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University of Toronto’s Anatole von Lilienfeld is using AI to explore vastness of ‘chemical space’
Hangzhou Declaration released at ZJU, heralding new era of global cooperation in basic sciences
Scientists identify potential mechanisms behind stress-induced diverse changes to amygdala neurons
Zinc batteries offer greater safety, but many improvements are needed to compete with lithium
Scientists increase accuracy of home-based continuous glucose monitoring
Long-lasting insecticidal malaria nets’ biological effectiveness may be short-lived
Biological effectiveness of long-lasting insecticidal malaria nets may be short-lived
Patients may be at higher risk of overdose when opioid pain treatment is discontinued
Primary series and original booster provide protection against Omicron infection
Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics Hub open for business
New approach to detect oxygen consumption in brain
Bats use death metal “growls” to make social calls
Increase yields by breeding plants to cooperate
Flexible strain sensor design achieves sensitivity, range measurement for lip reading systems
Real benefits of walking in winter wonderland
Healthy plant-based diet linked to lower risk of colorectal cancer in men
Unlocks organic chemistry of N2O3 through continuous flow process technology
Review provides new perspective on grieving loss of pet
Quarter of former Olympians suffer from osteoarthritis
Covid vaccine provides substantial protection against re-infection
Birth choice after previous cesarean section and risk of pelvic floor surgery
Challenging Guidelines for Pregnancy Interval After Miscarriage or Abortion
Research graduate students’ mental health during Covid pandemic static management
Scientists publish perspectives on silicon-based microparticle anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Experiments show that nanoscale structures can improve seawater desalination using reverse osmosis
Powerful new tool to advance genomics, disease research
Acupuncture can relieve lower back/pelvic pain often experienced during pregnancy
Blood pressure highly likely to cause neurotic personality trait
Acupuncture can relieve lower back/pelvic pain that is often experienced during pregnancy
Blood pressure is most likely to cause neurotic personality traits
New book defines multidisciplinary body of knowledge for robotics
Wiley and Projekt DEAL Extend Open Access Agreement into Fifth Year
New research shows how IVF patients view medical evidence differently
IOP Publishing is largest physics publisher to strike open access agreement with Council of Australian University Librarians
Exploring duality of gravity and gauge theory
Critical milestone approaches for Blue Mud Bay
Genetics combined with long years of schooling can lead to nearsightedness in kids
Dædalus, Journal of American Academy of Arts & Sciences, reaches expanded audiences through open access
1 billion + young people potentially at risk of hearing loss from loud music
1 billion + young people potentially at risk of hearing loss from headphones, earbuds, loud music venues
Cochrane launches first open access journal in partnership with Wiley
Weevil may save Great Britain up to £16.8m year in management of invasive aquatic fern
DOC and Auckland Council host UK island biosecurity project
Grabbing Opportunity towards Green and Sustainable Investment, Ministry of Finance Launches ESG Framework and Manual
Global Covid infection rates may be higher than previously reported
Long-term physical and mental health outcomes after Covid occur in all ages
Increasing racism experienced by minority children in USA
New way of fabricating high-efficiency diffraction gratings for astronomical spectroscopy