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Psychonomic Society recognizes Zacks with Mid-career Award
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Top New Year Honours for Imperial academics
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Astrocytes Eat Connections to Maintain Plasticity in Adult Brains
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A step toward understanding why COVID-19 boosts stroke risk
App for clock drawing test will help to detect dementia in future
A weather station for epileptic seizure
Protein involved in removing Alzheimer’s buildup linked to circadian rhythm
Research strongly suggests COVID-19 virus enters brain
Professor Amy Brodtmann joins Dementia Australia as an Honorary Medical Advisor
Statement on New Appointments to Defense Health Board
Rewiring stroke survivors brains could alleviate depression
Friedreich’s Ataxia Center of Excellence at CHOP Awarded $1.275 Million to Advance Medical Research
Medscape: Suicidal thoughts in kids with epilepsy
Multidisciplinary Team Alleviates Life-Altering Pain for Patient
Neurologist Michael Rogawski named fellow of National Academy of Inventors
Neonatal ICU has new home in Mayo Clinic Children’s Center
COVID vaccine priority must go to dementia patients
Novel form of Alzheimer’s protein found in spinal fluid indicates stage of disease
Hospitals can’t handle fallout from in-person holiday gatherings
Evenings with Genetics spotlights tuberous sclerosis complex
Mayo Clinic in Florida’s Division of Nuclear Medicine evolving to meet growing needs
Post-COVID pain or weakness? MRI can pinpoint nerve damage
Multi-Center, Multi-Tracer PET Studies Harmonized to Detect Neuroinflammation in ALS
Children With Dyslexia Show Stronger Emotional Responses
App predicts risk of developing Alzheimer’s
Severe scoliosis in African Americans focus of $3.2 million grant
37 UCLA scientists among world’s most influential researchers
Can high-intensity exercise slow Parkinson’s?
In-person Thanksgiving? Don’t do it
Vanderbilt-Ancora partnership advances research for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Protein in blood may predict prognosis, recovery from stroke
Unique mental health and brain impacts of COVID-19
Asian ethnicity strongly linked to COVID-related stroke
A type of cerebral haemorrhage considered rare causes more deaths among middle-aged women than other strokes
New Research Partnership Pushes for Increased Transparency and Publication of Negative Research
New UB-IDIBAPS study on origins of autoimmune psychosis
Genetic Testing Leads to ‘Awakening’ for Developmentally Delayed, ‘Nearly Catatonic’ Teen
Behavioural clue may pave way for new treatment of rare eye disorder Visual Snow Syndrome
Researchers link poor memory to attention lapses and media multitasking