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Secrets of naked mole-rat cancer resistance unearthed
COVID-19 may trigger new diabetes, experts warn
Study identifies signs of acute pancreatitis not seen prior to COVID-19 pandemic
Q&A with Professor Greg Anderson
Clinical trial to test immunotherapy combination in surgical pancreatic cancer patients
Novel targeted drug induced positive response for patients with von Hippel-Lindau disease-associated kidney cancer
DIY diabetics create artificial pancreas, push health-care industry, regulators to develop better treatments
CU Anschutz Surgeons Study Guidelines for Treating Cancer Patients During Pandemic
Notorious cancer protein mutations cooperate to proliferate disease
A disease trigger for pancreatitis has been identified
Stanford develops an experimental two-in-one shot that might give diabetics better control over blood sugar levels
Possible vaccine for virus linked to type 1 diabetes
Activating an Estrogen Receptor Can Stop Pancreatic Cancer Cells from Growing
International study highlights diabetes risks in COVID-19
New study can contribute to a better understanding of type 2 diabetes
Blood Test May Help Doctors Catch Pancreatic Cancer Early
“Living drug factories” might treat diabetes and other diseases
Deleting a gene prevents Type 1 diabetes in mice by disguising insulin-producing cells
New Drug Combination Passes Safety Test in Pancreatic Cancer
World’s first artificial pancreas app licensed for people with type 1 diabetes in UK
Type 1 diabetes is not one but two distinct conditions, defined by diagnosis age
Tracking Down False Parkers in Cancer Cells
Researchers help restore hormonal balance disrupted in metabolic diseases
UVA Is Ready to Bust Some Brackets – In This Biomedical Research Challenge
Diabetes in mice cured rapidly using human stem cell strategy
A better diagnosis of rare diabetes to adapt treatment
Prospects of new treatments for diabetes through metabolic products of intestinal flora
Researchers discover process that may explain how Type 2 diabetes develops
Study Finds ‘Virtual Biopsy” Allows Doctors to Accurately Diagnose Precancerous Pancreatic Cysts
Avoid an aching pet this Thanksgiving
Help turn Type 1 diabetes into Type None at Darwin JDRF One Walk
Launceston to host Australian Transplant Games in 2020
Oxygen deficiency rewires mitochondria
Research Aims To Make Technologies for Controlling Blood Sugar More Accessible
Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center Offers Novel MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy for Cancer
Morning workouts safer for people with Type 1 diabetes, study suggests
Ohio State Performs 10,000th Transplant Surgery
National preventive health strategy must be properly resourced
Diabetes Australia announces more research funds and committed to search for a cure for type 1 diabetes
New Study Highlights Advantages of Living-Liver Donation
Caring for her community
Discovery of pancreatic neuroendocrine subtypes could help predict likelihood of recurrence
University researchers improve classification of pancreatic cancer to better predict patient
A BMC Trauma Surgeon on David Ortiz’s Gunshot Wounds
Immunotherapy delays type 1 diabetes in people at high risk
Op-ed: When did GMO Become a Dirty Word?
Biomarker predicts which pancreatic cysts may become cancerous
Study suggests that severity of pancreatic tumours influenced by oral bacteria