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What is current research about soil additions to help soil biology?
Climate resilient microalgae could help restore coral reefs
Breakfast of Champions
Glowing spider fossils prompt breakthrough study of how they were preserved at Aix-en-Provence
National Cheng Kung University researchers present new solution for wastewater remediation
Scientists Explore Genetic Sensor of Blue Light to Double Oil Productivity in Industrial Microalgae
Residual water from food industry gives seaweed cultivation boost
Using microalgae to produce an alternative to palm oil
Mitosis revealed in detail
New DNA modification system discovered in animals, captured from bacteria more than 60 MYA
MBL team discovers new DNA modification system in animals, captured from bacteria more than 60 MYA
Antarctica’s abandoned waste gets funding boost to kickstart clean up
Real-time solid-state NMR spectroscopy inside living cells
Algae: unexpected allies in mission for circular future
New method for making microparticles could accelerate drug development, production of new cell strains
Novel microscopic picoshell particles developed
Climate system relies on microscopic particles
Meltwater influences ecosystems in Arctic Ocean
In neighborhood of microalgae, location is key to bacterial carbon use
New species of green microalga identified in São Paulo
Affairs of heart
Matters of Heart: an exclusive research at UB, makes cover of ‘Nature’
Monash carbon capture student team wins US$250,000 XPRIZE
Spanish Astronaut Pedro Duque visits MELiSSA Pilot Plant
Foods standards body Codex Alimentarius epitomizes power of effective and efficient partnerships
Beef and beer collaborate to reduce methane emissions
Collaborating with distinguished researchers around world KAUST scientists propose nature-based adaptive approach to boost coral
Beef and beer joining forces to reduce emissions
Researchers discover method to boost energy generation from microalgae
Research reveals growing dominance of diatom algae in Pearl River estuary and paves way for future study on diatom blooms
Research Shows Growing Dominance of Diatom Algae in Pearl River Estuary Paving Way for Future Study on Diatom Blooms
Physicists make square droplets and liquid lattices
Southern Cross aquaculture specialist exploring climate change impact
SA aquaculture industry reaching new heights
Global warming threatens existence of an Arctic oasis
New Ramanome technology unveils metabolite conversion network from single cells
How do microplastics affect living cells? Research to focus on irregularly shaped particles
Biofertiliser for better farms
Ramanome Database Can Help Mining Microalgal Cell Factories for Reducing Carbon Emissions
What is some current research in growing strawberries?
Fungus creates a fast track for carbon
Reef-building corals and microscopic algae within their cells evolve together
Rubisco proton production can enhance CO2 acquisition
Scientists announce initial findings from Piney Point research effort
Microalgae biofuels: Changing carbohydrates into lipids
Will your future clothes be made of algae?
Scientists Program Microalgae’s ‘Oil Factory’ to Produce Various Oils
Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate Efficiently Controls Zooplanktonic Predators in Chlorella Mass Culture