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Summer of scientific exchange in Barcelona
‘Black hole guards’ find dormant Black hole outside our galaxy
‘Black hole police’ discover dormant black hole outside of Milky Way galaxy
Gaia mission sees strange stars in most detailed Milky Way survey to date
Coronavirus epidemic of 2020 in Finland began with five virus lineages
New technique from KU Leuven paves way for quick and easy biomonitoring in living tissue
Black box behind embryonic development
Gaia sees strange stars in most detailed Milky Way survey to date
Maintaining and enhancing forest biodiversity in Europe
Harnessing immune system to treat traumatic brain injury
LERU conference in Leiden: ‘Universities steer society through storms’
Ancient grains: Grant will help U-M researchers rethink Roman diets
KU Leuven study demonstrates connection between large urban trees and human health
Six KU Leuven researchers receive ERC Advanced Grant
Research quantifies metal supplies needed to reach EU’s climate neutrality goal
How generalist stores can protect category sales when specialist merchants enter market
Researchers and UHasselt take important step towards development of biological dental enamel
Scientists from KU Leuven and UHasselt take important step towards development of biological dental enamel
TU/e leads project for world’s first ‘Smart Circular Bridge’ in city
Dire working conditions for Belgian platform workers
Four ERC Consolidator Grants for KU Leuven researchers 17 March
Effects of ancient carbon releases suggest possible scenarios for future climate
Putting Cryptococcus in context
University of Helsinki, KU Leuven and Aalto University join forces to boost innovative research
International team creates first complete fruit fly cell atlas
Cultivated and wild bananas in northern Viet Nam threatened by а devastating fungal disease
Analysis of 2,658 tumours sheds new light on mutations in cancer
Engineers create spiky materials inspired by insects that could pop bacteria
Discovery could help finetune immunity to fight infections, disease
Eye as window into heart disease
Even dying stars can still give birth to planets
High-speed internet led to decline in civic and political engagement, research shows
Resistant to most monoclonal antibodies but neutralized by booster dose
10 most-read science news stories of 2021
Identification of political ads on Facebook often goes wrong
Anantha Chandrakasan awarded 2022 IEEE Mildred Dresselhaus Medal
Breakthrough research on human blastoids and impact on IVF and contraception
Colour-changing magnifying glass gives clear view of infrared light
Color-changing magnifying glass gives clear view of infrared light
Study highlights role of disordered protein interactions in gene expression
KU Leuven develops an assay for patient-specific monitoring and treatment for ovarian cancer
As nations promise to restore ecosystems at COP26, can they guarantee success?
How free trade can prevent hunger caused by climate change
Covid – next steps? Socio-economic consequences and lessons for future
What is short-term impact of sugary drinks in classroom?
Patient-specific plates may help heal collarbone fractures
Research characterizes gut virome
KU Leuven develops very potent antiviral against dengue