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COVID-19: Bacteriophage Could Decrease Mortality
Inflammatory bowel disease linked to doubling in dementia risk
Pioneering research reveals certain human genes relate to gut bacteria
Ohio State Study: Prenatal Stress Can Cause Long-Term Behavioral Deficits In Mice
Interconnections pattern across earth microbial communities uncovered
Vitamin D could help mitigate chemotherapy side effects
Freshwater ecosytems: A continental-scale prediction on functional diversity of stream microbes
Disease pyramid: environment, pathogen, individual and microbiome
University researchers to study impact of cannabis on Indigenous oral health
Study investigates potential for gut microbiome to alter drug safety and efficacy
Reusing chicken litter shows benefits
Using multiomics in an agricultural field, scientists discover that organic nitrogen plays a key role
Technology aims to provide cloud efficiency for databases during data-intensive COVID-19 pandemic
Diet, Gut Microbes Affect Effectiveness of Cancer Treatment, Research Reveals
A few months of vaping puts healthy people on brink of oral disease
How do humans and environment interact?
Environmental contaminants alter gut microbiome, health
Burnet researchers share in NHMRC grants
Study Could Explain How Stress Encourages Stomach Ulcers
Study to identify markers that could predict COVID-19 outcome
Metagenomics reveals distinct microbiotypes in giant clams Tridacna maxima
Researchers use old equations coupled with new methods to help decode massively complex gut microbiome
Mapping microbiome in saliva of COVID-19 patients
Research on viral junk, quicker drug testing could help outflank coronaviruses
System designed to improve database performance for health care, IoT
Lab researchers, NASA find space station’s surface microbial profile resembles skin of its crew members
Cluster Investigation of COVID-19 in Central New York
Scientists Explore Links Between Genetics, Gut Microbiome, and Memory
CRISPR-based diagnostic chips perform thousands of tests simultaneously to detect viruses
New five-year grant funds study of bacteria in brain development
How could Covid-19 and body’s immune response affect brain?
Calling citizen scientists: contribute to research on COVID-19 and microbiome
New WSU-PNNL partnership to advance gut microbiome science
Origin of Feces: coproID Reliably Predicts Sources of Ancient Poop
Crops can resist droughts thanks to microbes living in soil
Heart study debunks meat metabolite myth
Researchers Get Important Glimpse Into Microbiome Development in Early Life
Root microbiome can make crops more resistant to drought
Dawn-to-sunset fasting associated with anti-cancer proteins
Breastfeeding May Lead to Fewer Human Viruses in Newborns’ Gastrointestinal Systems
New video game enlists players to help advance scientific research
Next stage ready to enhance Covid-19 diagnoses
Mining Bacteria Parts To Build Around-the-Clock Biosensors
Drug Used to Treat Liver Disease Also Affects C. diff Life Cycle, Reduces Inflammation
Penn Establishes Center to Accelerate Coronavirus Research
UO’s indoor research center takes aim at COVID-19 risks
Penn Establishes Center to Accelerate Coronavirus Research
Penn Establishes Center to Accelerate Coronavirus Research