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Newly discovered genetic link to nonalcoholic inflammatory liver disease
Postmenopausal women may benefit from estrogen compound research
UQ startup gets $1.3 million international backing for liver disease treatment
UQ start-up gets $1.3 million international backing for liver disease treatment
Research characterizes gut virome
Mutations in liver cells linked to liver disease and fat metabolism
When ‘good’ cells go ‘bad’
Daily handful of nuts and seeds can help common chronic liver disease
International experts develop Clinical Care Pathway in response to NASH epidemic
DNA modifications could be used to determine progression of severe liver disease
Gut microbes are key to health benefit delivered by hops compound
Benefits of time-restricted eating depend on age and sex
Boost to deliver better WA healthcare
Appropriate body mass index cutoffs for type 2 diabetes in Xinjiang population
3D imaging reveals neural ‘vicious cycle’ in fatty liver disease
Fatty liver more common in children of mothers with obesity
Selective, toxin-bearing antibodies could help treat liver fibrosis
Artificial intelligence could be new blueprint for precision drug discovery
Probiotic shows promise for treating intestinal inflammation disorders
Compounds derived from hops show promise as treatment for common liver disease
More belly weight increases danger of heart disease even if BMI does not indicate obesity
Increased risk of liver cancer in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver
HKUMed discovers a novel mediator of liver fibrosis and its underlying mechanism that can be a new therapeutic target
Mouse model closely reproduces human fatty liver disease
New genes discovered that regulate level of harmful fatty substances in liver
Liver Cancer Tumors Appear to Be Resistant to Immunotherapy
Protein Controlling Magnesium Identified as Therapeutic Target for Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Patients on a Low-Calorie Diet along with Intensive Behavioral Therapy Lost Nearly Three Times as Much Weight When Taking
Store Fat or Burn It? Targeting a Single Protein Flips Switch
Nutritional scientist studies blackcurrant health benefits and obesity-related disease prevention
Ohio State Study: High Doses Of Saccharin Don’t Lead To Diabetes In Healthy Adults
Study: High doses of saccharin don’t lead to diabetes in healthy adults
Get fit with HIIT in time for summer
Even mild fatty liver disease is linked to increased mortality
Monash University: Breakthrough discovery paves way for preventing sugar-induced liver disease
Strong link found between abnormal liver tests and poor COVID-19 outcomes
Transplantable lab-grown organs move a step closer
Researchers Find Promising Therapy to Fight Epidemic of Liver Disease
Gut Shields Liver from Fructose-Induced Damage
Stem cell therapies receive MRFF funding
Study Uncovers Increasing Global Rates of Liver Cancer
Researchers help restore hormonal balance disrupted in metabolic diseases
New possible treatment strategy against fatty liver disease
Exploring better fatty liver remedies
Researchers discover new drug target for liver disease treatment
Shape your waist using a weighted hula hoop
Campaign to reduce liver disease deaths