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New Autoinflammatory Disease Discovered, Potential Treatment Target Identified
NIH Discovers New Autoinflammatory Disease, Identifies Treatment Target
Geography Coffee Hour to Explore Microorganisms’ Impact on Life
HIV Persists for Years in Myeloid Cells on Antiretroviral Therapy
Research Finds HIV Genomes Hiding in White Blood Cells, Offers New Target to Eliminate Infections
HIV can persist for years in myeloid cells of people on antiretroviral therapy
Virtual Wards Proven Safe and Effective for Treating MPOX Patients
Mitreva elected to American Academy of Microbiology
WHO Unveils Priorities for Age-Suitable Antibiotic R&D
CDC Warns of Rising Drug-Resistant C. auris Infections
Immune System Could Lessen TB Antibiotic Use
Bacteria Cell Division Halted By Blocked Wall Formation
Marker Predicts Long-Term Flu Vaccine Immunity
IU Researchers Find Common Bacterial Infection is Sexually Transmissible
Boston Med Center Adds HIV Molecular Test
Biofuel Breakthrough, Courtesy of Fungi
How to Become Certified in Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Secret of Neutralising COVID-19 Therapeutic Antibodies Revealed
Healthy Men with Vaginal Sex Show Unique Urethral Microbiome
UCLA Study Cures Rare Immune Deficiency with Base Editing
Cambridge start-up wins funding to develop new diagnostics
Superbug Co-Infection Boosts Covid Replication: Study
Covid Impairs Vaccine-Induced Immune Response
Improved Recombination Boosts Covid Research
Nervous System Plays Crucial Role in Severe Allergic Reactions
Plankton’s Role in Climate Change to be Discussed April 5
Hep C Diagnosis & Treatment for At-Risk Populations Now Easier
Ancient Microbial Dark Matter Explored in New Study
Gene Linked to X Chromosome May Explain Female’s Lower Virus Severity
Colorectal cancer and E. coli: new insights
Streptomyces Nano-Syringes: Self-Protection Through Self-Poisoning
Deciphering Our Sense of Smell: Making Sense of Scents
Study identifies human genes enabling SARS-CoV-2 infection
Western Diets Linked to Liver Disease: Study
PCR Panels Cut Costs, Hospital Stays, Antibiotic Use for GI Infections
Research: Covid Omicron XBB.1.5 Variant Highly Transmissible, Infectious
Global interest in koala vaccine leads to funding
Forum tackles how AI can help deal with global food security
Immune System Fights Bacteria in Intestines
WSU Researchers Create Easier TB Detection Method
Right Cocktail of Gut Enzymes Can Stop C. diff in its Tracks
Gut Enzymes Combat c. diff: Successful Results
How microbiomes are influencing our planet’s health
Rising risks of plastic pollution
Scientists urge action for microbe-made peace in world
Students want to invite ocean on EPFL campus
Melbourne’s West Opens Largest Southern Hemisphere Lab
Tough lignin broken down in anaerobic environment, researchers find