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Improved care for pancreatic disease
Ludwig Cancer Research study shows pancreatic cancer cells hit reverse to advance in malignancy
Spike in severe pediatric type 2 diabetes complication during COVID-19 pandemic
Lynch Syndrome: Know your risk for susceptibility to cancer
More is better, at least when it comes to case volume for complex gastrointestinal cancer surgery
Simple blood test could replace surgery for some brain tumour patients
Researchers Find Ribosome Assembly Essential for Stem Cell Regeneration
Diabetes study furthers work on ‘artificial pancreas’
Expanding access to life changing medicines for thousands of Australians
Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering cochlear implant collaboration
UniSA researchers targeting a new treatment for pancreatic cancer
A very aggressive cancer defeated in three months
New promising target for diabetes treatment
Eating from five to six times per day is linked to a lower body mass index
Synthetic “micro lungs” could take COVID-19 research to next level
Expanded PET Imaging Time Window Adds Convenience and Flexibility for Neuroendocrine Tumor Patients
New insights into pancreatitis
Early research shows promise for therapeutics that delay Type 2 Diabetes
NTU Singapore scientists develop oral insulin nanoparticles that could one day be an alternative to injections
Laryngeal cancer survivor credits Phase I trial for lifesaving results
Type and abundance of mouth bacteria linked to lung cancer risk in non-smokers
Queen Mary hosts UK’s national pancreas tissue bank
New project to help tackle Type 1 Diabetes
“Artificial Pancreas Dashboard” to Standardize Hybrid Closed-Loop Reporting
Signaling switch in pancreatic β-cells determines anti-diabetic drug effectiveness
Study: Gut hormones’ regulation of fat production abnormal in obesity, fatty liver disease
Incretin hormone levels linked to arteriosclerosis
Have Diabetes, Will Travel
Pancreatic Cancer Takes Lives of Beloved U.S. Icons
‘Rewiring’ metabolism in insulin-producing cells may aid Type 2 diabetes treatment
IUPUI scientist awarded over $1.8M from NIH to advance research on diabetes
Understanding rare type of diabetes gives insights into critical mechanisms of insulin production
Trial to test new approach for treating inoperable pancreatic cancer
6 things to know about pancreatic cancer
This Red Light Means ‘Go’ for Medical Discoveries
New tech sees teens with diabetes improve glucose monitoring, but not control
‘Inside-the-box’ technology solves organ and vaccine transportation problem
As nation mourns Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a look at advances in pancreatic cancer treatment
Hormone Glucagon May be a Warning Light for Diabetes
Next-gen organoids grow and function like real tissues
A Ferry Protein in Pancreas Protects It from Stress Induced by a High-Fat Diet
Microbes in gut may influence metabolism
Pancreatic cancer risk indicated through genes
Different responses in individual cells give muscles more control
UVA-Developed Artificial Pancreas Effective for Children Ages 6 to 13, Study Finds
Artificial Pancreas Effectively Controls Type 1 Diabetes in Children Age 6 and Up
Scientists make first step towards using stem cells to treat enteric nervous system disorders
Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Work Better in Tethered Combination Therapy