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How to produce proteins at right speed
Diermeier urges university community to raise aspirations after extraordinary year
Covid Vaccines Put Your Immunity Where Your Mouth Is
Role of Microenvironmental and Metabolic Factors during Anti-infectious Immune Responses
TSU Biologists analyzed microplastic in Russian rivers
HKUMed identifies BiIA-SG as promising universal drug for HIV-1 prevention and functional cure
Research confirms virus variants reduce protection against Covid
CUIMC Crowns Trivia Champion
‘Nanopore-tal’ enables cells to talk to computers
Building better vaccine for SARS CoV-2
Scientists Identify Mechanism Driving Covid Mortality
Breast milk of mothers who received Covid vaccine contains antibodies that fight illness
Volcanism drove rapid ocean deoxygenation during time of dinosaurs
Nine HKU young scientists awarded China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2021
Antibody protects against broad range of Covid virus variants
NIH Awards Emory and partners $27.6M for Pediatric HIV Cure Research
Antibodies block specific viruses that cause arthritis, brain infections
Mount Sinai researchers uncover biology and treatment behind rare autoinflammatory disease
Bacterial warfare provides new antibiotic target
Cooperation Under Pressure: Lessons from Covid Swab Crisis
‘2.0’ of Covid vaccine quickly kicks immune system into high gear
Higher SARS‑CoV‑2 concentrations in Gothenburg wastewater
Putting Super Cork on Coronavirus
New approach identifies T cells in Covid patients
Nuclear waste-storage research gets $3.3M grant
New Research Provides Clues to Developing Better Intranasal Vaccines for Covid and Flu
Research provides clues to developing better intranasal vaccines for Covid and flu
Existing Drug May Help Improve Responses to Cellular Therapies in Advanced Leukemias
Not just white lab coats: UNSW scientists reflect on being scientist
Update: L452 mutations set off several Covid variants
Study explains why food high in saturated fat may lead to plaque build-up in arteries
Jedis with Down syndrome, animation by and for people with autism, and sensory science books by legally blind artist
Improving treatment of newborn babies with life-threatening sepsis
First WHO catalogue of tuberculosis mutations developed with Imperial
Study finds infra-red technology can help predict severe Covid
Marine bacteria in Canadian Arctic capable of biodegrading diesel and oil
Fine aerosols emitted during talking and singing may play crucial role in Covid transmission: Singapore study
Researchers pinpoint promising inhibitors that could lead to new antiviral drugs to treat Covid
Fish feces, common reef occurrence, becomes problem for coral as water warms
Organoid bladders reveal secrets of UTIs
Science Minister announces UKRI’s open access policy
Food scientists create national atlas for deadly listeria
Nitrogen inputs in ancient ocean
2,000-year-old mystery of havoc-wreaking worm
Awards & Accolades 5 August
Researchers find possible culprit of inflammation that causes death in Covid patients
Scientists Urge States to Work Together When Implementing Covid Mitigation Strategies
Existing drug is shown to inhibit virus that causes Covid