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United Nations office encourages Raelian Movement to pursue their diplomatic efforts
UBC professor offers poetry in troubled times
Stuck at home? Visit Mars with your kids
As virus spreads, UNE’s Susan Wehry says connectedness necessary for seniors in isolation
Catching Up With 2014 MCUI Songwriter Angus Gill
Confidential complaints increase reflects change in safety culture
Claire is in a class of her own
Microsoft announces change to its board of directors
A molecular map for plant sciences
US to lift ban on UK beef exports
Free workshop: Ethically declutter your home with expert Tanya Lewis
Evolutionary elements arrived on Earth much later than thought, say scientists
Earth’s mantle, not its core, may have generated planet’s early magnetic field
Building blocks for life on Earth got here much later than we thought, billion-year-old rocks show
Iron rain in evening on a giant exoplanet
Deep-sea shrimp are covered in organs that see light
Traditional farming system in Brazil added to global agricultural heritage list
Company fined $12,000 for operating illegally at iconic tourist spots
Microsoft announces quarterly dividend
Safety Zone Saves Giant Moons from Fatal Plunge
Gifted teachers inspire kids and snap war zone perceptions
Super telescope reveals galactic battle
New insights into evolution: why genes appear to move around
Is life a game of chance?
Who will you nominate for Byron Shire’s Sustainability Awards 2020?
Palaszczuk Government to protect Queensland’s iconic waves
Pesticides impair baby bee brain development
Sir Elton John arrival years in making
Early Earth may have been a “waterworld”
UN Human Rights Council 43 UK statement on Human Rights and Environment
Greens’ KiwiSaver win reflects urgency of climate crisis
NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for Psyche Mission
UBC student discovers 17 new planets, including potentially habitable, Earth-sized world
Fully recyclable hanger could save 54 tonnes of plastic for every million used, research shows
How a seasonal snarl-up in mid-1500s gave us our strange rules for leap years
Massive protostar keeps growing despite ionization heating by ultraviolet light
Distant star and planet get new Cree names following national contest
Large exoplanet could have right conditions for life
Toni Childs celebrates 30th Anniversary
Canada will defend federal climate action in Supreme Court
Researchers find new reason why Arctic is warming so fast
InSight detects gravity waves, low rumbles and devilish dust
How This New England Coral Is Weathering Climate Change
Himalayan wolf discovered to be a unique wolf adapted to harsh high altitude life
Earth formed much faster than previously thought
Free screening of 2040 for Greater Shepparton
Tootgarook Wetland celebrated on World Wetlands Day
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks at Daytona 500 Victory Lane Welcoming Ceremony