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Biochemical technique for finding small molecules discovered by Vanderbilt and University of Virginia researchers
New Tool to Accelerate Drug Discovery
Class II PI3K lipid kinase: Structure of novel drug target resolved
Understanding molecular evolution processes underlying placenta acquisition in eutherian ancestors
Cannibal immune cells could offer new treatment path
Studied for clean energy, carbon nanotubes find new potential in anticancer drug delivery
Membrane structure of inner ear protein prestin is revealed
Study reveals protein’s key contribution to heterogeneity of neurons
Research finds protein’s key contribution to heterogeneity of neurons
Altered glucuronidation signifies castration resistance in prostate cancer
High cell membrane tension constrains spread of cancer
Neddylated Coro1a negatively regulates extracellular vesicles biogenesis
“Like a magic trick,” certain proteins pass through cell walls
Advanced microscopy study reveals molecular details of tight control of cell migration
How pruning cytoskeleton moves cell
How do cells acquire their shapes? new mechanism identified
Discovery of mobile disease detectors in plants could boost crop resilience
Depth of perception
Mechanisms to separately regulate synaptic vesicle release and recycling
Purdue plant biologists solve major cell puzzle on path to leaf engineering
Direct drug delivery with carbon nanotube porins
Conformational Equilibria in GPCRs provides critical clues about activation mechanisms
Revealing way a critical enzyme works in cell
A biosensor for measuring extracellular hydrogen peroxide concentrations
How cells recycle machinery that drives their motility?
Biologist Dixit awarded $2M to study dynamics of intracellular scaffolds
Scratching surface on cell differentiation
Plant research seals importance of microbes for survival and growth
A sulfur molecule to block coronavirus
An unconventional ion channel
UVA Unveils How HIV Begins to Invade Our Cells
Plant defense layer has unexpected effect on volatile compounds, study finds
Four at UW Medicine earn High-Risk, High-Reward awards
A Ferry Protein in Pancreas Protects It from Stress Induced by a High-Fat Diet
International collaboration with Vanderbilt scientists sheds light on rare exocyst mutations that cause severe
Algal Blue Light Switch Control of Electrical Excitation in Plants
A Bacterial Toxin Turning Cells into Swiss Cheese
Osmotic stress identified as stimulator of cellular waste disposal
Signaling breast cancer metastasis
An ion channel senses cell swelling and helps cells to choose a response
How to build better highways in plants
Impulse for Research on Fungi
A scaffold at center of our cellular skeleton
Developing Next-Generation Biologic Pacemakers
Filaments that structure DNA