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Research to investigate promising exercise program for Parkinson’s disease
Chemists discover how a plaque-fighting protein protects against Alzheimer’s
Quick Learner: Autism Awareness
Penn Launches Region’s First Interdisciplinary Center Focused on Treating Nerve Disorders
Dementia and COVID: What Families and Physicians Should Know
Deep Brain Stimulation Gives Patient a ‘Second Chance’ at Life
Survey uncovers pandemic’s complex impact on people living with dementia and their families
Dementia death risk is higher among socioeconomically deprived
Parkinson’s gene may impair how new neurons are made throughout our lifetime
National Rugby League Medical Restructure
Inflammation and Pressure-Sensing Leads to ‘Feed-Forward’ Loop in Osteoarthritis
Can changes in driving habits predict cognitive decline in older adults?
NATO Enlists UVA Health Researcher to Prevent Serious Brain Injuries in Troops
New cell therapy program will take ideas from lab to factory floor
Powerful brain imaging provides new insights on neurological symptoms of COVID-19
A Journey of Lifesaving Innovation
UCLA forms collaboration with Yuyu Pharma to develop drug for stroke recovery
Head Injury 25 Years Later – Penn Study Finds Increased Risk of Dementia
Convincing evidence that type 2 diabetes is associated with increased risk of Parkinson’s
Brain damage can be detected in COVID-19 patients
New mini-medical school seeks to engage, serve Sacramento’s Vietnamese community
Holtzman, Karch honored for research into neurodegenerative diseases
Consultation on discussion paper on Global Action Plan on Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders
ALS neuron damage reversed with new compound
UC Davis School of Medicine scored a record year of NIH funding
Researchers launch program to diagnose genetic diseases in children
Hyper-intense white matter in brain found in frontotemporal dementia
Neuren Pharmaceuticals updates on phase one trial
Small ‘window of opportunity’ for best recovery after stroke
Scarred Villain: Study Explores Neurocognitive Basis of Bias Against People Who Look Different
Once bitten, twice shy: Researchers explore neurology of why one bad curry could put us off for life
Brain and Spine Institute at UConn Health
Brain stimulation boosts memory replay, accuracy
‘Where did I park my car?’ Brain stimulation improves mental time travel
Brain-related visual problems may affect one in 30 primary school children
Researchers Demonstrate How Defects in Mitochondria May Lead to Autism Spectrum Disorder
Researchers discover new way to identify severity and track progression of ALS
New gene variant linked to stroke
Jennifer Stiegler-Balfour discusses benefits of paper over digital planners in BDN
Time to act on autism diagnosis deficiencies
Fatty acid may help combat multiple sclerosis
MIND and Mediterranean diets associated with later onset of Parkinson’s disease
New studies support blood test for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease
Mapping a life’s worth of changes in a mysterious brain structure
Effect of COVID-19 Greatest on People Living with Dementia
Antioxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E Linked to Lower Risk of Parkinson’s
Focused Ultrasound Shows Promise for Treating Parkinson’s Disease
Psychonomic Society recognizes Zacks with Mid-career Award