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Naturally Occurring Peptide May Fight Root Cause of Obesity Conditions
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Prostate Cancer Treatment: Stop Resistance Before it Starts
Low Intensity Ultrasound Inhibits Cancer Cell Migration in vitro
4-drug Chemo Boosts Survival for Pancreas Cancer Patients
UC Davis Health opens new endoscopy suite
Exercise Curbs Insulin Production
MicroRNAs New Criteria for Early Palliative Care in Advanced Cancers
Potential breakthrough for growing insulin-producing cells in laboratory
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Pancreas models may save life
Surviving Late-Stage Pancreatic Cancer
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Curing diseases with lab-grown organs
Air Force reservist goes to ED with stomach pain, wakes up month and 12 surgeries later
New insights into mechanisms causing diabetes
Unexplored genomic control regions yield key to finding causes of rare disease
New way of exploring causes of rare condition could spare angst for families like Tilly’s
Beta cell whisperer gene
Pancreatic cancer could be diagnosed up to three years earlier
Diabetes-causing gene can be regulated like rheostat
State-first robot surgery in Perth
Two drugs reverse key pancreatic cancer step in lab
Pancreatic image bank expected to help advance diabetes research worldwide
Widespread metabolic dysregulation in different organs in type 2 diabetes
Widespread dysregulation of metabolism in type 2 diabetes
Model system provides insight into growth of pancreatic tumors
Breakthrough in understanding of how cancer spreads could lead to better treatments
UK trial reveals remission from type 2 diabetes possible even in people with lower body weight
Stress granules may drive obesity-associated pancreatic cancer
High schooler gains passion for research in Hollings lab
Benefits of Camel milk on Diabetes in University of Melbourne Study
Every 8 minutes Australian is diagnosed with diabetes
Mere sight of meal triggers an inflammatory response in brain
New way in which T cells learn to tell friend from foe
Researchers show how liver can control brain and behavior
Helping body make more insulin
Dopamine Regulates Insulin Secretion Through Complex of Receptors, Finds New Study
Dopamine regulates insulin secretion through complex of receptors, reveals new study
Environmental pollutants play role in development of type 1 diabetes
Research reveals how key diabetes drug is made in nature
Research Snapshot: Researchers identify new cell subtype in early-stage pancreatic cancer
Minimally invasive surgery helps cat with early pancreatic cancer
Scientists develop pancreatic beta-cell restoring therapy for treating type 1 diabetes