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Unraveling perplexing explosive process that occurs throughout universe
New laboratory-wide organization advances development of fusion energy science at PPPL
Scientists stress importance of perseverance and flexibility at PPPL’s Young Women’s Conference
Researchers design simpler magnets for twisty facilities that could lead to steady-state fusion operation
Roadmap for deepening understanding of puzzling universal process
Validating models for next-generation fusion facilities with PPPL flagship
White House summit brings national energy leaders together to forge path to accelerate fusion electricity
Former intern Amelia Chambliss speaks out on diversity, equity, and what she learned from her internship at PPPL
Timeline of innovation and impact at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Energy leaders are convening at White House for summit on commercialization of clean fusion energy
PPPL’s apprenticeship program ramps up for 2022
PPPL findings could lead to ever-more powerful microchips and supercomputers
Exciting online competition as PPPL hosts 2022 New Jersey Regional Science Bowl
Innovative new magnet could facilitate development of fusion and medical devices
PPPL senior strategic advisor tapped to lead national study on sustainable use of carbon
Nuclear Technology Set to Propel and Power Future Space Missions, IAEA Panel Says
Breakthrough once described as impossible brings fusion energy device closer to realization
How Princeton Plasma Physics Lab contributed to new world record in clean fusion energy
PPPL collaborations support recent European production of historic fusion power
Scientists successfully model fast-action method for countering disruptions on ITER
PPPL’s first Science on Saturday talk of 2022 focuses on impact of technology on cities
INFUSE supports public-private collaboration to solve challenges for fusion energy
New insight into blobs improves understanding of universal process
Plasma physicist and innovative science educator Arturo Dominguez is PPPL’s new head of Science Education
Here are baker’s dozen of research stories from 2021 at PPPL that you don’t want to miss
Common household cleaner can boost effort to harvest fusion energy on Earth
Scientists at PPPL and Princeton University demonstrate novel rocket for deep-space exploration
PPPL unravels puzzle to speed development of fusion energy
PPPL continues to expand research portfolio by hiring head of Strategic Partnerships
PPPL continues efforts to expand research portfolio by hiring David Zimmerman to its Strategic Partnership Office
Research reveals how plasma swirling around black holes can produce heat and light
Fusion’s role in fighting climate change
Shaping up nicely: Adjusting plasma edge can improve performance of star on Earth
New Jersey Labor Commissioner highlights apprentices at PPPL during National Apprentice Week
PPPL speakers and discoveries prominent at 2021 global plasma physics gathering
PPPL scientists create insight into perhaps most extreme state of matter produced on Earth
PPPL wins state recycling award
PPPL scientists create insights into perhaps most extreme state of matter produced on Earth
PPPL scientists produce insights into perhaps most extreme state of matter on Earth
Focus on fusion energy and PPPL’s expanded mission during U.S. Energy Secretary’s visit
Upgraded code finds source of damaging fusion disruptions
Integrating hot cores and cool edges in fusion reactors
New insights into heat pathways improve understanding of fusion plasma
Scientists develop path-setting method to enable vast applications for promising nanomaterial
Three PPPL scientists win competitive awards to conduct frontier plasma science research
Three PPPL scientists win competitive awards to conduct frontier plasma science work
Scientists demonstrate pathway to forerunner of rugged nanotubes that could lead to widespread industrial fabrication
Lab in living room: Summer interns delve into plasma and fusion research from their homes