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Mount Sinai Launches Neural Epigenomics Research Center
Drug gabapentin may boost functional recovery after stroke
Johns Hopkins neuroscientists find brain mechanism tied to age-related memory loss
Uncovering new details of brain’s first line of defense
Research brings hope for spinal cord injury treatment
Dietary cholesterol worsens inflammation, sickness in mice with influenza
Gene-targeted approach may help prevent or recover neonatal brain injuries
Risk factors for dementia may vary with age
Cesarean births not linked to increased risk of food allergy during infancy
Ceremonial opening of new research center “Institute for Machine-Brain Interfacing Technology”
Heavy Smoking Patients With Schizophrenia Have Less Cognitive Symptoms
Scientists See Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury in Headbutting Muskox
Researchers see signs of traumatic brain injury in headbutting muskox
Pioneering new Gambling Harms Research Centre launched at University of Bristol
Boost in nerve-growth protein helps explain why running supports brain health
Early days of Covid pandemic brought increased anxiety for some cancer survivors
CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing approach can alter social behavior of animals
Circuit model may explain how deep brain stimulation treats Parkinson’s disease symptoms
NeuroMechFly: digital twin of Drosophila
Why people with sleep apnoea develop high blood pressure and diabetes
New advances in brain region targeting may support future research in treating visual hallucinations
Research reveals role empathy may play in music
Regular blueberry consumptioncould help lower risk of dementia
Key Protein Identified for Brain Stem Cell Longevity
New Frontier Grants push boundaries in A&S research
Acute sleep loss may alter way we see others
Scientists Detect Common Fungicide in Pregnant Women and Children
Researchers recognised by 2022 Academy of Medical Sciences Fellowships
When eyes meet, neurons start to fire
Stimulating gut-brain nerve can influence emotion
Multiple diagnoses are norm with mental illness; new genetic study explains why
New in Hastings Center Report 11 May
Gene Therapy Could Treat Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome, Proof-of-Concept Study Suggests
Western, McGill team up in new neuroscience initiative
New Study To Evaluate Magic Mushroom’s Therapeutic Potential On Autistic Adults
FSU neuroscientist awarded $1.8M NIH grant to study brain’s influence on eating habits
Big ideas require big money
Active phase calorie restriction enhances longevity
Approaching human cognition from many angles
New art award recognises young talent
Newly proposed search strategies improve computational cost of bicycle-sharing problem
Promising treatment for dementia
‘Gambling rats’ shed light on how traumatic brain injury affects decision-making
Higher antioxidant levels linked to lower dementia risk
Taking systems approach to beating cancer
Scientists find link between Parkinson’s gene and vocal issues that could lead to earlier diagnosis
New tool to create hearing cells lost in aging
How mosquito brains encode human odor so they can seek us out