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As Our Planet Gets Greener, Plants Are Slowing Global Warming
New £2.5 million project launched to restore fragile marine habitats
Warwick opens its doors for another science extravaganza
Citizen science discovers a new form of Northern Lights
Mystery at Mars’s Pole Explained
Lab’s popular lecture series delves into space science
NASA, Partners Name Ocean Studying Satellite for Noted Earth Scientist
Best urban design to reduce road injuries identified
Australia Day honours – Mosman
Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu of State of Israel Upon Arrival
Hidden past of Earth’s oldest continents unearthed
Tiny, ancient meteorites suggest early Earth’s atmosphere was rich in carbon dioxide
UCLA developing policy to phase out single-use plastics
International Education Day: Pressing need for new approach and massive investments to meet educational challenges
Astronomers spot ‘vampire’ star sucking life from victim
Climate change: how can we unleash citizen action?
Doomsday Clock Australia’s Response
EndED founder Mark Forbes earns top honour at Australia Day Awards 2020
3000-year-old teeth solve Pacific banana mystery
NASA Administrator Names Director for Center in Maryland
Reducing risk, empowering resilience to disruptive global change
Textile-based composites could weave future of aerospace engineering
Activism drives interest in climate change science
Photos taken by Konsta Punkka tell about climate change research – Exhibition open untill 15th
ICTA-UAB researcher Federico Demaria publishes Pluriverse
Mars’ water was mineral-rich and salty New study finds surface waters on early Mars may have been
Professor Lisa Kewley awarded 2020 James Craig Watson Medal
Environmental bodies set joint vision to tackle climate change
New research unlocks clues about Earth’s magnetic field
Watson Lecture, Thomas Soifer, January 29: Legacy of Spitzer Space Telescope
Will Earth end up like Mars? New research unlocks clues about Earth’s magnetic field
NASA establishes UTA as Heliophysics DRIVE Science Center
Mosquito-borne diseases could be prevented by skin cream
FSU Research: Despite less ozone pollution, not all plants benefit
Deep Diving Scientists Discover Bubbling CO2 Hotspot
Leaders to Reveal Next Generation in Optical Networking and Communications at 2020 OIDA Executive Forum
Four ways climate change is affecting our health-and what we can do about it
Contribute to Futures of Education initiative
How you can contribute to Futures of Education initiative
New research finds Earth’s oldest asteroid strike linked to ‘big thaw’
Sweet side of science, modified
On International Day of Education, UNESCO mobilizes leading thinkers and citizens to work on futures of education
Improving health and wellbeing in West Africa under environmental change
What to watch for in night skies of 2020
Dalton Lunga, Research Scientist, AI and Geospatial Image Analytics
Industry meet to discuss objectives of new Earth observation satellite
New national taskforce to fight gender gap in engineering
How solar system got its ‘Great Divide’, and why it matters for life on Earth