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Strong steroid found in ‘natural’ skin cream
Trial of Spesolimab for Generalized Pustular Psoriasis
Penn Researchers Find New Potential Targets for Skin-Cancer Treatment
Several protein biomarkers protect against disease development
Suffering from psoriasis? Blame this trio of proteins
Antitumoral effects of chemerin
Pregnancy stretch marks cause stress and emotional burden
An inflammation to remember
Infection rates in psoriatic arthritis patients on biologics have decreased, according to national data
Severe asthma symptoms worsen when treated with psoriasis medicine
Mechanism behind ineffective psoriasis drugs identified
Why Prescription Drugs Can Work Differently for Different People
Glycerin is safe, effective in psoriasis model
New hope for an antibody to treat muscular dystrophy
Long-term continual use of topical steroids linked to skin withdrawal side effects
Chronic inflammatory diseases: Personalised treatment did not produce better effect
Temporary transfer tattoos, often used by children, can disrupt skin’s protective barrier function
New hub launches for 200,000 Australians living with psoriatic arthritis
For psoriasis, targeting skin protein may help control inflammation
Outcomes of psoriasis treatment can be predicted by white blood cell response to test, scientists discover
Calcium scores can help statin therapy decisions
NYUAD study maps nanobody structure, leading to new ways to potentially fight diseases
Psoriasis in joints: New EU project aims to improve treatment options
Additional Treatment Option TREMFYA – Now Available on PBS for Australians with Active Psoriatic Arthritis
New medicinal key to back door
Researchers discover potential new approach to treating psoriatic joint inflammation
Direct action of SARS-CoV-2 on organs may cause exacerbated immune response in children
Methotrexate users have a reduced immune response to mRNA COVID-19 vaccine
Itch insight: Skin itch mechanisms differ on hairless versus hairy skin
Scientists show immune cells change behavior unexpectedly to instigate psoriasis lesions
Vaccination effective in spite of immune disease
New drug is gamechanger in psoriasis treatment
Dissolvable microneedle patch for treatment of inflammatory skin disorders
Antibody injections could become more affordable with new production method
UConn Health Minute: Psoriasis Care
Non-urgent presentations place pressure on public EDs
People with Psoriatic Disease Taking Methotrexate Are More Likely to Develop Liver Disease Compared to Those with Rheumatoid
Skin tissue samples from 3,000 patients to give researchers new insights into psoriasis and eczema
Clinical trial of experimental new treatment for chronic plaque psoriasis
Low fitness linked to higher psoriasis risk later in life
New measures to help Australia’s economic recovery in 2021
PBS listings bring greater hope in fight against multiple myeloma and severe psoriasis
Analysis of data collected from clinic reproduced psoriasis drug trial results
Study to determine cyclosporine’s role in treating hospitalized COVID-19 patients
Skin Deep: New Psoriasis Center Set to Open Early 2021
Researchers make counterintuitive discoveries about immune-like characteristics of cells
Researchers make counterintuitive discoveries about immune-like characteristics of cells
Children Who Take Prescription Steroids at Increased Risk for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Blood Clots