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COVID-19 Variant B.1.1.7 Found in Southeast Pennsylvania
Penn Physicist, Physician Team Awarded $2 Million NIH Grant to Develop Portable COVID-19 Detector for Use
Awards and Accolades
New Treatment Target Discovered That Halts Osteoarthritis-Like Knee Cartilage Degeneration
Cardiac Rehabilitation is Underused Across Country. One Simple Change Could Fix That
Penn Medicine Surgeons Develop Universal Patient-Reported Outcomes Tool to Improve Hernia Care
New Statistical Method Exponentially Increases Ability to Discover Genetic Insights
Study finds blood pressure medications safe for COVID-19 patients
Penn Medicine Names New CEO for Lancaster General Health
How Medical Schools Can Transform Curriculums to Undo Racial Biases
Significant Disparities in Telemedicine Use, Especially Among Older and Non-White Patients
Study Reveals “Seeds of Skin Cancer” – Gene Mutations Associated with Early Stages of Skin Cancer
University of Pennsylvania mRNA Biology Pioneers Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Enabled by their Foundational Research
Community Spread of COVID-19 Tied to Patient Survival Rates at Area Hospitals
Monitoring Patients Remotely Leads to a Fourfold Decline in Returns to Hospital After Joint Replacements
Too Many Donor Kidneys Are Discarded in U.S. Before Transplantation
Penn Medicine Researchers Receive $4.8 Million Pilot Grant to Study Genetics of Alzheimer’s
Scientists Unveil a Promising New Strategy For Combating Pancreatic Cancer
Fewer Than 2 Percent of OB-GYN Doctors Can Prescribe Life-Saving Opioid Treatment
Discovery Upends Traditional View of “Killer T Cells'” Travels in Body
Friedreich’s Ataxia Center of Excellence at CHOP Awarded $1.275 Million to Advance Medical Research
Study Shows 329 People are Injured by Firearms in U.S. Each Day, But for Every Death, Two Survive
Study Finds No Change in Preterm Birth or Stillbirth in Philadelphia During Pandemic Period
CRISPR-edited CAR T Cells Enhance Fight Against Blood Cancers
New Biomarker Identifies Patients with Aggressive Lymphoma Who Don’t Respond to Precision Therapy
Off-the-Shelf Immune Drug Shows Promise in Aggressive Multiple Myeloma
Penn Medicine Researchers Chart a Path Forward with Unifying Definition of Cytokine Storm
Penn Medicine Researchers Unlock Door to Tumor Microenvironment for CAR T Cells
Researchers Begin Forming Guidance on Properly Managing COVID-19 Patient Airways
Penn Medicine Collaborates with Regeneron to Investigate Delivery of COVID-19 Antibody Cocktail via Gene Therapy
Pediatric Neurologist from CHOP, Penn Medicine Receives Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award
Women and Minorities Value, Perceive, and Experience Professionalism Differently than Their Peers
Potential Cellular Target for Eliminating Bone Breakdown in Osteoporosis Found
COVID-19 Patients Survive In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest at Pre-Pandemic Rates
Scientists Identify Brain Cells That Drive Wakefulness and Resist General Anesthetics
Just Hours of Training Triples Doctor Confidence in Use of Handheld Ultrasound Devices
Penn Medicine and Comcast/Independence Health’s Quil Come Together to Provide Patients with a ‘Digital Front Door’
Diagnostic Imaging May Increase Risk of Testicular Cancer
Penn Medicine and Virtua Health Extend Strategic Alliance to 2023
Penn Researchers Develop Approach to Prevent Toxicity Tied to Neurological Gene Therapy
From 84 Days to 5 Hours: Telemedicine Reduces Dermatology Consult Time
Awards & Accolades 12 November
Penn Researchers Present Findings on Cardiac Risks for Cancer Patients
Study Finds Patients Prefer Doctors Who Share Their Same Race/Ethnicity
Trauma Hospitalizations Fall in Philly During COVID-19 Lockdown, But Gun Violence Rises
Penn Medicine Researchers Find Link Between Food Insecurity and Cardiovascular Death Risk
Penn Researchers Identify Specific Genes and Cell Pathways as Key Players in Rare Female Lung Disease
Penn Researchers Discover Two Key Events That Turn Normal Cells into Cancer