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Oxford University and Prenetics announce landmark collaboration to scale rapid testing tech globally
From extravagant to achievable – pushing boundaries of research to find life beyond Earth
Bacteria in heat-high temperatures facilitate fermentation
Innovative, Multi-Sector Approach Critical for Pathogen Surveillance
Researchers Find Protein That Helps HIV-1 Navigate Through Cell
Partnering to Boost Next Gen Sequencing in Public Health
Penn Medicine Awarded Nearly $7 Million for First Year of Contract to Study Influenza Viruses
Researchers aim to prevent muscle wasting that causes many cancer deaths
ASM Convenes Partners to Advance Next Generation Sequencing in Support of Public Health
Pausing J&J Vaccine Rollout Is a Move to Keep Public Trust
NIH experts discuss post-acute COVID-19
A better nasal swab for Covid-19 testing
Gut Microbiome Plays Role in Autism
Human Trials Begin for a Low-Cost COVID-19 Vaccine to Extend Global Access
Penn Study Uncovers Possible COVID-19 Drugs – Including Several That Are Already FDA-Approved
Export controls on academic research
Everyone poops: Monitoring COVID-19 in wastewater
McGill leads in urgent virus variant research network
Volunteers needed for study looking into whether COVID-19 and flu vaccines can be administered at same time
Military Microbiologists With a Surprising Connection
Weaker antibody response to first COVID-19 vaccine dose found in long-term care residents
Zika virus helps destroy deadly brain cancer in mice
Vaccines Developed by UVA, Va. Tech May Offer Broad Protection From Coronaviruses
Littlest shop of horrors: Hungry green algae prefer to eat bacteria alive
Construction completed on “world-class” IBRB biomedical research building at University of Warwick
McGill and Genome Canada announce new Canadian SARS-CoV-2 Data Portal
HKU wins ten Gold and Silver Medals at 2021 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days
Hormone Drugs May Disarm COVID-19 Spike Protein and Stop Disease Progression
Willy Spaan appointed to UvA Supervisory Board
Canada COVID-19 Update for Indigenous Peoples and communities 20 March
University-business collaborations awarded share of £100,000
Observed in vivo collective movement of nanorobots
HKU and CEPI extend collaboration on development of COVID-19 nasal spray
B.1.1.7. Variant of SARS-CoV-2 Detected in Bangladesh
Tool can provide swine producers with early diagnosis of often-fatal ‘Strep zoo’
COVID-19: how does it affect people preparing food?
Multidrug-Resistant Candida Auris Discovered in a Natural Environment
Motility allows Adaptation
Skeleton of malaria parasite reveals its secrets
Complement inhibition reverses mental losses after traumatic brain injury in preclinical models
Three life scientists awarded 2021 Schwartz funds
Covid-19 vaccine candidate based on UCPH-research ready for testing on humans
Significant gender disparities revealed in COVID-19 clinical trial leadership
Fighting antibiotic resistance through new diagnostics
HKUMed found that robust SARS-CoV-2 infection in nasal turbinate underlies incomplete protection by systemic antibody or vaccine
University of Alberta lab reveals how flu drug works in hopes it can be tweaked enough to outsmart resistant variants
Medical Microbiologist Lab Directors Needed to Run Clinical Microbiology Laboratories
World’s first Covid-19 vaccine alternating dose study begins at University of Nottingham Health Service