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Study: Gut hormones’ regulation of fat production abnormal in obesity, fatty liver disease
Incretin hormone levels linked to arteriosclerosis
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‘Rewiring’ metabolism in insulin-producing cells may aid Type 2 diabetes treatment
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New tech sees teens with diabetes improve glucose monitoring, but not control
‘Inside-the-box’ technology solves organ and vaccine transportation problem
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Hormone Glucagon May be a Warning Light for Diabetes
Next-gen organoids grow and function like real tissues
A Ferry Protein in Pancreas Protects It from Stress Induced by a High-Fat Diet
Microbes in gut may influence metabolism
Pancreatic cancer risk indicated through genes
Different responses in individual cells give muscles more control
UVA-Developed Artificial Pancreas Effective for Children Ages 6 to 13, Study Finds
Artificial Pancreas Effectively Controls Type 1 Diabetes in Children Age 6 and Up
Scientists make first step towards using stem cells to treat enteric nervous system disorders
Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Work Better in Tethered Combination Therapy
Blood clots and lung injuries found in patients who have died of COVID-19
COVID-19 linked to increase in type 1 diabetes in children
Probe detects destruction of defective mitochondria
Swallowing this colonoscopy-like bacteria grabber could reveal secrets about your health
Scientist identifies new target for wide array of cancers
Move over Akita: Introducing ‘Kuma Mutant’ Mice for Islet Transplantation Research
Window of opportunity for preventing metastases
Window of opportunity for preventing metastases
A novel tissue imaging system accelerates cancer diagnosis
Aussies urged to help save lives this DonateLife Week
Research: link between pregnant mums who exercise & diabetes risk in offspring due to obese fathers
CFA a proud supporter of National Diabetes Week 2020
University of Michigan’s BioArtography founder discusses biological imagery of COVID-19
Understanding pancreatic cancer, one gene at a time
New guidelines for children and adolescents with T2D
Researchers develop a new ultrafast insulin
Secrets of naked mole-rat cancer resistance unearthed
COVID-19 may trigger new diabetes, experts warn
Study identifies signs of acute pancreatitis not seen prior to COVID-19 pandemic
Q&A with Professor Greg Anderson
Clinical trial to test immunotherapy combination in surgical pancreatic cancer patients
Novel targeted drug induced positive response for patients with von Hippel-Lindau disease-associated kidney cancer
DIY diabetics create artificial pancreas, push health-care industry, regulators to develop better treatments
CU Anschutz Surgeons Study Guidelines for Treating Cancer Patients During Pandemic
Notorious cancer protein mutations cooperate to proliferate disease