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Addressing Medical and Social Needs Improves Diabetes Care and Outcomes
How cosmic winds transform galactic environments
NASA Missions Probe 1-in-10,000-Year Gamma-Ray Burst
Improved Chip-Scale Lasers Enable Next-Gen Quantum Devices
Mass Revolution: Kibble Balances for All
Blood markers of PTSD identified by researchers
NASA Funds Minority Institutions Preparing Students for College
Lower vaccination rates increase COVID burden for socially vulnerable
Methane cools as it heats, surprising effect
Corporate Investments Fuel Climate-Tech Innovation
Microgreens: Key to Sustainable Future?
COVID-19 Impact: State-by-State Analysis Reveals Variations in Health, Education and Economy
CDC: Autism Rates Rise Among 8-Year-Olds in US, MD
Autism Rates in California Continue to Increase
Autism Prevalence Up in 11 US Areas: CDC
Autism Rates Soar in US, CA Highest Ever
Autism Rates Soar in US, California Highest
General Officer Announcements 23 March
Cleveland Browns Fans Crash Cars: Data Could Improve City Safety
How Language Keeps Audience Engaged: Challenge
How to Become Certified in Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
White House Hosts State Lawmakers on Child Care Access, Affordability
Nominations Sent to Senate 22 March
NASA Picks Contractor for Repairs and Maintenance
ESO Telescopes Spot Aftermath of DART’s Asteroid Impact
Biden Names 31 Judicial, U.S. Attorney Nominees
Delirium Prevention Key to Maintaining Brain Health: Study
Late Uncles Gift Honors International Centers Support
Cognitive Decline Linked to Postop Delirium
Federal-Local Immigration Policies Increase Victimization of Latinos
Animal Tranquilizer Floods Illicit Drug Markets in Maryland
Genes Linked to 3 Rare Diseases Discovered
Genetic Origins of 3 Unsolved Rare Diseases Discovered
Biden Admin Proposes Nat’l Standards to Combat PFAS in Water
Remains of Glacier on Mars Suggests Ice Still Present at Equator
Scientists Say Earth’s Water Not from Melted Meteorites
COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Found Protective in Multi-State Study
NASA’s Fermi Animates Dynamic Gamma-Ray Sky
Johns Hopkins Program Helps Covid Patients Go Home
Warming Brings More Intense Droughts, Wet Events
White House Holds Equal Pay Convening: Readout
NASA Selects L3Harris to Develop Imager for NOAA Satellite
Roman Space Telescope & Rubin Observatory Team Up for Simulated Galaxy Testbed
Roman Space Telescope & Rubin Observatory Team Up for Simulated Galaxy Testbed
Brazil Researchers Study Hospitalized Patients’ E. coli Diversity
Biden announces key appointments to boards and commissions
NRC Authorizes Restart of NIST Research Reactor
Roman & Rubin scientists team up for simulated galaxies