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Optimising gut health helps to prevent antibiotic resistance
A Mars Colony in Hawaii? A Microbiologist Experiences Life Beyond Earth
COVID-19 mortality rates higher among men than women
Difference in microbiota between organic and conventional dairy farms
Secret of plant dietary fibre structure revealed
Yale teams get multi-million-dollar awards to study biology of Parkinson’s
Seyedsayamdost lab uncovers small fratricidal molecule
Antibiotic pre-treatment reduces joint inflammation
Mayo scientists develop mathematical index to distinguish healthy microbiome from diseased
Biopesticide startup gets $750K more in NSF funding
Global chase for microbiome
Study tracks human milk nutrients in infant microbiome
Research shows stimulating tuft cell production reverses intestinal inflammation
Frequent use of antimicrobial drugs in first decade of life shifts bacterial profiles in saliva
Danish Oxford Researcher Returns Home to UCPH
Antibiotics associated with increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease
Mark Vermeij appointed professor of Tropical Marine Ecology
Hidden Math of Bacterial Behavior
Female HIV preventative project receives international support
A new tool for modeling human gut microbiome
Penn State Microbiome Center and GALT enter collaboration to advance research
Baylor genomics teams partner to provide COVID-19 testing for Houston area
Potential preterm births in high risk women predicted to 73% accuracy, thanks to new technique
Grants awarded for COVID-19 research in child, brain health
Scientists discover key to restricting antibiotic resistant bacteria
Researchers may have found a path to longer life
Engineering superpowered organisms for a more sustainable world
Gum disease may raise risk of some cancers
Unparalleled inventory of human gut ecosystem
Changes in senior roles at EMBL
Bird droppings carry risk of antibiotic resistance
Applications for virtual learning lab open
Applications for virtual learning lab open
Mom and baby share “good bacteria” through breast milk
Living close to natural green space benefits gut bacteria of urban, formula-fed infants, study shows
Study reveals hidden fight within corals
Gut bacteria improve type 2 diabetes risk prediction
Study by University researchers reveals how bacterial toxins might evolve to cause new illnesses
Wyoming INBRE Receives $17.2 Million NIH Grant to Continue Biomedical Research, Education
COVID-19: Bacteriophage Could Decrease Mortality
Inflammatory bowel disease linked to doubling in dementia risk
Pioneering research reveals certain human genes relate to gut bacteria
Ohio State Study: Prenatal Stress Can Cause Long-Term Behavioral Deficits In Mice
Interconnections pattern across earth microbial communities uncovered
Vitamin D could help mitigate chemotherapy side effects
Freshwater ecosytems: A continental-scale prediction on functional diversity of stream microbes
Disease pyramid: environment, pathogen, individual and microbiome
University researchers to study impact of cannabis on Indigenous oral health