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Discovery of a new mass extinction
A multinational study overturns a 130-year old assumption about seawater chemistry
Researchers develop a method for predicting unprecedented events
Calculating encounters between elongated plankton in environment
Changing environment at home genetically primes invasive species to take over abroad
Climate change has degraded productivity of shelf sea food webs
How Nemo’s ocean highway supports life along Australia’s east coast
Light-Based System Lays Foundation for Continuous Monitoring of Ocean Plastic Particles
Largest haul of new species of carnivorous sponges found
Ancient giant armoured fish fed in a similar way to basking sharks
Prehistoric Giant Fish Was a Suspension Feeder
Are we underestimating microplastics in marine environment?
A tiny crustacean’s speedy propeller is caught on video
Chasing plankton under sea ice
Dramatic decrease in cold-water plankton during industrial era
Study shows six decades of change in UK’s plankton communities
Global study shows how marine species respond as oceans warm
Chlamydia bacteria live a lonely life in Arctic Ocean
Tissue-digging nanodrills do just enough damage
Layered lakes in Vestfold Hills
Clean Up for Hatchlings shows hope for behaviour change
Mediterranean sea urchins are more vulnerable than thought
Detecting microplastics first step in assessing environmental harm
New Vaccine Protects from Widespread, Costly Infection, Mice Study Shows
Nature as a model in design of “smart” particles
Tiny plankton slow to recover after dinosaur killing asteroid collision
Northern seas expedition will make Arctic exploration safer
Dead fin whale washes up at Te Kaha
Decades of mapping plankton in the Southern Ocean