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Prehistoric Monster “Croc” Our New State Fossil Emblem
Ankylosaur was sluggish and deaf
Scientists discover fossil of new species of pangolin in Europe
Researchers combine paleontology and fluid physics to uncover Ediacaran nurseries
Crab’s-eye view of ancient world
Want to survive mass extinction event? Ask ancient lizards how
Earth’s first giant
Researchers Find Fossil of Extinct Early Bird That Could Stick Out Its Tongue
Research pinpoints timing of Chicxulub asteroid impact
Nursing’s Deborah Lindell embarks on Fulbright Scholar program in Kenya
World’s largest pterosaur leaped aloft to fly
Fleshing out bones of Quetzalcoatlus, Earth’s largest flier ever
Fossils dug up 100 years ago rediscovered wrapped in old newspaper
CT uncovers bone disease in Tyrannosaurus rex jaw
Bringing 400-million-year-old fossilized armored worms to ‘virtual’ life
California researchers, with assist from U-M, recover mammoth tusk during deep-sea expedition
How Did We End Up With Proper Sniffer?
Potential direct ancestor of modern humans identified
Crab’s inland odyssey, captured in amber
Crab in 100-million-year-old amber is oldest modern-looking crab ever found
Extinct ground sloth was an omnivore, not vegetarian
Tree-dwelling mammals endured after asteroid strike destroyed forests
What to do if you find fossils or artefacts
Tracy Frank Studies Earth’s Climate through Ancient Rocks, with an Eye to Future
Organic molecule remnants in nuclei of ancient dinosaur cells
Fieldwork pieces together life at end of ‘Dinosaur Era’
School kids discover new species
UNM researcher studies ancient mammals to examine Earth’s present and future
500-million-year-old fossil represents rare discovery of ancient animal in North America
290-million-year-old ‘Shark’ with Large Petal-shaped Teeth Found in China for First Time
Newly identified mosasaur was fish-hunting monster
Peabody fossils illuminate dinosaur evolution in eastern North America
CT scan of an ancient reptile skull finds little evolutionary change over 22 million years
Sustained fast rates of evolution explain how tetrapods evolved from fish
First Giant Dinosaur Fossils from Xinjiang Hami Pterosaur Fauna Found
Researchers find ‘fearsome dragon’ that soared over outback Queensland
Scientists find ‘fearsome dragon’ that soared over outback Queensland
Researcher Collects Sediment from Natural Trap Cave to Study Past Climate Conditions
Skull of 340 million year old predatory amphibian digitally recreated
3D-printed replicas reveal swimming capabilities of ancient cephalopods
3-D printed replicas reveal swimming capabilities of ancient cephalopods
Sharp size reduction in dinosaurs that changed diet to termites
Paleonursery offers rare, detailed glimpse at life 518 million years ago
New Findings Unveil a Missing Piece of Human Prehistory
Snowed in: Research team finds Arctic was dinosaur nursery
Tiny ancient bird from China shares skull features with Tyrannosaurus rex
New Discovery Shows Tibet as Crossroads for Giant Rhino Dispersal
Barks in night lead to discovery of new species