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Purple Marine Bacteria Mashup Yields Eco-Friendly Fertilizer
Researchers: Boost Coral Survival by Engineering Heat-Resilient Symbionts
Suzukake Science Day 2024 Draws 3,000+ Attendees
Greening Food Chain: Interdisciplinary Efforts for Sustainability
Global Zinc Cycle in Oceans Unraveled, Climate Change Impacted
Algae-Based Microrobots Boost Lung Cancer Treatment Efficiency
FAU Harbor Branch Unveils eConch for Queen Conch Conservation
Greenland Ice Sheet Harbors Giant Viruses
Splay Faults Raise Hazard Levels in Subduction Zone Quakes
UConn Teams Progress in National Contest with Algae Tech
Waterloo Scientists Get $1.57M for Wastewater Surveillance
Studies Examine Viability of Aquaculture Wastewater Treatments
Fourth Mass Coral Bleaching
Why We Should Take Interest In Microbial Biodiversity
Euglena Gracilis Turns Red Using Bonito Stock, Intense Light
How Seaweed Became Multicellular
Red Meat to Herring Swap Could Save 750K Lives by 2050
How Micro- And Nanoplastics Are Infiltrating Arctic Ice
2024 Thomas Davies Grant Backs Nine Aussie Eco-Researchers
Research Reveals Arctic's Hidden Primary Production Powerhouses
Wageningen Unveils AlgaePARC 2.0 Microalgae Farm Expansion
Arctic Ice Loss Impacting Marine Ecosystems, Ocean Productivity
Scientists Turn Blue-Green Algae Into Meat-like Protein Surrogate
New Centre For Research On Microorganisms
Undersea Seaweeds, Algae Antennae: New Sustainable Energy
NASA Expedition 71 Astronauts Set for Space Station Research
At UConn CAHNR, We're More Than Ag
Pollutants Alter Marine Phosphorus Cycle, Study Shows
Pressure on aquaculture to grow
Freshwater Phytoplankton's DMSP Production in Lake Baikal Explored
Decoding 6mA to Boost Microalgae Lipid Accumulation
UTSA Scientists Uncover Novel Method to Curb Cholera Infection
UQ research secures $20.5 million ARC funding
Progress Made in Research Aimed at Net Zero Carbon Emissions
Scaling up alternative to palm oil
Plasma jet tech transforms microalgae
Scientific, Cost-Effective Treatment for Anaerobic Digestion Waste
Humble Algae Reveals Climate Change Coping Mechanism
With Proton Pump to More Growth
Research Offers Sustainable, Nutritional Advantages
Shining light on tiny, solar-powered animals
Illuminating Mini Solar-Powered Animals
Deep dive into marine biotech
From gourmet kitchens to food labs
Tyre-Derived Microplastics Threaten Waterways
Retreating sea ice keeps zooplankton in depths
Sea-Ice Retreat May Keep Zooplankton in Deep Longer
Scientists Discover Algae's Nutrient Transfer to Coral