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Optica’s Biophotonics Congress Highlights Advances in Biomedical Research
Crab Shells Yield Biodegradable Optics: Study
Optica Names 17 Recipients for 2023 Awards and Medals
Relocation: N. Society of Black Physicists Moves to Optica HQ
Robert Boyd Wins 2023 Optica Frederic Ives Medal/Jarus W. Quinn Prize
Optica members inducted as 2022 AAAS Fellows
Optica Group Signs Read & Publish Deal with TIB
Optica Foundation Announces 2023 Ambassadors
Compact Non-Mechanical 3D Lidar for Safer Autonomous Driving
Researchers use lead recycled from car batteries to make photodetectors
Ericsson’s Mischa Dohler to headline Optica Executive Forum
Nigerian Student Advances Optics in Africa with Optica Community
Researchers demonstrate non-invasive method for assessing burn injuries
New detector could enable high-speed quantum communication
Shield Blocks EM Interference, Allows Wireless Optics
Optica Publishing Group Announces Launch of Optica Open
Optical coating approach prevents fogging and unwanted reflections
Researchers create optical tractor beam that pulls macroscopic objects
Optica Community story features leading Turkish nanophotonics expert
Optica Fellows Elected as 2022 Fellows of National Academy of Inventors
Researchers develop all-optical approach to pumping chip-based nanolasers
Increasing Global Bandwidth of Optical Communications
Ming-Jun Li Wins 2023 John Tyndall Award
Life in action: researchers capture 3D cellular dynamics across whole organism
Deep-space optical communication demonstration project forges ahead
New lidar technique could help robotic vehicles land safely on Mars
Optica announces GEMM Asia Summit, hosted by National University of Singapore
New analysis approach could help boost sensitivity of large telescopes
Photonic Advances Enhance Imaging Techniques
Glass-like shells of diatoms help turn light into energy in dim conditions
Optica Honors Alain Rousset with Advocate of Optics Recognition
Rainer Blatt Named 2023 Herbert Walther Award Recipient
New Photonics Research to Solve for Environmental Challenges
Optica Announces 2023 Fellows Class
Optica Quantum Industry Summit at iXblue, Groupe Gorgé Company
Optica Community story features Native American physicist
Optica’s Laser Congress to uncover advances in laser beam combining, high power fiber lasers, advances
For first time in six years, FiO LS 2022 returns to Rochester
Announcing Theodor W. Hänsch Prize in Quantum Optics
Donna Strickland Named Optica Honorary Member
Optica announces 2023 Vice President and directors-at-large
Optica Foundation awards $1 million USD for applied research
Optica announces 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Recognition recipients
Optica Publishing Group signs Read and Publish agreements with IReL and Jisc
Researchers develop automatic drawing machine for making paper-based metamaterials
Fluorescence imaging system lays groundwork for better tumor removal
Aspect, Clauser, Zeilinger awarded 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics for contributions to foundations of quantum physics
Researchers fabricate tiny multi-component beam shaper directly onto optical fiber