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Defective freeloader genomes unmasked in DNA virus infections
Penn Medicine Awarded Nearly $7 Million for First Year of Contract to Study Influenza Viruses
Penn Medicine Cancer Cell Therapy Pioneer Carl June, MD, Receives Sanford Lorraine Cross Award
New research on good cholesterol possibly finds better marker for cardiovascular disease
Brain organoids uncover mechanisms of virus-induced microcephaly
Penn Study Uncovers Possible COVID-19 Drugs – Including Several That Are Already FDA-Approved
Researchers create rapid tests, analytics for COVID-19
New research on vitamin D and respiratory infections important for risk groups
New technique provides map of lung pathology in COVID-19
Radiation may contribute to personalized cancer vaccine
Penn Medicine Finds Viral Variants of Concern in Over a Third of Latest COVID-19 Samples from Philadelphia-Area Patients
Weaker antibody response to first COVID-19 vaccine dose found in long-term care residents
Making sense of COVID vaccine rollout
A community comes together: University of Toronto marks one year of COVID-19
Ongoing study is testing COVID-19 vaccine on patients with compromised immune systems
Coming Sooner Than You May Think: Amazing Potential of AI in Health Care
With an eye on COVID-19 variants, University of Toronto, Sinai Health researchers design next-gen sequencing platform
Study unravels antibiotic resistance in MRSA ‘superbug’ infections
Emory rises in rankings of federal research funding, research group says
Antibiotic tolerance study paves way for new treatments
Penn Medicine Teams with West Philadelphia Skills Initiative, Hires 50 Laboratory Assistants for COVID-19 Testing Efforts
STING controversy: STING activation reduces graft-versus-host disease in a mouse model
Scientists test wastewater as early warning system for COVID-19 outbreaks
Antibodies to Common Cold Coronaviruses Do Not Protect Against SARS-CoV-2
New study discovers possible early detection method for elusive ovarian cancer
Emory-developed COVID-19 vaccine safe, effective in animal models
Researchers and innovators share in $6 million for COVID projects
Scientists map shape of SARS-CoV-2 genome
Lab detects Washington’s 1st cases of UK COVID-19 strain
NSAIDs Might Exacerbate orSuppressCOVID-19Depending on Timing, Mouse Study Suggests
Researchers Characterize Shared Pathways in Epilepsy and Autism
Researchers use lasers and molecular tethers to create perfectly patterned platforms for tissue engineering
Awards and Accolades
Looking at Us: ‘The Lab’ at UConn Health
Researchers Identify Protein that Restricts Herpes Simplex Virus Infection
MRI frequently underestimates tumor size in prostate cancer
2 specialists back single-dose vaccine strategy for COVID-19
Loss of anti-tumor protein may cause resistance to certain cancer therapies
University researchers find clues about COVID-19 virus immunity
AI could lead to faster, better analysis of donated blood, study shows
Reducing proton leak restores function in aging heart cells
Study ID’s limited value of rapid COVID-19 antigen test
Penn Medicine Researchers Receive $4.8 Million Pilot Grant to Study Genetics of Alzheimer’s
Employees recognized with third quarter MUSC Innovator Awards
University Launches Temerty Centre for AI Research and Education in Medicine
Research reveals how airflow inside a car may affect COVID-19 transmission risk
Penn Medicine Researchers Chart a Path Forward with Unifying Definition of Cytokine Storm
Promising vaccine for Crimean-Congo virus