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South and West Lead Nation in Multidimensional Poverty, Georgia Tech Researcher Finds
Digging into soil biology recovery after petroleum contamination
Federal Reserve Board announces approval of application by Alerus Financial Corporation
Economic resilience actions avert losses when disaster strikes
Travel Advisory – Gretna Port of Entry 20 May
Department of Defense Announces Fiscal Year 2021 Defense Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research Awards
Research reveals link between dropping permit requirement for carrying concealed weapons and increase
Travel Advisory – Gretna Port of Entry
Finding best lentil varieties for every farm
Study shows how to lower divorce rate among poor Americans: Raise minimum wage
Interior Department Announces Significantly Reformed Onshore Oil and Gas Lease Sales
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Regional Appointments for USDA and SBA 15 April
Newly discovered palaeontology finds to feature in BBC One documentary Dinosaurs
Biden Administration Releases Rural Playbook, Launches Building Better America Rural Infrastructure Tour to Highlight Impact
Selective breeding sustainably protects honey bees from Varroa mite
How does perennial grassland cover affect duck nest survival?
US B-52s bring region together through Middle East presence patrol
Interior Department Announces $420 Million in Rural Water Funding from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
Newly identified softshell turtle lived alongside T. rex and Triceratops
Natural gas flares likely source of respiratory illness spike
Clinical decision support system reduces cardiovascular risk in patients with serious mental illness
Biden-Harris Administration Announces $144 Million to Create Good-Paying Union Jobs, Revitalize Coal Communities
Kendall details ‘Seven Operational Imperatives’ & how they forge Future Force
Scientists publish new Asian giant hornet guide to help beekeepers
SECNAV Del Toro Kicks Off Naval Education Task Force
Purdue tapped as lead for Midwest research hub of new Air Force program
Gas flares tied to premature deaths
Farms following soil-friendly practices grow healthier food, study suggests
Hotspots shed light on ‘flash drought’ causes
US Air Force B-52s arrive at RAF Fairford for BTF Europe 22-2
Geneticists close to grasping how plant communities may adapt to climate change
UC Davis to Lead $15 Million Research Into Climate-Change Resistant Wheat
Biden Administration Announces Nearly $725 Million to Create Good-Paying Union Jobs
U.S. stroke rate declining in adults 75 and older, yet rising in adults 49 and younger
Biden Administration Announces $1.15 Billion for States to Create Jobs Cleaning Up Orphaned Oil and Gas Wells
AFGSC applies Art of Possible
January temperatures linked to immigrant entrepreneurship
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Makes Christmas Calls to Service Members
Research pinpoints timing of Chicxulub asteroid impact
NASA Selects Education Projects to Help Broaden STEM Participation
Ethiopian monuments 1,000 years older than previously thought
Interior Department Announces FY 2021 Disbursements, Providing Important Funds for States, Tribes and Conservation Initiatives
Holiday traffic jams could be prevented by ‘smart concrete’
UTA recognizes, honors Native American Heritage Month
DNA from Sitting Bull’s hair confirms kinship with descendants
Living descendant of Sitting Bull confirmed by analysis of DNA from legendary leader’s hair
Researchers Evaluate and Identify Consistent Indicators to Support Sustainability on U.S. Ranches
Study reconstructs 232-year history of prairie fire in Midwestern US