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Researchers discover defective cellular transport system as a new cause of Parkinson’s disease
Leuven researchers present technique to grow tissue implants for bone defects
‘Love hormone’ improves attachment issues in people with autism
Researchers discover new strategy in fight against antibiotic resistance
Copper-based nanomaterials can kill cancer cells in mice
Clusters of gold atoms form peculiar pyramidal shape
Plundervolt exposes vulnerability in security technology of Intel processors
ERC Consolidator Grant for cancer researcher Kim De Keersmaecker
Space research at KU Leuven: missions that inspire big dreams
Yeasts in nectar can stimulate growth of bee colonies
Electrodes to study how our brain recognises objects
Researchers use satellite data to calculate snow depth in mountain ranges
Anti-arthritis drug also stops tuberculosis bacillus from multiplying in blood stem cells
Electric switches in our brain need lipids
Eliud Kipchoge just broke marathon’s two-hour barrier, and KU Leuven research helped him do it
First ERC Synergy Grant for KU Leuven
Researchers reveal deepest layers of Bruegel drawings
Can a DNA construction kit replace expensive antibody medication?
New insulation technique paves way for more powerful and smaller chips
Researchers use CRISPR/Cas to repair two mutations of cystic fibrosis gene
24-hour blood pressure monitoring is best way to predict cardiovascular diseases
Endometrial diseases can be imitated in a lab dish, new study shows