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NASA to Host Virtual Briefing on February Perseverance Mars Rover Landing
NASA extends Cornell-involved Juno, InSight missions
Merino wool chosen for new barefoot range
UK PM call with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte 14 January 2021
Icare CEO payrise an insult to public sector workers
IFAD’s fight against rural poverty and hunger highlighted at One Planet Summit
New study of Earth’s crust shows global growth spurt three billion years ago
Microsoft announces quarterly earnings release date 13 January
Astronomers finally measure polarized light from exoplanet
Digital news access now at your fingertips
Planets can shrink? UH astronomers find new evidence
A Tale of Planetary Resurrection
Putting pieces back together – reconstructing solar system’s original architecture
NASA Highlights Astrophysics Missions at ‘Super Bowl of Astronomy’
Paper: Emotionally appealing ads may not always help consumer memory
Imperial academic delivers Royal Institution Christmas Lecture
Everyone is a prospect: new rap co-created by Sussex researcher offers climate hope
Planet-warming trend continues: 2020 closes hottest decade on record – UN weather agency
Joint highways and school project is bee’s knees
DTU is sustainable from inside out
A team of physicists is studying radiation properties of ozone
Ho, ho, ho, how much do you waste at Christmas?
Beetaloo strategic plan will unlock gas, jobs and development
Ejected stars do not just wander off into space, suggest researchers
Future Fund must divest from Adani
University of Warwick’s Christmas Lectures move online to bring annual science extravaganza to your living room
Joaquim dos Santos Gromicho appointed professor of Business Analytics
Joaquim dos Santos Gromicho appointed professor of Business Analytics
Chance played a major role in keeping Earth fit for life
Green Caffeen injection
New study takes comprehensive look at marine pollution and human health
How ‘science of sandcastles’ proves Lord Kelvin right, 150 years on
December events at Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory
Three-week summer holiday bus timetable: Monday 21 December 2020 to 10 January 2021
Unlocking mystery of Moon’s formation
Flightless bird species at risk of extinction
Study plots pythons’ hisss-tory in Australia
Microsoft announces quarterly dividend 3 December
Microsoft holds annual shareholders meeting 3 December
Scientist joins next Mars adventure
Continents were weak and prone to destruction in their infancy, study finds
Using film to stimulate dialogue; Do try this at home
Sophisticated Goon bags – Sydney’s new ready to drink Cocktail co
New Ready to drink Cocktail company launches bagged cocktails
North QLD locals halt work at Adani’s coal port in Bowen
Rapid-forming giants could disrupt spiral protoplanetary discs
New Zealand Government to declare a climate emergency
Earth Faster, Closer to Black Hole in New Map of Galaxy