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University of Toronto marks National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women
Ecological rule breaker shows effects of climate change on body size evolution
New study suggests climate change may be affecting animal body size
Thanksgiving dinner, with 700 Maverick guests
1,700-year-old spider monkeys discovered in Teotihuacán, Mexico
Decades of Air Pollution Undermine Immune System
Meeting climate targets through circular bio-based solutions
Progress Report on Implementing U.S. Efforts on Plan to Conserve Global Forests: Critical Carbon Sinks
Western planetary geologist to lead science for Canada’s lunar rover
From military veteran to Maverick biologist
China, Mexico, Morocco and Spain get additional sites, along with first one in Thailand
Non-English Speakers are Rarely Included in Pediatrics Research, Study Finds
In-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates among children have improved in past 20 years
Advances in spina bifida research and care improve treatment and quality of life
Johns Hopkins Researchers Find WIC Participation May Be Associated with Better Health Outcomes
Discount for AFF tickets
Annual bird count ready to take flight in Lake Mac
USF awarded $2 million National Science Foundation grant to help build more equitable communities
UPDATE: Fire, South Wairarapa
Deputy Secretary Beaudreau Visits Mexico to Highlight Bilateral Conservation and Science Partnerships
Proactive responses are most effective for fighting marine disease, Oregon State research shows
‘Leaky’ activity of mutated enzyme underlies neurodegenerative disease
Human Tumors Are Prized Real Estate for Fungi, Study Finds
First-ever mycobiome atlas describes associations between cancers and fungi
Among ancient Mayas, cacao was not food exclusive to elite
New faces as new cycle commences for CommBank Young Matildas
What was left out of founding myth of green revolution?
Xinjiang Official Figures Reveal Higher Prisoner Count in China
Research Team Creates More Effective Cancer Therapy
Exploring ancestral Maya neighborhood
Children’s Book Authors Convicted in Hong Kong
USF awarded $20 million federal grant to protect coral reef and mangrove ecosystems
Readout of President Biden’s Meeting With Leaders from Legacy Black Civil Rights Organizations 3 September
Women lead marine restoration efforts in UNESCO Seaflower Biosphere Reserve
How to keep mosquitoes at bay
MIT’s MOXIE experiment reliably produces oxygen on Mars
Illinois language justice collective helping to preserve Indigenous Mayan languages
Team develops new strategy to create blue light from promising material
DNA analysis reveals Griffin Warrior ruled his Greek homeland
Scientists outline path to representation in cancer clinical trials
47 Lawmakers, Activists Face Unfair Trial in Hong Kong
Sweetness That Comes at Price: Sugar Substitutes May Affect Human Body in Unanticipated Ways
Creating an “Adult-like” Mature Human Cardiac Tissue
Collapse of Ancient Maya City of Mayapan May Be Linked to Drought in 13th, 14th Centuries
Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III’s Meeting With Chilean Minister of National Defense Maya Fernandez
First Speech – Stephen Bates
Impact of climate change on abandoned prehistoric city
“Zip Codes” Tell RNA Where to Go