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European Study: Decline in Suicides Linked to Suicide Prevention
NATO Security Gets Boost from Norway: SG Thanks
Geelong to host international City of Design delegates
Nominations Sent to Senate 22 March
OSCE and Guardia Civil Aid Ukraine in Curbing Illicit Arms Trafficking
Workshop in Strasbourg Aids Belarus Journalists in Exile
Don’t Send Activist Back to Tajikistan in Belarus
Biden Names Key Nominees to U.S. Admin
GMP Clearance: Additional countries added to MRA pathway
Mystery of Drowned Books Near Texel: Traveller Likely Owner
Secretary General Meets Lithuanian President Nausėda
OECD: Unemployment Rates Updated in March 2023
Gender Bias Persists Over Centuries: Study
NATO Allies Show Readiness in Major Exercises
Foreign Sec Outlines Refresh of 2023 Integrated Review
PM unveils major defence investment in Integrated Review Refresh
Four laureates to receive UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea Prize in Life Sciences
Universal Internet Access Should be Human Right, says High Commissioner
WHO: Less Salt Saves Lives
Efforts Needed to Reduce Salt Intake, Save Lives
Consumer Prices, OECD – Updated: 7 March 2023
NSC Spokesperson on US-Lithuania Indo-Pacific Dialogue
Blinken, Landsbergis issue joint statement
Blinken meets Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landsbergis
UN Committee finds on Cambodia, China, Lithuania, Panama, Portugal, Yemen
Intl Center for Prosecution of Crimes of Aggression against Ukraine established
UN Warns of Global Fallout from Ukraine War
Human Rights Council Hosts High-Level Discussion on Human Rights
Slovakia Committed to Safe Radioactive Waste Management: IAEA
Council Members of Community of Democracies Affirm Support for Ukraine
World Bank Mobilizes $2.5B to Aid Ukraine Services, Recovery
Researchers Probe Heart Attack Treatments in Pre-Clinical Model
Statement by OECD Secretary-General on Ukraine
Lithuania’s Climate Change Measures Praised, Discrimination Issues Raised
Spain Gives $100M to World Bank for Ukraine Health Project
Yemen’s Education Efforts Praised, Gov’t Salaries Non-Payment Concerned
Lithuania: Prisons Need Modernising To Curb Violence
Cambodia Praised for Child Education, Queried on Land Access and Child Labour
Biden Meets With NATO Allies on Eastern Flank: White House
Iceland: Sustainable Alternative Protein Exporter to Northern Europe
NATO SG Praises US, B9 Leaders for Ukraine Support
If peatland burns, water bodies and drinking water can suffer
OECD: GDP Growth to Pick Up in 2022 Q4
Russia’s War on Ukraine Continues: Int’l Sport Impacted
Ukraine Gets US Aid for Justice, Accountability
Lithuania National Day 16 February
Six Nations Unite in Joint Defence Declaration
UN Calls for $5.6B to Aid Conflict-Ravaged Ukraine