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Lovato-Farmer Named PNNL General Counsel
Size Matters for Speeding Up Nuclear Waste Cleanup
Environmental Justice for All
Computer code may help speed up airport security
Soil Ecosystems Collection Established
Watershed Moment: Key Findings About Potential Drinking Water Contamination
Studying Water in Mountain Air
Smart Lighting Controls Primed for Data Mining
Seeking Energy Frontiers
Senator Cantwell, Science Leaders Help Break Ground on $75 Million Grid Storage Launchpad
Comprehensive Climate Change Research
Lasers Align Electron Spin Behavior in Quantum Materials
Community-based Transition from Coal Dependency
Simulating Quantum Future
Amazon Rainforest Foliage Gases Affect Earth’s Atmosphere
From Steel Mill to DOE Laboratory, Arun Devaraj Seeks Perfection
‘Freeze-Thaw Battery’ Is Adept at Preserving Its Energy
A New “Fitbit” for Fish Spills Secret Life of Fish
Nano-sized Gold Stars Open Window into Predictive Materials Synthesis
Scientists create sea of nano-sized gold stars
Energy Codes Pilot Study Takes Flight in New York
Detail Matters for Understanding Covid Impacts on Electricity Use
Newly Released Data Show How Fish Pass Through Dams
How Triple-pane Windows Stop Energy From Flying Out Window
Surprising Semiconductor Properties Revealed with Innovative New Method
A “Rock Star” System for Geothermal Energy
Advanced Grid Storage Technology Available for Commercial License
Exploring Underground Ecosystems
Lighting Experts Encourage Innovative Use of Advanced Lighting
Lake Evaporation Patterns Will Shift with Climate Change
Beset in mucus, Coronavirus particles likely travel farther than once thought
Perspective on Electrochemistry in Battery Research and Design
Complicating Opioid Epidemic: Many Faces of Fentanyl
New Catalyst for Natural Gas Engines
Path to Renewable Fuel Just Got Easier
Why We Need Hydropower for Resilient Grid
How Smart Electric Grid Will Power Our Future
X Marks Spot; So Does UBID
Value of Wind Energy
Using Ion Soft Landing to Solve Hard Energy Problems
Three PNNL Innovations Earn FLC National Awards
Researchers Pioneer New View of Deep Rock Fractures for Geothermal Energy
Fire and Ice: Puzzling Link Between Western Wildfires and Arctic Sea Ice
As Mercury Rises, Urban Heat Penalty Grows, Especially at Night
New Molecule Design Boosts Performance of Electrolyte for Redox Flow Batteries
Climate Cycles Create California Precipitation Uncertainty
It’s Phase 2 for Battery500 Consortium
PNNL is Tops Again in Materials Science and Cross-Discipline Categories on Clarivate’s 2021 List of Highly Cited Researchers