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Research predicts increased COVID-19 mortality in Australia if ICU bed capacity is not urgently boosted
Macquarie partners with Love Your Sister
Western Sydney University builds firm foundations for smart concrete
$21m grant to boost to infrastructure productivity
Preventing hospital acquired infection through innovation
No relief for casual workers or higher education in stimulus package
Catholic schools, Telstra, state governments show way on responding to Covid-19
Three Macquarie University subjects rank in top 3 nationally and top 50 globally
Science voyage to end in Perth after mapping 100,000 km2 of seafloor
New science ambassadors aim to put science on national agenda
COVID-19 cases in NSW rise to 22
Nurse and resident diagnosed with COVID-19
A cooler home is right in your own back yard
A sound boost to extreme laser performance
Virtual games help people in rehab
Using ‘flagship’ species as face of fundraising campaigns benefits entire ecosystems – when backed by science
Live Concerts Have A Vital Place In Music Education
Macquarie University an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality
Watching TV helps birds make better food choices
Virtual games help people stand and walk in rehab
First report into autism in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities reveals shortage of supports and services
University of Adelaide’s commitment to Indigenous engagement strengthened through senior leadership
Macquarie University is proud to partner with medical technology incubator FLEDGE Innovation Labs
River Recovery Research Wins ARC Linkage Project Funding
Macquarie University opens dedicated rapid access clinic in response to spike in bushfire related respiratory illnesses
Macquarie University to lead three new Linkage projects
NEID Exoplanet Instrument Sees First Light
Stopping poaching by numbers
Hunting molecules that signal pain
Device makes electric vehicle charging a two-way street
Citizen scientists deserve more credit, researchers argue
Lonesome no more: white sharks hang with buddies
It’s complicated: coral bleaching is caused by more than just heat
Researchers united on international road map to insect recovery
Hunting molecules that signal pain
Device makes electric vehicle charging a two-way street
Macquarie University research gets a $9.6 million funding boost
Macquarie University Hospital cardiologist performs Southern Hemisphere first in life-saving heart repair
Antibiotic arms race moves at high speed
Researchers discover crucial ‘missing link’ between breathing and cardiovascular systems
Runaway Star – Out of Galactic Heart of Darkness Like a Bat Out of Hell
Latest research into extreme-right terrorism showcased in special edition of journal
New monitoring technique lets your remotely Operated device do snorkelling
Macquarie Uni Staff to Fight Job Cuts
Dust: not such a fluffy subject
Mapping route through research pathway
Cracking mystery of nature’s toughest material
Underwater grandmothers reveal big population of lethal sea snakes