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UBCO researchers evaluate effects of fish oil supplementation on infants during breastfeeding
Adaptive genetic markers help determining origins and dispersal of invasive species
E. coli Engineered to Grow on CO2 and Formic Acid as Sole Carbon Sources
New EPFL Vice-Presidencies approved
Antibodies protect against wide range of influenza B virus strains
Detecting SARS-CoV2 using Houston’s wastewater
COVID-19 Discovery in Children May Inform Development of Vaccines, Treatments
Something old, something new combine for effective vaccine against parasitic skin disease
Drop in GP diagnosis of common health conditions revealed in Salford from March to May
Deciphering plant pathogen origin delivers biosecurity boost to Aussie crops
Guts and brains: How microbes in a mother’s intestines affect fetal neurodevelopment
A Mars Colony in Hawaii? A Microbiologist Experiences Life Beyond Earth
Heart disease patients benefit from vegetarian diet
Researcher named to Time 100 list of world’s most influential people
Researchers discover a mechanism that causes cell nuclei to grow
Novel Dual CAR T Cell immunotherapy Holds Promise for Targeting HIV Reservoir
First genetic sequencing of COVID in Quebec shows roots of outbreak
MIT Integrative Microbiology Initiative will stimulate environmental microbiology research
Bacteria Could Provide Us with Next Antivirals
Novel drug could be a powerful weapon in fight against malaria and toxoplasmosis
New £4m study to advance understanding of severe coronavirus infection
Middle-Aged Individuals May Be in a Perpetual State of H3N2 Flu Virus Susceptibility
New drug could stop deadly superbug, save tens of thousands of lives
Norovirus strains differ in sensitivity to body’s first line of defense
HKU State Key Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases co-developed COVID-19 vaccine candidate approved
Using a Wrench to Hammer Nails
Global chase for microbiome
Researchers identify nanobody that may prevent COVID-19 infection
Gene therapy research for HIV awarded $14.6 million NIH grant
Australian Health Protection Principal Committee statement on Infection Control Expert Group
Gene therapy research for HIV awarded $14.6 million NIH grant
FSU teams with 13 other universities to investigate effect of climate change on Arctic ecosystems
Scientists uncover antiviral protein that blocks coronavirus infection
Study sheds light on killer fungus
Scent-Sensing Cells Have a Better Way to Fight Flu
Common pathogens facilitate HIV persistence
Studying climate change at high speed
Iowa State to open new COVID-19 testing center
Mosaic ImmunoEngineering Inc. signs license-option to advance novel immunotherapy to treat cancer and infectious
Microgel Immuno-acceptance Method Could Improve Pancreatic Islet Transplant Success
Identifying emerging diseases focus of new international collaboration
A new method for making a key component of plastics
Vaccine alliance for national COVID-19 vaccine screening and development programme
UVA-Designed COVID-19 Swab to Support High-Priority Testing Across Virginia
Each human gut has a viral “fingerprint”
Nasal vaccine against COVID-19 prevents infection in mice
Yerkes Genomics Research Will Help Predict COVID-19 Disease Severity, Inform Treatment Decisions
A tale of two viruses: what you need to know this fall about COVID-19 and flu