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Vaccine Confidence Project awarded MacArthur funds supporting an equitable recovery from pandemic
Blood cholesterol in middle aged linked to dementia and Alzheimer´s disease more than 10 years later
Pathogen trapping proteins can differentiate between types of bacteria
£1.9 million funding to accelerate solutions to combat infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance
Self-testing will be critical part of reaching HIV elimination targets
Vaccine against pneumococcal disease reduces severe cases in children by 80% in Gambia
How does long COVID affect quality of life?
People with learning disabilities “extremely vulnerable” to effects of COVID-19
Projected effect of implementing roadmap Step 4 in England on 19th of July 2021
Vaccines given in last 20 years could prevent 51 million deaths in LMICs
LSHTM launches new centre of innovation to tackle antimicrobial resistance and tuberculosis
Nearly 8% of men who have sex with men estimated to have syphilis globally
LSHTM awarded new Doctoral Training Programme by Medical Research Council
Malaria and dengue predicted to affect billions more people if global warming continues uncurbed
Survey shows COVID-19 infection rates in secondary schools significantly lower than Autumn term
China is certified malaria-free by World Health Organization
Smartphone screening and referral system significantly increases access to care for people with eye problems
Weight gain and diabetes threaten progress in reducing heart attacks and strokes
Children with asymptomatic malaria a ‘hidden risk’ to disease control efforts
Study improves understanding of higher rate of COVID-19 death among disabled people
Modelling Step 4 of UK Government’s Spring 2021 “Roadmap” out of lockdown in England
HIV has detrimental effect on children’s growth and bone strength, landmark study finds
HIV therapy has detrimental effect on children’s growth and bone strength, landmark study finds
Sensors shown to accurately detect odour ‘fingerprint’ of COVID-19 infections with up to 100% accuracy
Wolbachia method shown to significantly reduce dengue cases and hospitalisations
UK Government COVID restrictions linked to dramatic reduction in people’s social contact
Machine learning brings an early diagnostic for pancreatic cancer a step closer to reality
Global warming already responsible for one in three heat-related deaths
LSHTM joins initiative to tackle underrepresentation of Black people in science community
Analysis of online conversations paints a picture of vaccine confidence
COVID has left 370 million school children without their one reliable meal -what can be done?
Region, ethnicity and deprivation linked to increase risk of dying from COVID-19
Rural households in Africa face ‘postcode lottery’ on nutritional content of their diets
LSHTM to play leading role in first ever Global Vaccine Confidence Summit
Peter Piot reacts to Report of Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness & Response
COVID-19 vaccine refusal is higher among health and social care workers who feel pressured by their employers
LSHTM begins largest ever sustainability drive
Disasters caused by natural hazards linked to increase in triggers for violence against women and girls
LSHTM responds to latest cuts announced by Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office
£2.2m funding boost for childhood non-allergic asthma research
Babies who survive Group B streptococcal disease more likely to require special educational support into their second decade
Forecasting COVID-19 cases and deaths in Europe – new hub will support European pandemic planning
First concrete evidence for presence of Wolbachia in malaria-transmitting mosquitoes
LSHTM reacts to death of its patron, His Royal Highness Prince Philip
Brazil at high risk of dengue outbreaks after droughts because of temporary water storage
Vaccine hesitancy poses threat to efforts to end pandemic
African genomics research is improving health of Africans
Social costs of pandemic will be felt for a decade