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Oldest Backboned Animal Brain Preserved In Fossilized Fish
‘Oldest Marine Crocodile Discovered on Jurassic Coast’
Research Reveals Origins of Living Amphibians in Triassic Fossils
Fossilized Feathers Unlock Cretaceous Mystery
Fossil offers new evidence of dinosaur eating mammal
Assessing Contaminants in Ancient DNA Protocols: Study
Humans, Neanderthals Share ‘Youthful’ Brain Quality: Study
Mysterious Cretaceous Bird Discovered with Unusual Features
Satellite imagery could improve fossil-hunting at remote sites
Dinosaur Fossil Found Eating Mammal
Paleo Diet: Dinosaur Remains Found with Last Meal
British scientist describes rare discovery of dinosaur eating mammal
Scientists Enhance Communication, Education Skills After Working With Teachers
Giant Arthropods Ruled Ancient Seas 470 Million Years Ago
Fossil site reveals giant arthropods dominated seas 470 million years ago
Dinosaur teeth reveal what they didn’t eat
Chinese Fossil Shows Modern Bird Skull Evolved from Mixture of Dinosaur and Bird Features
Cracking open fossil bone finds rapid juvenile growth in early tetrapods
Crown-of-thorns seastar from Red Sea is endemic species
Scientists solve hundred-year-old botanical mystery that was key to spread of plant life on land
New pterosaur species in sub-Saharan Africa
Sea urchins keep on trucking while other marine life languishes in Florida Keys
“We can try to guide evolution into another direction”
Back to future of photosynthesis
What caused holes in SUE T. rex’s jaw? Probably not infection
Preserved in amber
Rare fossil teeth from China overturn long-held views about evolution of vertebrates
Dawn of fishes-early Silurian jawed vertebrates revealed head to tail
Rise of Fishes illuminated by discovery of fossil “treasure hoard”
Ancient ‘shark’ from China is humans’ oldest jawed ancestor
Making field work more equitable
Chinese fossil eggs show dinosaur decline before extinction
Changes in tree canopy facilitated evolution of first-ever gliding reptile
Discovery and naming of Africa’s oldest known dinosaur
Study of 300-million-year-old faeces finds meat on menu
Ocean cooling over millennia led to larger fish
Global warming spawned age of reptiles
60 million years of climate change drove evolution and diversity of reptiles
New long-necked dinosaur helps rewrite evolutionary history of sauropods in South America
Interior Department Releases Coordinated Approach to Better Protect Fossils on Federal Lands
New discovery of panda species which may have been Europe’s last
Researchers Chart Advances in Ancient DNA Technology
Scientists chart advances in ancient DNA technology
Researchers create new method for making lifelike aquatic artificial habitats
Fossils Confirm Early Diversification of Spiny Plants in Central Tibet
Suddenly I See: How Microscopes Made Microbiology Possible
Triassic revolution: animals grew back faster and smarter after mass extinction
Chinese Fossils Show Human Middle Ear Evolved from Fish Gills