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IMF Forecasts Weak Global Growth in 2023, Rebound Next Year
Budget to Boost Productivity, Curb Price-Wage Spiral
Money creation in New Zealand – Bulletin article – Reserve Bank of New Zealand – Te Pūtea Matua
IMF Completes 2022 France Review
Same old economic plot will only deliver same old outcomes
Global Economic Output Reaches Lowest in Decades: UN Report
IMF Approves $86.9M Loan for Mauritania’s 2022 Economic Plan
UN: Global Growth Forecast to Weaken by 2023
RBNZ and Minister Agree New Foreign Reserves Framework
ECB Unveils New Climate Indicators to Bridging Data Gap
IMF Finishes 2022 Review of Finland Economy
IMF Affirms Chile’s Economic Outlook for 2022
IMF: 2022 Consultation with Czech Republic Concluded
IMF Finishes Consultation with Slovenia for 2022
IMF Approves Uganda’s Extended Credit Facility Arrangement
Global Recession Expected in 2023, Inflation Pressures Easing
Fed Reserve Board Announces 2022 Bank Income, Expense Data and Treasury Transfers
OECD Names Clare Lombardelli Chief Economist
US Recession Risk: Model Predicts Based on Financial Misreporting
Work Needed to Alleviate Housing Cost Burden
Sharp, Long-lasting Slowdown to Hit Developing Countries Hard
IMF Backs Moldova with Credit, Funds Facilities
IMF Finishes 2022 India Consultation
IMF Concludes CEMAC Common Policy Discussions, Supports Reforms
IMF Staff Completes Visit to Kuwait
Economics Committee releases its RBA report
IMF Grants Georgia Stand-By Arrangement Review Approval
Inflation and interest will sting, but wages should rise in 2023
IMF Approves Third Review of DRC’s ECF Arrangement
Maldives Completes IMF Consultation for 2022
IMF Approves €2.4B Stand-by Arrangement for Serbia
ECB reviews its risk control framework for credit operations
IMF Approves $447.39M Disbursement to Kenya
IMF approves $3B loan to Egypt for 46 months
IMF Completes 2022 Djibouti Mission
IMF Agrees with Jamaica on PLL, RSF and 2022 Article IV
ECB extends liquidity lines with non-euro area central banks until 15 January 2024
IMF: Zimbabwe Visit Concludes Successfully
Monetary policy decisions: ECB 16 December
HMRC Interest Rates Revised After BOE Rate Hike
Indonesia’s Economy Rebounding After Covid-19 Reopening in 2022
IMF Approves $27.41M Disbursement for Gambia’s Extended Credit Facility
Monetary Policy Announcement and Financial Stability Report dates for 2023/24 – Reserve Bank of New Zealand
U.S. Federal Reserve announces interest rate decision 15 December
Gov’t Accounts Remain on Track for Surplus
2023 Budget to Secure Global Stability
100+ Economists, Tax Experts Call for Stage 3 Overhaul in Full-Page Adverts
Modernising Australia’s financial system