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Study identifies exercise as key to halting progress from diabetes to heart disease
Chimpanzee research may shed new light on human aging
Placenta is initiated first, as cells of a fertilised egg divide and specialise
Little evidence taking vitamin D prevents severe COVID-19
Breakthrough for tomorrow’s dentistry
Do rats like to be tickled?
WSU research behind potential game-changing Alzheimer’s drug
Anti-reflective coating inspired by fly eyes
New findings on function of Mitofusin 2 in bacterial infection and inflammation processes
Sport-induced myokines fight cancer cells
Stronger bones thanks to heat and microbiota
HRI sheds further light on relationship between diet and cardiometabolic disease
Better Than a Drug Cocktail
New Insights into Evolution
Common sunscreen ingredients dangerous for freshwater ecosystems: study
Study to track if COVID can spread during minimally invasive surgery
UW Leads Research That Finds Mountain Stoneflies Can Tolerate Warming of Streams
Kiwi start-up to target drug cheats in sport with innovative technology
Genetic key to “healthy” tea
Researchers discover cell communication mechanism that drives cancer adaptation
Quorn protein found to lower cholesterol levels in healthy adults
L-type calcium channel blockers may contribute to heart failure
Weightlifting with lighter weights at faster speeds can improve mobility and cardiovascular health for older adults
Movement is Medicine: How to Work Safely at Home
Report Projects When Polar Bear Populations Will Begin to Collapse
Starfish provide missing link in evolution of key brain messenger molecules
New magnetic imaging device will double lab’s capacity
Cystic fibrosis: why so many respiratory complications?
Who’s your daddy? Male seahorses transport nutrients to embryos
Discovery Reveals How Plants Make Cellulose for Strength and Growth
FSU workshop on maize genome profiling leads to new study on corn flowering
University of Alberta ranked among world’s top energy research universities
Preparation is key when returning to exercise after lockdown
Researchers Look for Answers as to Why Western Bumblebees Are Declining
New technique offers chemists unprecedented control in drug research
Friendly bacteria fight stomach ulcers
New skin cancer study includes free skin checks for surfers, swimmers and SUPs
Long-term exercise impacts genes involved in metabolic health
Lizards need their coffee too: could caffeine help bring threatened species back from brink
Penn to Co-Lead $6.5 Million Transatlantic Grant to Investigate Cytoskeleton’s Role in Heart Disease
Peaks and valleys lead to gold medal win for UBCO student
Exercise May Offer ‘Profound’ Benefits for Friedreich’s Ataxia, Research Suggests
High doses of ketamine can temporarily switch off brain, say researchers
Rheumatoid arthritis drug shows promise against COVID-19, study finds
Simple way of ‘listening’ to chicks could dramatically improve welfare
Black box sheds light on night vision challenges for aircrew students
University community in Queen’s Birthday honours
Complementary Mutations: A Rollercoaster of Scientific Discovery