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IOP Publishing announces winners of 2020 Reviewer of Year Awards
FAU research team investigate new star-forming region
CSL’s Plasma Protein Purification Challenge opens
Researchers Identify Key Factors Influencing ELM-induced Tungsten Erosion in EAST Tokamak
New research tackles key challenge for commercial fusion energy
Tracing tumors: targeting and imaging cancer cells
Plasma Jets Stabilize Water to Splash Less
Exploring Women’s History Month: A Help Desk technician discusses her perspective
Exploring Women’s History Month: A PPPL senior administrative assistant discusses her perspective
Convalescent plasma donations phased-out at Hoxworth Blood Center
Revealing way a critical enzyme works in cell
Exploring Women’s History Month: A PPPL researcher discusses her perspective
An inside look at National Academies’ putting fusion on grid report
TSU chemist is developing a material for treating complex burns
Virtual celebration for 2020 Blood Challenge
Starry night or black holes?
New weapon against inflammation
Orthocell updates on world-first case report for its tendon repair treatment
Council staff give life-giving support to Australian Red Cross Lifeblood
Inflammation in genetic epilepsy
Could we harness energy from black holes?
New coating will protect electronics at extreme temperatures
Mayo Clinic Model of Care and Research leads to favorable outcomes for patients with COVID-19
Compressive Fluctuations Heat Ions in Space Plasma
A harmonic marriage between optics and mechanics could help physicists build next generation of particle
Neurobiology of Thirst: Neural Mechanisms that Control Hydration
LS2 Report: Linac3 tests new equipment for higher-intensity beams
Cold plasma can kill coronavirus on common surfaces in seconds
Getting single-crystal diamond ready for electronics
Blacktown City Council wins Councils Blood Challenge for 2020
World’s fastest directly modulated laser exceeding 100-GHz bandwidth Membrane laser on silicon carbide substrate
Imaging light waveforms in air plasma
Shadow of black hole M87* is wobbling
New research shows limitations of coordination in chemistry
Three men sentenced for cocaine found inside industrial machinery
Solar cycle 25 has begun
CFA members get their blood pumping
LLNL an OPCW-designated lab for biomedical samples
UKAEA welcomes new funding for Tokamak Energy
New insight into formation of chirping could advance development of fusion energy
NEOWISE: Rare image of a comet’s sodium tail
TSU metallurgists have created hardest example of slippery ceramic
Hoxworth Blood Center, Cincinnati Reds knock blood shortages out of park
Around Air Force: Goldfein on Diversity and COVID Plasma Therapy
CFA members continue to make important donations
Katie’s national award
Scientists develop numerical capability of laser-driven X-ray imaging
Firsthand experience of how blood saves lives