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Sleeping mice show busy brains
Sound of Ikebana blooms where art and digital technology intersect
Feral horse show some class with harems
Building better future for brain
Tsunamis’ magnetic fields are detectable before sea level change
New insight into molecular mechanisms underlying development of heart failure
River animals just go with flow
Einstein finally warms up to quantum mechanics?
Success in Visualizing Propagation Path of Electromagnetic Waves from Space to Ground
Young, sun-like star may hold warnings for life on Earth
Fiery dragon’s breath may scorch young planets
Hybrid strategy captures larger picture of wild mandrills
Record-breaking simulations of large-scale structure formation in Universe
Life is but dream
High cell membrane tension constrains spread of cancer
Forests could be key to estuarine fish conservation
Towards Self-Restoring Electronic Devices with Long DNA Molecules
Different recipe, same sauce
Founder sociality hypothesis explains long-lasting social change when animals expand into novel niche
Behavioral synchronization in complex societies of feral horses
Chimps communicate in context
Plant from Plastics: Bio-based Polymers Can Be Transformed into Fertilizers
Carnivores may adjust schedule to avoid each other, researchers find
Different recipe, same sauce
Building stronger anti-cancer therapies with stem cells
Cells act in unison when next to each other
Male giraffes are more socially connected than females
Theory of bubbles lifts cell biology into new, more quantitative era
New cell type in human skin discovered to contribute to inflammatory skin diseases like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis
Cancer immunotherapy gets PIP boost
Elevated stress hormones linked to higher risk of high blood pressure and heart events
Signs of dementia are written in blood, reveals new study
Icarus can fly high and save on wax too
Repairing tendon injuries with stem cells
Stopping dementia in Down syndrome patients
Space: wooden frontier
Trial does not support clopidogrel monotherapy one-month after acute coronary syndromes
IPS cells show therapeutic benefits for rare muscle dystrophy
Severe Covid symptoms in elderly are consistent with weaker immune system
An energy-efficient way of enriching hydrogen isotopes in silicon
Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman Awarded Horwitz Prize for Pioneering Research on Covid Vaccines
Starving pneumonia-causing bacteria of their favourite “food” holds promise for new antibiotics
Starving pneumonia-causing bacteria of its favorite “food” holds promise for new antibiotics
Collective motions in multicellular systems: Theories unifying physics and biology
Research confirms safety of stem cell therapy for chronic knee pain
Expanding horizons of insect ecology research
United by anger: Why Japanese people are against Tokyo Olympics
Predicting drug absorption in miniatured human liver