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Seismic signals may predict volcanic eruption styles
Goethe University and Institute for Social Research come even closer together
Extension of current lockdown until March 28, 2021
Regulation of cell division by signaling protein ECT2
Origin of life: chicken-and-the-egg problem
Step-by-step plans without yoyo effect
Cerebral cortex: Immune cells remove synapses
Solar System formation in two steps
Solar System formed in two steps
Functionality of immune cells in early life
“This is a real shake-up”
“Everybody needs a mentor”
Speciation in presence of gene flow
Green glowing gecko under UV-light
Lockdown until 31 January 2021
Aroma of Distant Worlds
Topological phases in biological systems
Pair of galaxy clusters in a wide, warm web of gas
Season’s Greetings
Nanoparticles as weapons against cancer
Pandemic brings record fall in global CO2 emissions
Coaxing cancer cells to commit suicide
Face-to-face classes no longer allowed
How epithelial cells ward off viruses
Geometry supersedes simulations
Final trimming step
Improved reprogramming
Improving primary care for patients with depression
An unconventional ion channel
Future of healthcare
How is heartbeat regulated?
Light-gated control of cytoskeleton
Prehistory of modern dogs
Bringing locals onboard
Trigger for proteasome
Not all cats are grey in dark
A woman picks up her stylus …
Sponges as biomonitors of micropollution
In beginning, there was sugar
Soak up sunlight and swim in dark
Fighting corona with machine learning
Imaging light waveforms in air plasma
Shifts in mating preference
Placebo effect meets proteome
In search for big answers
Ribosomes and Russian dolls
To keep pain in check, count down
Larger lanthanides preferred