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First nationwide study reveals millions of cancelled operations due to COVID-19 and high risk of death
COVID-19 cases drop for seventh week, but deaths fall less slowly: WHO
Heart transplants: Age is no barrier to successful surgery
Does Using Hair Relaxers Cause Higher Breast Cancer Risk for Black Women?
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Belize
Drop in convalescent plasma use at US hospitals linked to higher COVID-19 mortality rate
Study finds lower mortality rate for men at high risk for death from prostate cancer who received early postoperative radiation
People of color twice as likely to die after traumatic brain injury, new study finds
Study finds specialty behavioral health establishments increased, but more needs to be done
Drones deliver blood to prevent maternal death in Botswana
Parasites as fountains of youth: Study finds infected ants live much longer
UBCO researchers examine how pandemics impact homeless
AI-enabled EKGs find difference between numerical age and biological age significantly affects health, longevity
Once we’re past fear stage, where do we place blame for COVID-19 pandemic?
Role of Asian hornet in decline of bees is confirmed
Small uveal melanomas ‘not always harmless’, study finds
Small uveal melanomas ‘not always harmless’, ground breaking study finds
Scientists discover five new species of listeria, improving food safety
All in family: Cornell adds five species to listeria genus
Ovarian cancer treatment hope
Most pediatric spinal fractures related to not wearing seatbelts
Study: Obesity slows progress against cancer deaths
‘Opioid treatment deserts’ abound, study finds
Mutation profile of acral nevi differs from acral melanoma, Moffitt researchers say
Molecular tweezers that attack antibiotic resistant bacteria developed by Ben-Gurion U
Breathing problems are second most common symptom of heart attacks
Grave concerns for young children and pregnant women in India amidst COVID-19 crisis
Team discovers how to restrict growth, spread of head and neck cancers
Iodine deficiency in lambs and kids
Category killers of internet are significantly reducing online diversity
First Nations peoples at earlier risk of atrial fibrillation
Pregnant women with COVID-19 face high mortality rate
UK cancer patients more likely to die following COVID-19 than European patients
Lower-quality kidney transplant better outcome than dialysis 13 April
New formulation of existing medicines prove highly effective against drug-resistant fungus
ASF and FMD found in pork products at border seizure
Global study shows elective surgery patients should be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines
Biden Administration Announces Historic $10 Billion Investment to Expand Access to COVID-19 Vaccines and Build Vaccine Confidence
MIT engineers make filters from tree branches to purify drinking water
Lower-quality kidney transplant better outcome than dialysis
COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy could lead to thousands of extra deaths
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Colombia
Deactivating cancer cell gene boosts immunotherapy for head and neck cancers
Researcher Studying Molecular Underpinnings of Disordered Breathing in Rett Syndrome
Yemen at tipping point as COVID-19 second wave hits amid renewed fighting and famine fears – Oxfam
Infant mortality rate higher among pregnant women exposed to natural disasters
ATRT molecular groups: looking at biology from clinic
Over $1.1 billion to extend Australia’s COVID-19 health response