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Controlling waveform of ultrashort infrared pulses
Unlocking secrets of killer whale diets and their role in climate change
Algae reveal clues about climate changes over millions of years
Blood adenosine levels as potential biomarker of white matter disease
Using sound to control enzymatic reactions Sound
Researchers Find Enhanced Fatty Acid Oxidation as Key Metabolic Signature in Centenarians
Drugs with fewer side effects through collaboration between LACDR and PTS
Prestigious HFSP grant goes to University of Vienna for lipid research
Scientists discover ‘camouflage’ used by tumour cells in bloodstream to avoid being detected
New way to enter cell using superchaotropic properties of boron clusters
Seeing lipids more deeply with mass spectrometry
Mucus could explain why Covid doesn’t spread easily from surfaces
Mucus could explain why SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t spread easily from surfaces
Researchers shed new light on devastating drug-resistant bacteria
Decoding KODA Production to Augment Stress Resistance in Plants
Obesity might lead to cancer. Now we know why
Clinical trial of potential treatments for abnormal blood lipid levels
Cool microscopy
University of Houston researcher pushes limit of when water will freeze
UH Researcher Pushes Limit of When Water Will Freeze
Novel carbon-coated bimetallic catalyst for in-situ aqueous phase hydrodeoxygenation
Genetic change for achieving long and healthy life?
Genetic Change for Achieving Long and Healthy Life
Rice varieties with high endosperm lipid content reduce starch digestibility and increase γ-oryzanol bioaccessibility
Scientists detect diffusion barrier inside fly brain
How an enriched environment fires up our synapses
Protein processing impairment in Parkinson’s disease
Researcher Receives $2.5M to Explore Origin of Arterial Hardening
Nine of ten patients with high blood pressure need more treatment
Synthesis of one of most abundant organic lipids elucidates its structure
Vanderbilt neuroscientists uncover a novel means of interneuronal communication using extracellular vesicles
Curious kids: do whales fart and sneeze?
Inside protein channel that keeps bacteria alive
Incredible, edible seed
How circadian clock regulates liver genes in time and space
Drug developed in part by MUSC holds promise for treating advanced prostate cancer
Two faculty members earn sought-after NSF Career Awards
ERC Consolidator Grants for Matthijs Brouwer and Philippe Corboz
Continuity determines whether physical activity on prescription works for least active
University Mississauga researcher uncovers evidence of earliest known dairy production in India
Boost to develop microalgae into health foods
Targeting our second brain to fight diabetes
Lipids, lysosomes, and autophagy: keys to preventing kidney injury
Study tracks human milk nutrients in infant microbiome
Ceramic cooking pots record history of ancient food practices
Metallic blue fruits use fat to produce color and signal a treat for birds
Amid rush for COVID-19 drugs, a case for helicase
Brothers in arms: brain and its blood vessels