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‘Fight or flight’ discovery in sleepwalkers paves way to new understanding of phenomenon
Can Polio Virus Help Treat Brain Tumors?
Researchers find signs of inflammation in brains of people who died of COVID-19
Rare neurological disorder documented following COVID-19 vaccination
Lang named to national child health advisory council
In many cases, multiple sclerosis starts long before diagnosis
Headaches and heat – what really is causing pain?
Unraveling origin of Alzheimer’s disease
Trial Results of New Drug for Generalized Myasthenia Gravis Published in Lancet Neurology
Long-COVID Recovery Center at UConn Health helping those with Post-COVID Issues
COVID-19 reinfection rate less than 1% for those with severe illness
Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s again named a top pediatric cancer program
Study finds survival is more important than a chronic medical condition in prioritizing medical care
Research Snapshot: Finding confirms process by which ketamine acts as an antidepressant
SARS-CoV-2 protease cuts human proteins; possible link to COVID-19 symptoms
Investigators Examine Brain Tests of Patients With COVID-19
Study shows how taking short breaks may help our brains learn new skills
For Newborns with Seizures, Stopping Treatment Sooner May Be Safer
Study suggests no association between antiseizure drugs used during pregnancy and neurodevelopmental problems in children
Researchers Discover How HIV Affects White Matter in Brain
Researchers Use Big Data to Assess Seizure Burden and Improve Outcomes in Pediatric Epilepsy Patients
Exercise prevents neuronal damage caused by lung cancer therapy
Hospital visits for extreme blood sugar highs and lows increase chance of dementia
Chip inserted under skin may better identify patients at risk of recurrent stroke
Improved detection of atrial fibrillation through new devices could prevent a significant number of disabling strokes
Neuren to proceed with INDs for three trials after FDA meeting
CHOP Selected as Center of Excellence for Rett Syndrome
New Collaborative Research Centre for FAU
First reported cases of clots in large arteries causing stroke following covid-19 vaccination
Penn Medicine Launches Region’s First Post-COVID-19 Neurological Care Clinic
New biobank provides insights into Parkinson’s disease
Decision-making ability in young people is linked to social function
Community Health Worker Town Hall Addresses Post-COVID Syndrome
New research identifies how amyloid beta forms
Novel Immunotherapy Boosts Long-Term Stroke Recovery in Mice
Study finds potential causality between blood clot factors and migraine with aura
Scientists map gene changes underlying brain and cognitive decline in aging
Rare blood clots more likely after COVID-19 infection than from vaccine, report finds
Eyes Offer a Window into Alzheimer’s Disease
Study finds low sugar metabolite associates with disability, neurodegeneration in MS
How imperfect memory causes poor choices
COVID-19 alters gray matter volume in brain, new study shows
Damage to white matter is linked to worse cognitive outcomes after brain injury
Breaching blood-brain barrier to treat tumors
Mutations Cause Rare Genetic Disease in Children
Epilepsy Research Reveals Why Sleep Increases Risk of Sudden Death
Gift from Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to support UCLA neurology research
Study: What Brain Scans Reveal About Learning Math