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Researchers set to begin new phase of COVID-19 vaccine trials
Senior seeks to honor mentor’s memory with cancer research
Trial of rapid coronavirus test launched in Hampshire
Scientists alter genes of innate immune cells with DNA-snipping tool
UO, OHSU to study new coronavirus in a hospital setting
Unusual Immune Response in Bladder Appears to Drive Repeat UTIs
Grant will help ISU scientists break new ground in gene editing
How fungi are becoming future
T cells could be made into better cancer killers by increasing their protein production
Rice engineer wins grant to study temperature and coronavirus
Council venue becomes pop-up PPE factory during pandemic
SMART researchers uncover new anti-phage defense mechanisms
Tests provide new picture of spread of virus
Intensive hunt for drugs to fight COVID-19
Researchers and Tonix Pharmaceuticals race to develop and test candidate vaccines for COVID-19
Light drives injection
Photosynthesis in a droplet
Greenacres Biodynamics now Official Australian & New Zealand Distributor of 100% Natural Complete Balanced Soil Re-mineralisation Product SeaAgri SEA-90
Glacial ice will likely hold records of COVID-19 pandemic, researchers say
Aiding sustainable conservation of Red Sea
WISEST wins recognition for breaking barriers
Penn Researchers Receive $1.05 Million Grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Online tutor helps general public turn COVID-19 prevention efforts into action
Online tutor helps turn COVID-19 prevention efforts into action
Biotechnology project to reduce mercury pollution in marine sediments
Division of labour on surface of bacteria
License agreement speeds up work on COVID-19 vaccine
Scientists Join Search for COVID-19 Secret Wanderers
Researchers providing advice at heart of Government
University researcher develops diagnostic lung test to identify patients
Lab researchers, NASA find space station’s surface microbial profile resembles skin of its crew members
Cracking Lyme disease code
Covid-19: using wastewater to track pandemic
Controlled traffic farming on right track
Emory helps lead research on drug to treat COVID-19 patients
Spinal Cord Injuries: UVA Scientists Probe Individual Cells to Find Better Treatments
COVID-19 food hygiene: a food microbiologist’s top 3 tips
New drug formulation could treat Candida infections
New partnership to unravel genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 virus in Quebec
What COVID-19 antibody tests can tell us, and what they can’t
Universities band together to develop S.C.-grown antibody test
New associate directors at Hollings Cancer Center to advance cancer immunology
Researchers Develop Breakthrough Antibody Test for COVID-19 Virus
UCPH Researchers Agree on Future Production of Vaccine Against COVID-19
Lab instructors adapt to remote teaching
ISU robot still reports to work, even during a pandemic
“It’s imperative that researchers from KI take part in public discourse and debate”
Bid to reduce respiratory COVID-19 deaths