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Evidence highlights risk of missing COVID-19 cases with rapid antigen tests
Global warming may limit spread of dengue fever, new research finds
Cell-analysis technique could combat tuberculosis
Advanced microscopy shines light on new CRISPR-Cas system
Scientists harness naturally abundant CRISPR-Cas system to edit superbugs with hope of treating infections caused by drug resistant
Vacancy for Higher Scientific Officer in Biologicals Team
Scientists harness naturally abundant CRISPR-Cas system to edit superbugs
Scientists find immune component to rare neurodegenerative disease
Discussion on melanoma set for July 27
Existing drug is shown to inhibit Covid virus
Research links vaccine immune response to age
Could your gut bacteria help you lose belly fat?
There seems no room for new bacteria on sand grains
Research reveals microbes play critical role boosting vigor of hybrid corn
15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice
New high-tech portal launched to speed hearing loss innovations
Research reveals why second dose of COVID-19 vaccine shouldn’t be skipped
Risks of antidepressant use during pregnancy
Healthy partnership extended for further two years
Bacterial Parasites Are Behind Rise of ‘Super Bugs’
Research finds monoclonal antibodies that may neutralize many norovirus variants
Modified yeast inhibits fungal growth in plants
Griffith launches Australia’s first marine wildlife cell bank
Don’t Restrict Valid Pathogen Research, ASM & Partners Warn Congress
Washington People: Arpita Bose
Researchers begin to unravel mysteries of kombucha fermentation
Two-thousand-year-old mystery of havoc-wreaking worm
WVXU: Blueprint for reproductive hormone might aid infertility treatment in women
People given ‘friendly’ bacteria in nose drops protected against meningitis
COVID-19 vaccine: Antibody response weakened in patients receiving methotrexate
High-tech toilets could spread antibiotic-resistant superbugs in hospitals, Japanese study suggests
New study shows that silver foil could reduce risk of infection in hospitals
Resistance to last-resort antibiotic may be passing between pet dogs and their owners
Yukon to receive federal assistance for support with COVID-19 efforts
ASM Calls for Objective Evaluation into Pandemic Origins
Oxford overseas research facility expands to include diagnostics and genetics testing centre
Study shows aspirin can reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients with pneumonia
A biological fireworks show 300 million years in making
Awards & Accolades 8 July
Gutting to chase on how bacteria adapts and functions
Research Reveals How Ebola Virus Manages to Evade Body’s Immune Defenses
You don’t have to be an astronaut to have a career in space
VP&S Launches New Initiative on Human Tissue Immunity and Disease
Bacterial survival kit to endure in soil
New cancer findings can give wider access to immunotherapy
Combating infectious diseases with genetic engineering
Wageningen scientists discover how potato blight pathogen penetrates plant
Mefloquine: A promising drug ‘soldier’ in battle against COVID-19