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Change of temperature causes whole body reprogramming
Risk of breast cancer in males may be linked to male infertility
World-first study to determine if exercise is bad or good for those with congenital heart disease
Weights can be weapons in battle against obesity
Alarming rise in esophageal cancer and Barrett’s esophagus in middle-aged adults
New report shows progress and missed opportunities in control of NCDs at national level
2022 NC Women’s Health Report Card released by CWHR
Research links between obesity, age and body chemistry
‘Control sugar levels sooner to guard against heart attacks’ reveals new study into type 2 diabetes
U.S. Air Force unveils new airpower ad in theaters
Seniors urged to prepare for flu season
Children could find it easier to reach healthier weight if their parents are addressing their own weight
White House Announces Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health in September
Brain networks can play role in weight-loss success
Children without diapers sleep poorly
WHO warns of worsening obesity ‘epidemic’ in Europe
Why it’s hard to maintain weight loss
Warm Water Pool election funding pledge
A refined microbiome “fingerprint” method tracks sub-strain variants of a single gut microbe strain
Intense exercise while dieting may reduce cravings for fatty food
Intense exercise while dietingcould help lower cravings for fatty food
Study links Mental illness to increased death from cardiovascular disease
Improving Radiation Protection in Medical Procedures Using Fluoroscopy
Greater diversity in genetic studies helps researchers uncover new insights
Researchers identify new treatment for Metabolic syndrome
National Obesity Strategy doesn’t go far enough
Barriers to an active lifestyle at older ages
Consultation opens on having only healthy drinks in primary schools
Laser light, dye and nonsurgical implant could help overcome obesity
AMA joins Rethink Sugary Drink partnership
New guide aims to correct misconceptions and educate health-care community about vegetarian diet
Soda tax reduces consumption among boys but not girls
Government subsidy boosts access to treatment for common form of heart failure
Family-based treatment of children with severe obesity reveals promising results according to new study
Delivering ‘good’ bacteria into our guts
Sophie’s weight loss journey is just getting started
Research Snapshot: Hunger signals, including those from cannabinoids, mapped in brain
Origins of diabetes may be different in men and women, according to new Concordia research
Fighting obesity with fermented soybean waste
Do you know how many kilojoules are in your alcoholic drink?
Research reveals healthy home cooking equals healthy mind
Risk of colorectal cancer linked to lifetime excess weight
New study explores links between obesity and periodontal disease
Shift work linked to poorer working memory and slower mental processing speed
More urgent action required in National Obesity Strategy
High blood pressure in adults can be determined before birth
Research finds persistently high burden of osteoarthritis across globe
Meat-eating extends human life expectancy worldwide