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Bottling Clean Energy in Chemical Bonds
PNNL and University of Nevada, Reno Embark on New Partnership
Four PNNL Researchers Named to Washington State Academy of Sciences
Berkeley Lab Pushes Its Energy-Saving Windows into Market
Few common bacterial groups gobble up majority of carbon in soil
Worldly Experience Is a Catalyst for Change
Students Spring into Science Careers
Hydrogen Energy Storage at Your Service
Longer-Lived Lithium-Metal Battery Marks Step Forward for Electric Vehicles
Energy Technologies Move Closer to Commercial Use
Emissions Cause Delay in Rainfall
Building a Global Storm Database
Following Their Curiosity Wherever It Leads
Growing crop biotechnology research with QUT-PNNL partnership
Schoch Named PNNL Chief Communications Officer
PNNL AI Expert Harnesses Open-Source Data to Understand Human Behavior
Accelerating Speed of Science
Ultra-Sensitive Radiation Detectors Provide Deeper Dive into Groundwater
Efficient Dehumidifier Makes Air Conditioning a Breeze
A Keen Eye Behind Microscope
Bringing Out H-BEST in Buildings
Decisions, Decisions: Climate Change and Water
Surpassing Moore’s Law
CRuSE-ing Toward Community Carsharing in Hood River, Oregon
Laser-focused on Supercooled Water
Batteries, Catalysts, Climate, Clean Energy: Secretary Granholm Treated to ‘Whirlwind’ PNNL Visit
Data Portal Reaches Milestone, Stores Data from Big Wind Projects
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s shadow figment technology foils cyberattacks
PNNL’s Shadow Figment Technology Foils Cyberattacks
Three PNNL Scientists Earn Early Career Awards
On-Site Hydrogen Production Technology Accelerates to Market
Small Modular Reactors Competitive in Washington’s Clean Energy Future
Modernizing Hydropower with Digital Twins
Compound Commonly Found in Candles Lights Way to Grid-Scale Energy Storage
PNNL Pitches in for Perseverance Launch
PNNL Invention Reduces Risk of Battery Explosions
Harvesting Light Like Nature Does
From Curb to Doorstep: Driving Efficiencies for Delivering Goods
Clingy Copper Ions Contribute to Catalyst Slowdown
Magnetic Nanoparticles Pull Valuable Elements from Water Sources
Improving Grid Reliability in Face of Extreme Events
Virtual Learning Tools Connect Global Partners for National Security Training
Hydropower in an Evolving Era
Suitable Spawning Habitat Awaits Salmon
Accelerating Microbial Engineering with Thermodynamic Calculations
Shoe Scanner Technology on Horizon
Energy on Demand: Learning from Nature’s Catalysts
Virtually Envisioning Global Climate