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Astronomers see ‘cosmic ring of fire’, 11 billion years ago
Australia’s top scientists elected as Fellows of Academy 25 May
Grant to help LGBT conversion survivors
People aged over 65 encouraged to take part in mental health services study from home
Risk of gaming addiction increases for small, but significant number as teens become adults
Researchers win MRFF funding as part of $33 million boost to genomics research
Group complaint for asylum seekers at risk in immigration detention calls for urgent investigation
New Labelling Technology Adds a Fourth Dimension to Product Security
Moits ceo appointment signals construction industry optimism
Recent Australian wildfires made worse by logging
Surgical instruments can remain inside patients undetected for over 6 months
Surgical instruments wrongly left inside a patient may not be detected for more than
Astrobiologists put Mars Rover life-detecting equipment to test
A nose for trouble
Macquarie University ranks top 20 nationally in Impact Rankings 2020
CSIRO report confirms CSG fracking is safe for environment
CSRIO report confirms CSG fracking is safe for environment
Online forum to tackle loneliness and social isolation
CSIRO unlocks new way to understand evolving strains of SARS-CoV-2
Macquarie University extends existing early entry schemes in response to COVID-19
$1.2M grant to study evolution of Central American lizards
Improving concrete infrastructure
A forest and its history, threatened
It’s Not Enough Just to Get There: Dispersing Species Face Social Barriers Too
A diamond laser makes guiding stars
Where will seeds come from?
Research predicts increased COVID-19 mortality in Australia if ICU bed capacity is not urgently boosted
Macquarie partners with Love Your Sister
Western Sydney University builds firm foundations for smart concrete
$21m grant to boost to infrastructure productivity
Preventing hospital acquired infection through innovation
No relief for casual workers or higher education in stimulus package
Catholic schools, Telstra, state governments show way on responding to Covid-19
Three Macquarie University subjects rank in top 3 nationally and top 50 globally
Science voyage to end in Perth after mapping 100,000 km2 of seafloor
New science ambassadors aim to put science on national agenda
COVID-19 cases in NSW rise to 22
Nurse and resident diagnosed with COVID-19
A cooler home is right in your own back yard
A sound boost to extreme laser performance
Virtual games help people in rehab
Using ‘flagship’ species as face of fundraising campaigns benefits entire ecosystems – when backed by science
Live Concerts Have A Vital Place In Music Education
Macquarie University an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality
Watching TV helps birds make better food choices
Virtual games help people stand and walk in rehab
First report into autism in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities reveals shortage of supports and services
University of Adelaide’s commitment to Indigenous engagement strengthened through senior leadership