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New Approach for Cell Therapy Shows Potential Against Solid Tumors with KRAS Mutations
Perfecting collagen production in osteogenesis imperfecta
Research suggests how tumors become aggressive prostate cancer
New COVID-19 vaccine candidate, option for low- to mid-income countries
UCLA scientists say COVID-19 test offers solution for population-wide testing
Researchers Discover Unique Immune Response by Cells Critical to Lung Health
Switching from Western diet to a balanced diet may reduce skin, joint inflammation
Gene edits quell rhythm problem from heart stem cell grafts
Sudden Cardiac Death More Likely to Fell Persons with HIV Infection
Grad school experience leads scientist to role fighting anti-Black racism
Forget me not: Novel target shows promise in treating Alzheimer’s and related dementias
Awards & Accolades 9 June
Optimizing immunization with Sanaria PfSPZ-CVac malaria vaccine
MIND Institute brain bank focused on autism, diversity, education and research
Next-generation genetic sequencing to detect pancreatic and biliary cancer one of seven new projects awarded Kaye Competition
Childhood cancer discovery may stop tumour spread before it starts
U.S. blood donations are safe under current COVID-19 screening guidelines
Common vaccine protects against more HPV viruses than previously known
Mix vaccine boosters to protect against new variants
Is Elevated Level of Lung Protein an Early Predictor for COPD?
Penn Researchers Discover Drug that Blocks Multiple SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Mice
Something to Believe In
Researchers Create Search Engine Linking Diseases and Observable Traits
Why, how some human tissues strive for life after death: Grant to fund IU-led research
UC Davis drops race-based reference ranges from a standard kidney test
Researchers Discover New Genetic Variants Responsible for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Mom, researcher achieves work-life balance
Researchers identify genes responsible for loss of lung function
New lab-developed procedure improves treatment for fire victims
Women’s Health Research Poster Presentation and Awards Program
Mayo Clinic adds state-by-state vaccination rates, national trends to COVID-19 Resource Center
COVID-19 test detects antibodies in hundreds of tiny blood samples
University of Alberta precision health and entrepreneurship platforms get a boost to accelerate innovation
Cheap COVID-19 test detects antibodies blood drops
How one SARS-CoV-2 protein keeps cells from fighting back
Processing pivot: More than 900,000 COVID-19 tests moved through Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s PaLM labs
Vaccinated pregnant women pass antibodies to their babies
Penn Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to Host Symposium on Future of Cell and Gene Therapies
New rapid COVID-19 test result of university-industry partnership
Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic find COVID-19 variants may offer clues
Medical societies call for evidence-based EU health policy and regulation
Fast-growing Edmonton startup helps get new drugs to market sooner
Defective freeloader genomes unmasked in DNA virus infections
Penn Medicine Awarded Nearly $7 Million for First Year of Contract to Study Influenza Viruses
Penn Medicine Cancer Cell Therapy Pioneer Carl June, MD, Receives Sanford Lorraine Cross Award
New research on good cholesterol possibly finds better marker for cardiovascular disease
Brain organoids uncover mechanisms of virus-induced microcephaly
Penn Study Uncovers Possible COVID-19 Drugs – Including Several That Are Already FDA-Approved