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Is Facebook ‘Killing Us’? new study investigates
$20M awarded for scientific research to ensure health equity in preventing hypertension
Facebook News Consumers Less Likely To Be Vaccinated, Survey Finds
Targeting dads’ postpartum stress, anxiety, depression for first time
On hunt for ‘hierarchical’ black holes
Americans with higher net worth at midlife tend to live longer
Heart disease likely to remain number one killer in U.S. indefinitely due to long-term COVID-19 impact
Women’s heart health is strongly related to pregnancy outcomes
Vaccine resistance has decreased among parents, but young mothers show greatest resistance
Coffee and veggies may protect against COVID-19
Self-inflicted firearm injuries three times more common in rural youth
First 3D simulation of rat’s complete whisker system acts as tactile ‘camera’
Racial disparities in police officers’ tone of voice can undermine trust
HKU Mechanical Engineering team develops ECG sensor for detecting atrial fibrillation
Portsmouth becomes first non US partner of new project to tackle plastic pollution in USA
Experts address challenges of health disparity in care of patients with cerebral palsy
5 ways to keep your heart safe in extreme heat
Astrophysicists detect first black hole-neutron star mergers
Hydration can impact pregnancy and birth outcomes
Asegun Henry has a big idea for tackling climate change: Store up sun
Social isolation is beginning to decline since introduction of vaccines
Increased Physical Contact Does Not Infer Stronger Social Support, Data Indicates
Discrimination, stress linked to poorer heart health in transgender, gender-diverse adults
Discrimination, stress linked to poorer heart health in transgender, gender diverse adults
A biological fireworks show 300 million years in making
A more robust memory device for artificial intelligence systems
U.S. freight railroads bolstered supply chain resilience during pandemic
Adolescent mental health during COVID: Fight stigma, ask for help
Northwestern partners with clean technology leader to reduce its carbon footprint
Researcher’s Work with Flies Could Be a Birth Control Boon
A promising new pathway to treating type 2 diabetes
Astrophysicists detect first black hole-neutron star mergers
Black patients with cirrhosis are more likely to die, four times less likely to get liver transplant
Examining emotional lives of Black women
First-ever transient pacemaker harmlessly dissolves in body
Muscle’s smallest building blocks disappear after stroke
Microspheres quiver when shocked
U.S. President Biden Announces Three Key Nominations 23 June
Novel smart cement can be used to build more durable roads and cities
Women and men are each underrepresented in clinical trials of different medical fields
System Linked to Operational Hospitals, Shorter Lockdowns, Lives Saved
EEG allows researchers to ‘look under hood’ to discover how infants first link language and cognition
Resetting Travelers’ Circadian Clocks
Engineered NK cells can eliminate glioblastoma stem cells
New material removes air-borne droplets
Teens experienced helplessness when exposed to secondhand racism
Human microbiome could shed light on higher morbidity rate in minoritized populations
Circulation journal special issue focuses on racial disparities in cardiovascular medicine