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Estrogen-regulated brain circuit that helps females control obesity identified
Estrogen-regulated brain circuit tha helps females control obesity identified
Scientists identify estrogen-regulated brain circuit that helps females control obesity
Your Gut Senses Difference Between Real Sugar and Artificial Sweetener
Research finds ancient Maya lessons on surviving drought
WorkSafe investigates death of farmer in Mid-West
Sleigh your residential recycling game this Christmas
Education initiative at UO advances STEM learning statewide
Climate-driven disease compromises seagrass health
Event highlights community language teacher contributions and support
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at 2021 Kennedy Center Honorees Reception
Marjoleine Kars wins 2021 Cundill History Prize
Bacteria and Plants Fight Alike
Green money: Anthropology research explores sustainable investing’s impact
Archaeologists discover salt workers’ residences at underwater Maya site
Harsh Sentence for Shouting Slogans in Hong Kong
Culture is key to fully understanding Covid, say Concordia researchers
Black holes of ‘all shapes and sizes’ in new gravitational-wave catalog
Laser Mapping in Southern Mexico Discovers Nearly 500 Ancient Sites
COP26 and Guatemala
New look at nutrition research identifies 10 features of heart-healthy eating pattern
New look at nutrition research finds 10 features of heart-healthy eating pattern
Clogged Flow: Cancer Cells Impair Blood Flow in Metastatic Lymph Nodes
Scientists move closer to controlling two-dimensional graphene
UArizona-led team reveals nearly 500 ancient ceremonial sites in southern Mexico
Emblematic Mayan stela returns to Guatemala
Industry survey Women in Offshore Wind sector
Cancer cells mobilizing nervous system? Let’s use them to inhibit tumor
Food Waste takes stage to mark World Food Day at EXPO 2020 – An event by World Food Programme & Australian Department for Foreign
Patient Care on Precipice of Transformation at Penn Medicine’s New Pavilion
Tremendous potential of Artificial Intelligence beyond economic growth
In Guatemala, archaeologist from Brown helps to uncover hidden neighborhood in ancient Maya city
Climate change warning from collapsed ancient cities
Deep Roots of ‘Anthropocene’ Can Be Found in Tropical Forests
Maya rulers put their personal stamp on monumental complexes
Lawrence Livermore-led effort one of nine DOE-funded data reduction projects
Trent Masiki’s Afroethnic Renewal: Six Afro-Latino Memoirists You Should Know
NSF grants $2.5M for seagrass, marine ecosystem research
Office air quality may affect employes’ cognition, productivity
Discovery About Cells’ ‘Batteries’ Boosts Battle Against Many Diseases
UNESCO awards International Literacy Prizes to innovative projects boosting literacy in Covid times
Early Covid shutdowns helped St. Louis area avoid thousands of deaths
Food Labels Leaving You Lost in Supermarket? This Game Can Help
Research reveals harmful forever chemicals in indoor air
Making Cells Talk Again
Youth mental health during pandemic better with more sleep, structure and time in nature
Yucatan climate past informs global climate present
Putting Super Cork on Coronavirus