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ALICE sees “the ridge” in simplest collisions yet
Cooking up plasmas with microwaves
Microwaves Used to Create Plasmas for Cooking
Aerodynamic Research Center Upgraded with New Equipment
DARP grant funding
Laser Propels High-Energy Ions for Faster Accelerators
Scientists Unveil Solar Filament Reconstruction Process
Methods to Test Gold’s Purity Vary in Destructiveness
Starpharma announces appointment of chief financial officer
Solar Filament Formation Observed by Chinese Academy of Sciences
60th Culham Plasma Phys. Summer School Now Open for Apps
Researchers Probe Quasi-periodic CME Variations
Scientists Find New Oscillations in Single Filament Driven by Two-Loop Jet
Charles Drew, Blood Bank Pioneer
Blood Test Detects Prosthetic Joint Infections
NASA Picks Blue Origin to Launch Mars Mag. Study Mission
Laser-Accelerated Electron Radiation Unravelled via Terahertz Emissions
Chinese Academy of Sciences: Cu(I) Structure Impacts Hydrogen Isotope Separation
High Methylmalonic Acid Linked to Cardiac Risk: Study
Plasma Colors Future: Inkless Printing Ahead
Early Universe’s Unexplored Phase Transition Discovered
Physicists Observe Global Spin Synchronicity in Heavy-Ion Collisions
Spectroscopic Evidence Confirms Solar Filament Structure Split via Magnetic Reconnection
COVID-19 Plasma Treatment for Immunocompromised Patients
PPPL Confirms Theory Behind Formation of Planets, Stars, Black Holes
Tracing Origin of Solar Macrospicules
Super I-mode Available on EAST System Now
Improved Spectroscopy Detects Trace Elements in Liquids
Associations of APOE ε2,ε4 Alleles With Alzheimer’s Biomarkers Found
Role of Protein in Mutant Pancreatic Cancer Revealed
Carbon Fibers Boost Strength of Concrete: Dresden Study
Mice Steatosis-to-NASH Progression Investigated in Multi-Omic Study
More control over plasma accelerators
NASA Awards Extension for Space, Earth Science Data Analysis Contract
Isotope Effects on Mixed Plasma-driven Co-permeation Found Through RAFM Steels
CRISPR treatment slows swelling in hereditary angioedema patients
World’s first optical atomic clock with highly charged ions
Tackling high-voltage needs of next-gen satellites
Public affair to save lives
CRTAC1 is promising biomarker of osteoarthritis
Black hole discovered firing jets at neighboring galaxy
New high-temperature plasma operating mode for fusion energy discovered at Korean Artificial Sun, KSTAR
Switch in time shapes plant organ growth
Focusing on complex waves
Process of waves carrying plasma heat is observed for first time in world
Researchers Observe Quasi-periodic Fast-propagating Wave Train in Outer Corona
Burning Plasma Team receives honor from American Physical Society
Exploring Reinforcement Learning To Control Nuclear Fusion Reactions