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Orbion brings piece of space age to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Rensselaer Researchers Make Virus-Fighting Face Masks
Deconstructive Chemical Pre-Treatment Accelerates Microbial Decomposition of Plastics
Deconstructive chemical pretreatment accelerates microbial decomposition of plastics
Ultrahigh piezoelectric performance demonstrated in ceramic materials
Powering moon: Sandia researchers design microgrid for future lunar base
Michigan Tech Brings TechMBA to Grand Traverse Region
Answer to keeping moose populations healthy? Wolves
Origins of Orbion: When Preparation Meets Opportunity
To Moon-and Beyond
Phi Kappa Tau Reigns Again as MTU Winter Carnival Snow Statue Champs
Dozens of Great Lakes scientists join rare February sampling campaign to study ‘the changing face of winter’
Researchers develop ‘exceptional’ surface to explore exotic physics
Research links continents to key transitions in Earth’s oceans, atmosphere and climate
Solar-powered Heat Pumps Warm Upper Peninsula Homes for Less
Surface chemistry finds corrosive secrets
Michigan Tech Launches Traverse City Research Workspace
3D nano-inks push industry boundaries
U-Michigan to lead $15M Great Lakes region innovation Hub
Engineers clean up water pollution with sunlight
Wolf pups born on Isle Royale, moose poised for decline
€1 Million Prize for Plastics-to-Protein Research Awarded to Steve Techtmann, Ting Lu
Dispatches from Kīlauea: Reflections on Eruption
Leading Pack: Caden Sumner
Michigan Tech Researcher Opens Lake Superior Conference with a Focus on Communities
Driving in Snow is a Team Effort for AI Sensors
Author Roxane Gay to give Convocation address May 28
MTU Builds and Broadens Food Sovereignty with Indigenous, State and University Partners
Probing wet fire smoke in clouds: Can water intensify Earth’s warming?
TECH SCEnE: Technology, Science and Community Engagement in Engineering
HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory discovers origin of highest-energy cosmic rays in galaxy
Mothers in Academia Unite to Face COVID Challenges
Agile underwater glider could quietly survey seas
Researchers Explore Laser-Beaming Energy for Lunar and Terrestrial Needs
World’s Largest Lakes Reveal Climate Change Trends
Pressures and Possibilities: Pandemic Story We’re Still Writing
Entering Cloud “Twilight Zone”
That’s a Wrap: Protein ‘Burritos’ Stabilize Vaccines
Microfluidics Helps Engineers Watch Viral Infection in Real Time
Soils Contribute Greatly to Forest Fire Carbon Emissions
What Lies Ahead: Cooperative, Data-Driven Automated Driving
From Plastic to Protein Powder
Where Modeling Meets Observations: Improving Great Lakes Operational Forecast System
I Have to Quarantine for How Long? And Other COVID-19 Questions Answered
Researchers Introduce New Theory to Calculate Emissions Liability
Scientific Method on Display
Bouncing, Sticking, Exploding Viruses: Understanding Surface Chemistry of SARS-CoV
Movement is Medicine: How to Work Safely at Home