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University Hospital Mission: Research
New Orchid Discovered in Unexpected Location
Japan Launches Center to Help Smaller Businesses
GIP Prevents Diet-Induced Obesity in Mice
Ancient virus genome drives autism?
Autism linked to ancient virus genome
Roots of Leafless Orchid Found to Perform Leaf-like Photosynthesis
Obesity Linked to Diabetes and Hypertension in Women
Bioengineering Aims for Carbon Neutrality: Automating Experiments, Accelerating R&D
At cutting edge of space development: Alumni Taguchi Yuske
New Insight Into Japan Earthquakes and Tectonic Strain
Slow Slip Events Linked to Japan’s Earthquake Build-Up, Release
Kobe U & AGC Turn Dry Cleaner Solvent Into Useful Compounds
Endangered Amami Rabbit Spreads Seeds for Rare Plant
Galapagos Islands Uncover New Tropical Kelp Forest
Will Kobe Airport become international gateway to Japan?
Kobe Uni’s 7 Strategic Int’l Research Projects Highlighted
Checkerboard pattern of inner ear cells enables us to hear
Ethereal color variant of mysterious plant is actually new species
Gender Equality, Diversity Movements Unite to Fight Discrimination in Japan
Male genitalia as anti-predator defense
Male Genitalia Used as Predator Defense
Male Wasps Sting Predators with Genitalia
Fungi Team Up to Destroy Fig Trees
School children who meet movement guidelines report better health
World’s First Industrial Model of Flow Photo-on-Demand Synthesis System
New insight into how long-banned chemicals unleash their toxicity inside body
Thick and sticky bacteria are more resistant to antibiotics, leading to high patient mortality
Scientists develop and test risk score for childhood kidney condition
Spring in step of SPring-8
Promising ‘building blocks’ for new functional materials
Cell death find changes gut paradigm
Game changer? How esports are shaping sports culture and values
How to generate supply and demand to save Japan’s struggling local train lines
Combining photochemistry and bioengineering to tackle waste and global energy issues
Mechanisms underlying dopamine signaling pathway
Medical engineering collaboration aims for accurate hearing loss diagnoses
Developing fluoroalkyl carbonates to make pharmaceutical and chemical industries cleaner and safer
Long COVID Case Study: Recovery process for impaired hormone secretion
Phase II study of Durvalumab plus concurrent radiotherapy in unresectable locally advanced NSCLC
Orchid helps insect get grip
Cells know their math
Arisaema urashima’s ‘fishing rod’ reels in its primary pollinator
New approach for developing Pichia pastoris yeast strains with high productivity of useful proteins
Genetic mutations that made rice cultivation possible
New photocatalytic membrane that can be cleaned using light energy
Cardiovascular risk factors and low physical fitness associated with decline in social cognitive functions
Researchers identify molecular mechanisms behind learning and memory, may open door to new therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer’s