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New law unchains fusion energy
Magnetic nanoparticles in biological vehicles individually characterized for first time
First Black Hole Image From Milky Way Is Here
Researchers Investigate Low Emission Mode in Pulsar
CSL Welcomes US Court Ruling
Researchers Find Compressed Interface in Supra-Arcade Fans Above Solar Flares
Review on plasma stability and confinement affected by interaction between energetic particles and tearing modes
Phase transitions in early universe and their signals
TARC Researchers Share Findings at Osteoarthritis Research Society International Conference
Structure‒tissue exposure/selectivity relationship correlates with clinical efficacy/safety
Scientists Reveal Source of Supersonic Downflows into Sunspots
Better photoelectrodes through flash heating
Final report into PFAS remediation in and around Defence bases
New Parameter Determining Solar Eruptions: Study
Researchers Observe Total Reflection of Ultraviolet Wave Train at Coronal Hole
Researchers Realize Laboratory Analog for Collision of Outflow with Dense Clouds
Mass matters when quarks cross quark-gluon plasma
Searching for mach waves inside perfect liquid
Solar illusion: Sun’s coronal loops may not be what they seem
Frequency-dependent polarization of repeating fast radio bursts finds their origin
Timeline of innovation and impact at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Holographic plasma lenses for ultra-high-power lasers
FDA Clearance of Plasma Collection Technology
Harborview, Airlift Northwest study in-flight transfusion
Blowing dust to cool fusion plasmas
Astronomers take heartbeat of black hole
Superb switching uniformity of RRAM with localized nanofilaments of wafer-scale Si subulate array
Antisense Therapeutics confirms ATL1102 poster presentation
Mini particle accelerator step closer to being realised
Plasma accelerators recover in FLASH
Coronal loops may not be what they seem
Deep Neural Network to Find Hidden Turbulent Motion on Sun
Novel coating developed prevents fogging on plastic surfaces and ‘self-cleans’
Researchers take closer look at stimulated Brillouin scattering
New Study Reveals Key Factors in Core Heavy Impurities Transport and Control on EAST
Nanotube films open up new prospects for electronics
Scientists successfully model fast-action method for countering disruptions on ITER
INFUSE supports public-private collaboration to solve challenges for fusion energy
NeuroScientific Biopharmaceuticals reports outcomes of pre-clinical studies
An insulin patch that sticks inside person’s cheek
Nature paper chronicles how researchers achieved burning plasma regime for first time in laboratory experiment
Nature paper describes target and laser designs that achieved burning plasma at Lawrence Livermore
Neural network Quantifies P-integral in Solids
MIS-C Patients Have Deeply Dysregulated Protein Profiles, According to New CHOP Research
WHO recommends two new drugs to treat patients with Covid
Avoiding chains of magnetic islands may lead to fusion paradise
Membrane structure of inner ear protein prestin is revealed
Plasma-based engineering creates contact-killing, antifouling, drug-release surfaces