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Jim Szybist: Toward greener transportation future
Diamond mirrors for high-powered lasers
Schmitz receives $3.2 million to bring supportive cancer care to rural areas
Kindergarten children with behavior problems more likely to be bullied
Ultrahigh piezoelectric performance demonstrated in ceramic materials
Sibling interactions impact child well-being in Latinx children
New mathematical model of cellular movement
Decoding leaf: scientists search for features to ID modern, fossil leaves
Learning about technology vital to social, cultural development, researcher says
Upcycling plastic waste into graphite provides possible alternative to landfills
Future of deer management clouded by coming steep decline in hunter numbers
Cardiovascular disease affects US-born Black adults more than Black immigrants
Head, body, eye coordination conserved across animal kingdom, researchers find
Self-driving microscopes discover shortcuts to new materials
Treatment for blinding blood vessel condition yields lasting vision improvement
Novel cross phenomena theory could predict most effective materials
Penn State to host national energy and sustainability extension conference
‘Stressed’ cells offer clues to eliminating build-up of toxic proteins in dementia
‘Stressed’ cells offer clues to eliminating buildup of toxic proteins in dementia
May 10 panel explores challenges to scaling up equitable distributed energy
Interactivity improves transparency, deepens trust of AI symptom checkers
Interactive tools may help people become their own big data journalists
Subtle signals can influence whether people trust online recommendations
Entrepreneurs compete for better future at Tech Tournament
Microbiologists get grant to study biofilms guarding foodborne pathogen Listeria
New plant science team gets grants from USDA-NIFA for research on soil microbes
Prehistoric forest grows in Brunei
New program may help parents of children with autism, study finds
Novel study of small fish in Icelandic waters sheds new light on adaptive change
Beetle in coconut: Fossil find sheds new light on Neotropical rainforests
Precise control of atomic arrangement may mean less waste in producing plastic
Venture & IP Conference to showcase Penn State research innovations
Artificial intelligence helps physicians better assess effectiveness of bladder cancer treatment
Adding high-flavonoid corn to broiler chickens’ diet may cut intestinal disease
Getting to root of corn domestication; knowledge may help plant breeders
Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative, White House form evidence, equity partnership
Plant scientist gets grant to study how climate change will affect forage crops
Materials Research Institute announces 2022 seed grant recipients
PlantVillage receives Cisco Foundation grant to help communities capture carbon
Sanchez to present ‘Emergence of carbon-negative bioeconomy’ April 14
Using tweets to predict real-time food shortages
Greater diversity in genetic studies helps researchers uncover new insights
Engineered crystals could help computers run on less power
First European farmers’ heights did not meet expectations
First round of funded projects announced from Benkovic Research Initiative
Carbon flow through inland and coastal waterways, implications for climate
How to reduce loneliness: Meaningful activities can improve health, well-being
New colleagues may be treated differently depending on attractiveness, gender