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Navigating future: promise of autonomous boats
Sea Turtles Uncovering Secrets of Australia’s Remote Seas
Trustworthy Tech Fuels AI Institute’s Success
Andes Rivers: Hot Spots for Greenhouse Gas Emissions
New study programme ensures sustainability in Blue Growth
DNA Metabarcoding IDs Fish Eggs on West Florida Shelf
Giant Iceberg Photographed on Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica
Students want to invite ocean on EPFL campus
HKU Scientist studies risks of ocean climate tech on deep-sea life
Aquatic Organisms React Differently to Flooding and Drought
SECNAV Renames Oceanographic Survey Ship After Marie Tharp
Shellfish anti-predator gear tested for effectiveness against rays
Human actions behind Mississippi Delta land loss identified
Research compares human impact on Mississippi delta, suggests solutions
Sea Spray Transfers Pollution to Land: Study
Rivers Suffering from Widespread Hypoxia: Study
Research Finds High Levels of Hypoxia in Rivers Worldwide
NERC update on polar research planning
Sea Urchins’ Deaths Pose Threat to Caribbean Coral Reefs
Cold-Loving Cyanobacteria Blooms Thrive Too
SECNAV Honors Carter with USNA Building Renaming
Extreme Cold in Northern Hemisphere Linked this Winter
Marine reserves unlikely to restore marine ecosystems
Algae bio hacks itself in adapting to climate change
Buoys play pivotal role to improve coastal weather forecasting
Sneaker Waves on Pacific Coast Linked to Distant Storms: Study
RRS Sir David Attenborough begins polar science trials
Aquatic Organisms React Differently to Floods, Droughts
Blue Economy: Positive Outlook for Future
Global Study: Hypoxia in Rivers Widespread Than Expected
OU Team Enhances Ability to Study Algae Species
Harvard Finds 5 New Deep-Sea Squat Lobsters, Revising Classification
Model Predicts Plankton Abundance in Ocean Environments
URI Study Reveals Ocean Opportunities
US Sanctions Russian Naval Entities
Metabolic Hack Makes Algae Climate-Resilient
SECNAV Names Future Oceanographic Survey Ship USNS Robert Ballard
Coral Reefs Spatially Distributed for Resource Optimization
World-first satellite to measure Earth’s water levels blasts into space
St. Andrew and St. Joseph Bays Estuary Program at FSU Panama City selected for $1.3M grant to study estuarine restoration success
Global ocean experts urge COP15 policymakers to support research to find, catalog and protect disappearing deep-sea species
SWOT – Surface Water and Ocean Topography
Fjords, small in size and number, are significant carbon reservoirs
Coupled computer modeling could help more accurately predict coastal flooding
CCGS Hudson to be responsibly deconstructed
New method finds outsized role of marine microbes in carbon cycle
Louisiana State University study reveals landbuilding, site of freshwater diversion
New kind of tropical cyclone