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Fight Fish for Prostate Cancer Research
Audit to Check Industry Complying w/ Waste Export Rules
Microplastics Hinder Energy Production in Freshwater Organisms
Closed Loop Circular Economy: New Polymer Recycling Strategy
Clean up Australia Day 2023
Residents Recycling Right: Less Waste Contamination
Non-Toxic Car Cleaning: Fizz and Clean Away for Planet-Friendly Gleam
Biodegradable Soft Robotics: Going Green
Ending Greenwashing: EU Boosts Consumer Protection for Sustainable Choices
KRICT Develops Tech for Closed-Loop Textile Waste Recycling
Biodegradable Glass Created by Chinese Academy
What can go in my FOGO bin?
Catalyst Converts Plastic Waste to Useful Compounds
Biodegradable Glass Created: Scientists Make Eco-Friendly Discovery
CO2 Electrolysis as Alternative to Coal
Recycling heroes mark Global Recycling Day
Insomnia in Menopausal Women Studied
Research of Nanoplastics Aids in Assessing Risks to People and Planet
Toronto Scientist Warns of Fungal Health Threats
Court backs EPA’s order with $5,000 fine
Rotunda Research: Plastics Recycling to Imposter Phenomenon
Global Analysis Reveals Unprecedented Ocean Plastic Surge Since 2005
USAID Administrator Visits Vietnam’s Mekong Delta
Day in Half-Life
Nanoplastics Can Affect Metabolism
Public comment sought on key environmental measures
U of Toronto Startup Partners with Restaurants for Reusable Containers
Pathway to resume soft plastics collection
Scientists twist chemical bonds beyond their limits
Scientists Twist Chemical Bonds to Breaking Point
Plastic Policy Centre Launches Tracking Resource for Plastic Treaty
Macedon Ranges Shire’s 4-Bin Waste System Now 3
March is Recycling Awareness Month
Council set to trial soft plastics recycling program
Businesses Prep for Packaging Waste Reforms
‘Tide to Tip’ event uncovers few surprises
Mom’s Food Contaminated with Tiny Plastics Reaches Unborn Babies
Mom’s Food Transfers Environmental Plastic to Unborn Babies
Light Used to Capture Nanoplastics in Tap Water
Statement from EPA Victoria attributable to EPA CEO Lee Miezis
Coles, Woolworths Offer to Save REDcycle from Landfill
Industry steps up on soft plastics recycling
Light Used to Create Plastics from Lignin, Fully Recyclable
BYO to refill your H2O with Plastic Free CQ Water Map
Canadians Weigh In on Nat’l Plastic Labels, Tracking
Towards circularity in calcium carbonate
Step Up to Clean Up Georges River with Clean Up Australia
Police Launch Study on Plastic Overuse at Crime Scenes