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About 12 Percent of Patients Who Receive Common Cardiac Device Implants Develop Persistent Opioid Use
$10 Million Gift Establishes New Colton Center for Autoimmunity at Penn Medicine
Common Gene Variants Linked to Sepsis and Covid Severity in African Americans
Awards & Accolades 17 November
Moderate Amounts of Caffeine Not Linked to Maternal Health Risks
Automated Texting System Saved Lives Weekly During First COVID Surge
Online Tool Effective in Triaging Nearly All Covid Patients
Researchers show ‘encrypted’ peptides could be wellspring of natural antibiotics
American Heart Association Honors Two Penn Medicine Scientists for Achievements in Research
Penn Study Illuminates Biology of Common Heart Disorder
Penn Medicine Awarded $9.5 Million Grant from Warren Alpert Foundation to Increase Diversity
32BJ Health Fund, In Partnership With Mount Sinai Health System, Announces First-In-The-Nation Regional Centers of Excellence
Future of Medicine Is Now: Penn Medicine Pavilion Opens to Patients
New Gene-Editing Technique Offers Scientists Ability to “Turn On” Enzymes That Cause DNA Base Mutations
‘Dented’ Internal Clock Provides Insight Into Shift Workers’ Weight Gain and Diabetes
Drugs Designed for Prostate Cancer Show Promise for Treating Melanoma in Men
Penn Medicine’s Pavilion Marks Healthcare ‘First’ with Prestigious LEED Gold Building Certification for Sustainability
Penn Medicine Study Finds Red Blood Cells Play Much Larger Role
Penn Medicine study reveals red blood cells play much larger role
Yelp Star Ratings on Health Care Facilities May Reveal County-Level Death Rate Disparities
Penn Study Suggests Genetic Disease CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder Could Be Treatable after Childhood
Penn Medicine and Siemens Healthineers Offer Mobile 3D Mammography Screenings for Underserved Patients During Breast Cancer
Penn Researchers to Study Impact of Environmental and Economic Interventions on Reducing Health Disparities
Patient Care on Precipice of Transformation at Penn Medicine’s New Pavilion
Myth Busted: General Anesthesia Just as Safe as Spinal Anesthesia After Broken Hip Surgery
Penn Medicine Researchers Receive Prestigious NIH 2021 Director’s Awards
Penn Medicine Information Services Recognized on ‘Most Wired’ List
Penn Medicine Researchers Awarded $14 Million to Launch Suicide Prevention Implementation Research Center
Awards & Accolades 7 October
Discovery on Protein BRD4 Function in Mice Marks Critical Step in Research to Treat Patients with Complex Congenital Disorders
Backed by Penn Medicine Research, National Task Force Recommends Removing Race from Kidney Function Equation
Penn Medicine Serving Up Hospitality, Healthy Cafe Options at New Pavilion
South Jersey’s First Proton Therapy Center Takes Giant Step Forward with Delivery of 90-ton Particle Accelerator from Europe
Penn Medicine and Wistar Awarded $11.7 Million Melanoma Research Grant from National Cancer Institute
Inaugural Elaine Redding Brinster Prize Awarded to Scientist Who Sparked Growth of Epigenetics
Black Women Face Three-Fold Increased Risk of Triple Negative Breast Cancers
Diabetes Medications Linked to Glaucoma Prevention
Gun Violence Exposure Associated with Higher Rates of Mental Health-Related ED Visits by Children
Penn Researchers Use Unique Imaging Technology to Map Cells Tied to Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Penn Medicine Awarded $6 Million to Advance Understanding of Human Genome Function in Health and Disease
Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Show Robust T-Cell Responses to mRNA Covid Vaccines
Awards & Accolades 13 September
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center Trauma Division Launches Partnership with United States Navy
Engineering CAR T Cells to Deliver Endogenous RNA Wakes Solid Tumors to Respond to Therapy
Researchers Discover Test to Predict Which Patients with Rare Blood Disease Will Respond to Only FDA-Approved Treatment
Choosing Personal Exercise Goals, Then Tackling Them Immediately is Key to Sustatining Change
Penn mRNA Researchers Drew Weissman and Katalin Karikó Awarded 2021 Albany Prize
Restoring “Chaperone” Protein May Prevent Plaque Build-up in Alzheimer’s