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Basho in machine
Caffeine gets you to finish line faster
Mice show METTL in DNA blood repair
Key to probing properties of stacked ion pairs
IIASA researchers once again among world’s most highly cited
Material separates water from … water
Synergetic optimization for reducing residual warpage in laser powder bed fusion
Analyzing interventions on mercury use and emissions in artisanal gold mining
Just part of larger picture
International Space Station experiments reveal risks for future human space flights
Diego bows to ancestral sabretoothed mammal
Fruits of strangers
Cosmic ray protons reveal new spectral structures at high energies
Computers calling time on isolation
Human ‘blastoids’ offer medical hope but also deep ethical challenges
Focusing on complex waves
Scientists have used beams of muons to analyze elemental composition of Asteroid Ryugu samples
Same same but different
Elusive atmospheric wave detected during 2022 Tonga volcanic eruption
Elusive atmospheric wave detected during Tonga volcanic eruption
Researchers teach robot when to have sense of humor
Gamers can have their cake and eat it too
Breaking DNA Goldilocks-style
Regulation is name of game
How do you measure bridge safety? We’ll cross that one when we come to it
SU matter is about 3 billion times colder than deep space
Nanodisks should not be taken lightly
Optimizing fluid mixing with machine learning
Boosting performance with dash of rock salt
Cameras candidly capture bushmeat mammals to avert crisis
Where to for online learning in post-pandemic world?
Gazing into unknown
Elucidation of innate immune system as basis for development of novel therapies
Sugar chain on cell surface directs cancer cells to die
Smashing solution for cancer therapy
Clearing mist hiding genome
Three strikes and acid is out
New magnesium superionic conductor towards lithium-free solid-state batteries
When in doubt never fear, AI is here
All roads lead to big cities
Researchers uncover new therapeutic target for treating colorectal tumors
Put down devices, let your mind wander
Enhancing solar efficiency with upconversion
Nanodiamonds are cell’s best friend
To tax or not to tax, is that even question?
Cells know their math
Viruses of feather
De Sitter gravitates towards holography