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Innovative model of dynamic magnetic field that surrounds Mercury
A new explanation for sudden collapses of heat in plasmas can help create fusion energy on Earth
A landmark plan for realizing fusion energy and advancing plasma science
Artificial intelligence helps prevent disruptions in fusion devices
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Temporarily Curtails Operations
Permanent magnets akin to those on fridges could speed development of fusion energy
Permanent magnets far stronger than those on refrigerator doors could be a solution for delivering
Feeding fusion: hydrogen ice pellets prove effective for fueling fusion plasmas
Ridge High School and Princeton Charter School win fierce contests to go to National Science Bowl
New twist in artificial intelligence could enhance prediction of fusion disruptions
Design of W7-X fusion device enables it to overcome obstacles, scientists find
Particle beam could help map Earth’s magnetic field to understand how space weather impacts planet
A meeting of young minds: New Jersey Regional Science Bowl comes to PPPL Feb. 21 to 22
A Decade of Fusion, Astrophysics and Nanotechnology at PPPL
Investigating trigger for a sudden explosive process that occurs throughout universe
Outlook for harnessing on Earth fusion that powers sun and stars
Former PPPL intern honored for outstanding machine learning poster
New model helps pave way to bringing clean fusion energy down to Earth
Team led by PPPL wins major computer time to help capture on Earth fusion that powers sun and stars
New computer code could help reach fusion faster
Powder, not gas: A safer, more effective way to create a star on Earth
PPPL honors physicists Igor Kaganovich and Yevgeny Raitses with Kaul Foundation Prize
Batten down hatches: Preventing heat leaks to help create a star on Earth
James Wilson Clark, PPPL’s first deputy director for administrative operations
Gains in one type of force produced by fusion disruptions are offset by losses in another
PPPL is recognized for being green
PPPL wins DOE funding for entrepreneurship
Hiding nuclear warheads? This robot can find them
From new fusion developments to surprises in astrophysics
Janardhan Manickam, former head of Theory Division and international collaborator, passes away
Shake, rattle, roll: Turbulence found to disrupt crucial magnetic fields
Staircase to stars: Turbulence in fusion plasmas may not be all bad
Public-private INFUSE projects to speed fusion development housed at PPPL
Public-private INFUSE collaborations housed at PPPL
Bob Ellis: New chief engineer has designed components for fusion experiments around world
Light my fire: How to startup fusion devices every time
Today’s forecast: How to predict crucial plasma pressure in future fusion facilities
PPPL kicks off apprentice program giving technicians opportunity to “learn while they earn”
New national facility will explore low-temperature plasma, a dynamic source of innovation for modern
New technique could streamline design of intricate fusion device
Improving magnetic bottle that controls fusion power on Earth
Earthbound scientists complement space missions by reproducing dynamics behind astronomical shocks
Seeing more clearly: Revised computer code accurately models an instability
Physicist Rajesh Maingi heads nationwide liquid metal strategy program for fusion devices
John Galayda is named director of NSTX-U Recovery Project
Scientists deepen understanding of magnetic fields that surround Earth and other planets
U.S. Rep. Andy Kim is positive about fusion energy during visit to PPPL
Discovered: A new way to measure stability of next-generation magnetic fusion devices