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Vegetation in water
Improved prospects for developing nuclear clock
Research: Blind Trust in Enhancement Tech Encourages Risk-Taking, Even with Sham Products
Covid Pandemic Has Long-Term Impact on Families, Study Shows
LMU Researchers Advance in Fight Against Helicobacter & Stomach Cancer
Quantum simulator project enters second round
Molecular biology: DNA packaging supports cell division
Disrupted Ecosystems Increase Bat Coronavirus Infections
Debate on online hate speech targeting women in politics
Premature Infant Medicine
Campaign Launched to Fight Rare Cancers
Mummification Chemistry Reveals Global Network
Chemistry of mummification – Traces of global network
LMU Digitizes World’s Largest Cuneiform Library with AI
CO2 data influence eating behavior
Uncovering cosmic mystery that is dark energy
Plasmids and Spread of Antibiotic Resistance Genes
Novel Tech Unlocks Early Disease Investigation
COVID Vaccine Shields People with Blood Cancer
Rare Earth Compounds for High-tech Applications
Continued excellence in DNA repair and genome stability research
Development of immune system before and after birth
More control over plasma accelerators
Fifteen LMU scientists and academics make Highly Cited Researchers list
€1 million for bacterial research at Goethe University: How bacteria gain energy through CO2 fixation
LMU coordinates first master’s degree program for precision oncology in Germany
Revolutionizing image generation by AI: Turning text into images
Giving Immunotherapy Cells Resilience to Pass “Stress Test”
Comparison of two nano rulers
First demonstration of secure quantum network with untrusted quantum devices
Great success for AI research in Munich
New research network for next-generation active ingredients
Cooperation to research laser-based nuclear fusion
Major new international research reveals new evidence about when, where, and how chickens were domesticated
Newly discovered lipid prevents cell death
New cutting-edge LMU facility opens
Launch of nationwide CO2 removal research program CDRterra at LMU
Inauguration of Käte Hamburger Research Centre “global dis:connect”
Better control of development aid through AI
AI facilitates better control of global development aid
Land use important for climate goals
Trainee teachers made sharper assessments about learning difficulties after receiving feedback from AI
IPCC report: Adaptability has limits
Swiss population in favour of strict food waste rules
Artificial intelligence can play an important role in political context
Groundbreaking network to build Bavaria’s first quantum computer
LMU astrophysicist sees AI as essential to exploring universe
New algorithm for classification of skin lesions