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Pioneering study discovers an underlying cause for infantile spasms and points to novel therapy
Epilepsy drug stops nervous system tumor growth
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Glatiramer acetate compatible with breastfeeding
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Cardiovascular disease affects US-born Black adults more than Black immigrants
Circuit that focuses attention brings in wide array of inputs
To Err Is Human
Know and respond quickly to signs of stroke
Physician-scientist Marian Dale is talking walk
Flying intervention team vs patient interhospital transfer on time to endovascular thrombectomy
New tool to create hearing cells lost in aging
Research reveals nearly 13% of Covid hospitalized patients had serious neurologic symptoms
McGowan Government’s sponsorship of People with Disabilities WA State Conference to shine light on disability issues
UConn Health Epilepsy Center Receives Distinction from National Association of Epilepsy Centers
Brain connectivity changes revealed in individuals with pre-clinical Alzheimer’s
FDA Approves Treatment for Myasthenia Gravis after Phase III study led by James Howard, MD
Analysis of more than 82,000 autistic children’s health care usage data finds disparities
Half million to further digital innovation for people with Parkinson’s
Zeroing in on new treatment for autism and epilepsy
When is it time to see hand specialist?
Circuit that focuses attention brings in wide array of inputs
Women were less likely to return to work after severe stroke, new study finds
Risky driving behaviors increase as common sleep disorder worsens
Portable MRIs almost as effective as standard MRIs in detecting strokes
Doctor’s visit from future
Fetal exposure to drugs may affect infants’ brain development
Promising avenue to prevent mental illness following transient infection
Covid pneumonia increases dementia risk
How to rejuvenate immune system of elderly people and reduce their risk of infectious disease
Inflammation, Rather Than Virus Provoking It, May Be Key to Covid Loss of Smell
Psilocybin Rewires Brain for People with Depression
New research targets faster diagnosis for Parkinson’s patients
Wireless, high-speed, low-power communications for implantable devices
Interim Data Suggest Long-term Treatment with VYVGART Provides Improvement
Losing Language: Bruce Willis’ Aphasia Disorder Explained