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Plankton’s Role in Climate Change to be Discussed April 5
Global Sustainable Ag Water Use: Is It Possible?
DNA Metabarcoding IDs Fish Eggs on West Florida Shelf
Maritime Museum Reveals Secret Life of Plankton at Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival
Danish waters are filled with plankton, not microplastics
Fossil Study Unveils 15M Yr Old Biodiversity Gradient
Fossil Study Uncovers Early Biodiversity Gradient
Fossil study reveals origins of biodiversity gradient
Ancient Ocean ‘Dead Zones’ Mapped: Predict Future Impacts
Microphytobenthos in Dutch Wadden Sea feed on bottom “residues”
Willoughby’s tiny creatures inspire our youngest generation
Scientists find microplastics in Monterey Bay water, anchovies, and seabirds
Researchers investigate how microbes that can both eat and photosynthesize might evolve in changing environment
Scientists combine microscopy with AI to characterize marine microbial food web
Commander in cell’s production room
Scientist helps identify new evidence for habitability in Enceladus’s ocean
Floodplains improve water quality of rivers
New model sheds light on day/night cycle in global ocean
Fossils of giant sea lizard that ruled oceans 66 million years ago discovered
Sleeping giant could end deep ocean life
Researchers Investigate Spatial Distribution of Reservoir Plankton Communities in Southeast China
New model sheds light on day/night cycle in global ocean
Curious kids: why don’t whales have teeth like we do?
Success for krill survey in South Georgia
Plankton will store more carbon as Earth’s climate warms
Research reveals chaos is more common in ecological systems than previously thought
Freshwaters release methane – even when they dry out
New analysis finds ecological patterns and roles of marine RNA viruses
Changes in Gulf of Maine waters impact food web from bottom to top
Discovery of ‘ghost’ fossils reveals plankton resilience to past global warming events
How Do Typhoons Trigger Coastal Algal Blooms?
Shipping poses significant threat to endangered whale shark
Good parenting evolved multiple times in moss animals
$6.75M EPA grant to fund Great Lakes food web monitoring
School holiday fun at sea museum
Why seaweed may not be a silver bullet for carbon storage after all
Past global photosynthesis reacted quickly to more carbon in air
Core aspects of climate models are sound – proof’s in plankton
Tiny marine larvae survive by turning carnivorous, study finds
Moon jellies appear to be gobbling up zooplankton in Puget Sound
Milestone first fish stocking from new native hatchery
Fish stocks fluctuate with seawater temperature
Ocean Physics Explain Cyclones on Jupiter
Deepsea mountain mapped by RSV Nuyina 30 December 2021
Ocean-surface Microbes Regulating Climate in Two New Ways
Gas-passing plankton illumine another piece of carbon cycle puzzle
River animals just go with flow
Summer – come and play at museum of sea