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U.S. Vice President Issues Statement on Respect for Marriage Act
Statement from President Joe Biden on Bipartisan Senate Passage of Respect for Marriage Act
Comment by UN Rights Office Spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani on corporal punishment in Afghanistan Geneva,
UN expert to examine sale and exploitation of children issues: Philippines
Despite positive developments, rape victims need more support says new report
University of Exeter teaching resources for KS4 and KS5 pupils to bust myths around ‘common law marriage’ awarded PSHE Association
President and First Lady announce marriage of their granddaughter Naomi Biden to Peter Neal
LGB youth more than twice as likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual peers
Estonia needs to better address all forms of violence against women
Statement By President Joe Biden on Senate Cloture of Respect for Marriage Act
How divorce impacts work
GREVIO publishes its report on Iceland
Bosnia and Herzegovina should take further measures to comply with Istanbul Convention
Schools for more than 2 million children in Pakistan remain inaccessible due to devastating floods
Same-Sex Married Couples Handle Stress Better Than Different-Sex Couples
Aggressively patriarchal worldview attracted Swedish women to IS
Scientists combine microscopy with AI to characterize marine microbial food web
Say “i do” to a micro-wedding for worldpride 2023
Defence accommodation set to improve through new strategy
Marriage Equality
New Indigenous Art celebrates milestone moments
New William Robinson exhibition tells enduring love story
PAKISTAN FLOODS: More than 3.4 million children across Pakistan going hungry
UN expert: Climate change is threat multiplier for women and girls
Uncertainty and lifestyle are reasons to postpone having children in Finland
Trailblazing women paved way for future women of law
Review of noble-gas spin amplification via spin-exchange collisions
HRC 51 UK statement for Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Contemporary forms of Slavery
HRC 51 Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on human rights situation of women and girls in Afghanistan
UN expert says contemporary forms of slavery affecting minority communities, urges action to end discrimination
UN expert calls for international fund to help recovery of climate change-affected States
11,100 schools closed in Sahel region due to conflict
Mayor and Deputy Mayor express deep sadness following passing of Her Majesty Queen
Bestselling author Meredith Appleyard returns
Popular Australian fiction author returns 8 September
Four milestones to consider when writing your first Will 7 September
Stronger religious beliefs linked to higher levels of sexual satisfaction, study shows
Stronger religious beliefs linked to higher levels of sexual satisfaction
Statement from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on New Abortion Bans
OnlyFans Star Lucy Banks Reveals “the 5 Most Outrageous Thing I’ve Been Asked to Do”
Helping Afghan women to heal
Marriage or work – choice Afghanistan children must make as crisis deepens: World Vision
Crowded House announce Wodonga show
Toll of Trolls: Lucy Banks Unpacks Sad World of Online Abusers
Implementation of Marriage and Civil Partnership Act 2022
Keeping China’s minority traditions alive
‘Get Dead Set’ – around end of life choices
Couples urged to ‘say yes’ to Marriage Allowance proposal