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Journal series assesses state of health equity in cardiovascular care
Glucose control is key factor for reduced cancer risk in obesity and type 2 diabetes
Research on polluting chemicals falling behind
Digital toolkit to help clinicians prevent childhood obesity
Prunes may help rein in holiday cravings, according to new research
Higher physical activity linked to better metabolic health risk factor profile in menopausal women
NSW latest families urged to give gift of active, health play this Christmas
WHO issues guidelines on treatment of children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with Covid
Monash Graduate Show launched: ‘The creative sector is in great hands’
Call for comment on Very Low Energy Diets
Rice varieties with high endosperm lipid content reduce starch digestibility and increase γ-oryzanol bioaccessibility
New study finds possible link between obesity and gum disease
Mirrors may help encourage healthy behaviors in people with obesity
Research explores adverse effects of obesity medications
In patients with fatty liver, bariatric surgery decreases risk of progression of liver disease, serious heart complications
Obesity does not protect against subarachnoid haemorrhage
Newly discovered genetic link to nonalcoholic inflammatory liver disease
Geelong Preventative Health Survey 2021
One in twenty achieve remission from type 2 diabetes
Lung capacity tests found to be accurate precursor of co-morbidities
Weill Cornell startup offers personalized, effective treatment for obesity
Scientists identify genes at play in people with osteoarthritis
Weight-loss drugs, revisited
Illness-and death-related messages found to be significant motivators for exercise
Rye better choice than wheat for weight loss
Research reveals Medicaid expansion increased access to bariatric surgery for obesity
Novel therapeutics against obesity by activating melanocortin-4 receptor
Diabetes drug may help to prolong preterm pregnancies in women with pre-eclampsia
Eating less fat may save your hair
Black Women Face Three-Fold Increased Risk of Triple Negative Breast Cancers
1 in 5 parents say kids eat fast food more often since pandemic
Why do we remember location of potato chips better than apples?
Move for three minutes every half hour to counteract effects of sitting
Consuming fruit and vegetables and exercising can make you happier
Gut microbiota influences ability to lose weight
Milestone for people at risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes
High fat diets break body clock in rats, and this might be underlying cause of obesity
Rockliff admits key health promise may not be met
Study: Causes of obesity in India depend on gender, age and where you live
Patients with severe obesity undergo bariatric surgery too late
Cruel Twist: Exercise Reduces Calories Burned at Rest in Individuals with Obesity
New data confirms concerns regarding food delivery apps
Exercise reduces calories burned at rest in individuals with obesity
Heart Foundation welcomes Tas budget funding for walking, cardiac rehab
Study shows missed potential for healthy life after heart attack
Research reveals missed potential for healthy life after heart attack
Heart attacks in young adults are related to unhealthy lifestyles, not just family history
Novel function of noncoding RNA in senescence and cancer