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Munich Quantum Valley – a leap forward for quantum science and technology
£213 million UK Government funding to help UK scientists
Quantum wave in helium dimer filmed for first time
JILA’s Bigger and Better ‘Tweezer Clock’ Is Super Stable
‘Magic’ angle graphene and creation of unexpected topological quantum states
Researchers to investigate Quantum Computing for music industry
New online platform lets anyone explore and learn about quantum technology
UNM’s Carlton Caves awarded Micius Quantum Prize 2020
New JILA Tools ‘Turn On’ Quantum Gases of Ultracold Molecules
Finn Foton makes a quantum jump to Japanese market
Simplifying long-range quantum interactions in many-body systems
Algorithm breakthrough may lead to new applications for quantum computers
Astronomical community expectation for new Gaia data
Large investment into Danish quantum cryptography
Quantum magic squares
Researchers have developed a new theory for observing a quantum vacuum that could lead to new insights into
Gravity of dreams
Cracking secrets of an emerging branch of physics
Wolfgang Peter Schleich Named 2021 Herbert Walther Award Recipient
Quantum tunneling pushes limits of self-powered sensors
Combining electronic and photonic chips enables new record in super-fast quantum light detection
Go8 welcomes Government choice of new Chief Scientist
STA warmly welcomes Dr Cathy Foley as Chief Scientist
Academy welcomes new Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley
13 million euros for basic quantum research
Lighting up ion trap
Three Imperial academics win Institute of Physics awards
Experts in Laser-Atom Scaling, Frequency Combs and EUV Lithography to Headline All-Virtual OSA High-brightness
IOP Publishing’s International Quantum Technology award winners are announced
Do twist: Making two-dimensional quantum materials using curved surfaces
Quantum engines? Entanglement as fuel?
Unique testbed in Eindhoven paves way for unhackable ‘quantum internet’
An Electrical Trigger Fires Single, Identical Photons
New NIST System Detects Ultra-Faint Communications Signals Using Principles of Quantum Physics
In search for big answers
Diamond discovery hints at energy efficient electronics
Physicists use classical concepts to decipher strange quantum behaviors in an ultracold gas
A step towards a better understanding of molecular dynamics
Four Imperial engineers win ERC Starting Grants worth €6 million
Stawell underground laboratory on track
AI automatic tuning to deliver step forward in quantum computing
Researchers collaborate on new national quantum centers
A force from nothing used to control and manipulate objects
UNM’s CQuIC to collaborate with CU-Boulder as part of NSF’s Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes
“Giant atoms” enable quantum processing and communication in one
‘Quantum negativity’ can power ultra-precise measurements
Electrons obey social distancing in ‘strange’ metals
Is teleportation possible? Yes, in quantum world