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PPPL physicist wins third place at Innovation Forum for advanced liquid centrifuge invention
Renowned physicist and former diagnostics developer at PPPL wins Asia Pacific plasma physics award
Groundbreaking Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor is designated a Nuclear Historic Landmark
American Nuclear Society designates groundbreaking Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor a Nuclear Historic Landmark
Scientists develop forecasting technique that could help advance quest for fusion energy
DOE provides $21 million to advance diagnostics on flagship facility at PPPL
Researchers find unexpected electrical current that could stabilize fusion reactions
New public-private projects to speed fusion energy production come to PPPL
Tungsten isotope helps study how to armor future fusion reactors
Physicists propose new method to improve design of algorithms that simulate fusion plasmas
Revised code could help improve efficiency of fusion experiments
Tough, timely and team-driven: 50 years of energy research
New findings could help scientists tame damaging heat bursts in fusion reactors
Scientists propose method for eliminating damaging heat bursts in fusion device
Scientists propose a novel method for controlling fusion reactions
First results of an upgraded experiment highlight value of lithium for creation of fusion energy
How to grow a cosmic magnetic field
New insight into formation of chirping could advance development of fusion energy
APS honors scientists for plasma physics excellence
Barbara Harrison brings experience to new position for equity, diversity and inclusion
Barbara Harrison brings experience and human resource skills to new position of equity
Mathematical noodling leads to new insights into an old fusion problem
Scientists develop new tool to design better fusion devices
Quest, PPPL’s annual research magazine, reports breakthroughs and discoveries during past year
Matthew Kunz, Princeton and PPPL astrophysicist, receives prestigious NSF dual-purpose award
Matthew Kunz, Princeton and PPPL astrophysicist, receives NSF prestigious dual-purpose award
Federally funded upgrade reenergizes fusion experiment
A proven method for stabilizing efforts to bring fusion power to Earth
NASA’s IBEX charts 11 years of change at boundary to interstellar space
PPPL ramps up activities for diagnostics for ITER fusion experiment
New research deepens understanding of Earth’s interaction with solar wind
Return of Blob: Scientists find surprising link to troublesome turbulence at edge of fusion plasmas
New insights into dynamic edge of fusion plasmas could help capture power that drives sun and stars
New head of Environment, Safety, and Health comes at a crucial time
Fun science for parents and kids at PPPL’s virtual Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Applying mathematics to accelerate predictions for capturing fusion energy
All for one: Scientists find interactions threading through fusion plasmas crucial for stability
Innovative model of dynamic magnetic field that surrounds Mercury
A new explanation for sudden collapses of heat in plasmas can help create fusion energy on Earth
A landmark plan for realizing fusion energy and advancing plasma science
Artificial intelligence helps prevent disruptions in fusion devices
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Temporarily Curtails Operations
Permanent magnets akin to those on fridges could speed development of fusion energy
Permanent magnets far stronger than those on refrigerator doors could be a solution for delivering
Feeding fusion: hydrogen ice pellets prove effective for fueling fusion plasmas
Ridge High School and Princeton Charter School win fierce contests to go to National Science Bowl
New twist in artificial intelligence could enhance prediction of fusion disruptions
Design of W7-X fusion device enables it to overcome obstacles, scientists find