Microglia Motility
Artificial Intelligence that can run a simulation faithful to physical laws
New findings shed light on repair of UV-induced DNA damage
Childhood experiences and environment also have an impact
Signaling switch in pancreatic β-cells determines anti-diabetic drug effectiveness
Faster detection of photocatalyst-generated oxygen has big implications for clean energy
Success in controlling composition of perovskite ions paves way for applying their flexibility to devices
Asteroid Ryugu shaken by Hayabusa2’s impactor
Can individual differences be detected in same-shaped pottery vessels by unknown craftsmen
Relationship value and economic value are evaluated by same part of brain
‘Social cells’ related to social behavior identified in brain
Successful improvement of catalytic activity of photosynthetic CO2 fixing enzyme Rubisco
That Must’ve Hurt: Ganymede Covered by Giant Crater
Pesticides can protect crops from hydrophobic pollutants
Discovery of novel autoantibody that is a major risk factor for recurrent pregnancy loss
Discovery of new disease-susceptibility gene for steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome
New treatment method for Alport Syndrome uses antisense oligonucleotides
Observation of Excess Electronic Recoil Events in XENON1T
TearExo: new breast cancer detection method uses tears
Protecting eels protects freshwater biodiversity
“Excretion of sugar into stool”: New action of anti-diabetic drug discovered
First lawyer in Antarctica: pursuit of field-based international law research
Developing a digital holography-based multimodal imaging system to visualize living cells
Mechanism underlying development of diabetes and fatty liver illuminated
Highly efficient hydrogen gas production using sunlight, water and hematite
Development of ultrathin durable membrane for efficient oil and water separation
How can groups apologize sincerely? It’s going to cost them
Newly developed mathematical model could be used to predict cancer drug side effects
Success in metabolically engineering marine algae to synthesize valuable antioxidant astaxanthin
Gene expression regulation in Chinese cabbage illuminated
Review paper on piRNA antiviral immunity
Impact crater data analysis of Ryugu asteroid illuminates complicated geological history