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Taking on blood cancer – actively
Refined bioinformatic analysis can estimate gene copy-number variations from epigenetic data
Massive expansion of regional health database to help researchers unlock new insights into blood cancers
Bridgestone Maintains Most Trusted Tyre Brand status across Australia and New Zealand
Scientists identify new molecular strategies for tackling aggressive form of leukaemia
Race receives human ethics approval for new trial
AstraZeneca aims to transform oncology treatment landscape with diverse early pipeline and novel combinations
New hope for treatment of infant cancer that has puzzled researchers for decades
Spin out success allows for reinvestment in research
$8M Snow Fellowship for finding new cancer treatments
Landmark PBS listing for Australians with leukaemia
Alterations of protein assembly chain discovered in cancer for first time
Defeating leukaemia cells by depriving them of energy
Researchers find link between excessive R-loop levels and DNA damage to be potential cause of disease
How virus transforms immune cells into cancer uncovered by researchers
Calquence reduced risk of disease progression or death by 71% vs. standard of care combinations
It’s not all in their DNA: cancer cells with same genome can behave differently
Multiomics approach categorizes new biologic subgroups in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
New treatment for Australians with leukaemia
‘Tis season to say ‘yes’
Book launch for latest Hungerford Award winner
‘Superhero’ stems tide of leukaemia
Australian Health Protection Principal Committee statement on recommendations for managing Covid health risks
Haynes Group raises over $10,000 shaving in support of blood cancer
Math researchers find new ways to improve science of ‘trade-offs’
Supporting access to leading-edge cancer treatments for children
JCVI issues advice on third dose vaccination for severely immunosuppressed
Children’s Hospital Kids’ Bridge now open
Large catheters, small veins, increase blood clot risk for cancer patients
Creative names sought for METRONET micro tunnel boring machine
Statistics for benefit of patient
Tara Srinivas: Examining causes of a rare neurodevelopmental condition
Calquence demonstrated fewer incidences of atrial fibrillation versus ibrutinib
Study identifies risk for some childhood cancer patients developing secondary leukaemia
War and Peace atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
AstraZeneca ASCO 2021 data support ambition to revolutionise cancer outcomes by treating earlier and transforming patient experience
Scientists accelerate path for COVID-19 drug development
Cellular fireball or immune cells?
Fundamental mechanism discovered that fine-tunes gene expression & is disrupted in cancer
Prescient signs CAR-T agreement with Peter Mac Cancer Centre
Clinical trial of new treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia
Leukaemia Foundation calls for more PBS treatment options for Australians battling blood cancer
New genetic target for blood cancer treatment
Southampton led trial into COVID-19 vaccine response in lymphoid cancer patients
Investment Driving Research Growth And Innovation
Researchers uncover activation mechanism of a cell growth protein that can trigger cancer
Study identifies epigenetic factors that predict COVID-19 severity
Shave for a special teammate