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Sculpting quantum materials for electronics of future
High-performance detectors to combat spies
It’s weird, weird quantum world
Scientists play ball with single atoms using light
Quantum interactions turned into protection, say researchers
Two-dimensional quantum freeze
Theory can sort order from chaos in complex quantum systems
Animals’ ‘sixth sense’ more widespread than previously thought
Gary Horowitz Awarded 2023 Einstein Prize by APS
When light is neither “on” nor “off” in nanoworld
Researchers Uncover Properties in Superconducting Kagome Metals
Reversal of Quantum Processes Discovered
Mathematician Unlocks 4D Universe Mysteries
Researchers devise new path toward ‘quantum light’
Researchers Create Route to ‘Quantum Light’
Scientists Observe “Quasiparticles” in Classical Systems for First Time
Researchers Make Progress on Quantum Simulators
Quantum Computers to Tackle Unsolvable Problems
Indian entrepreneurs recognised as top 75 young achievers
Nottingham and Tübingen strengthen cross-border partnership ties
Harvesting big energy from small movement
Danish Physicists Make Giant Nanoscopic Leap
Scientists Spot Quasiparticles in Classical Systems
Randomness in Quantum Machines Helps Verify Their Accuracy
Quantum Video Reel
Sacred Depths of Nature
Do Electrons Spin?
Scientists turn up heat on physics phenomenon
“Switzerland could play a key role in quantum technology”
Italian Lab Hunts for Signs of Quantum Gravity Underground
Using power of symmetry for new quantum technologies
Quantum World Experiences Temperature in Chaos
USTC Creates Ultracold Gas w/ High Phase-Space Density
Nobel Prize for quantum physics: circle for Bell’s theorem is complete
Entangled photons to take pictures in dark
Researchers create visible-to-near-infrared-light lasers on silicon chips, paving way for scientific and consumer applications
DigiQ project: boosting talent and teaching resources in quantum technology
Physicists observe wormhole dynamics using quantum computer
Levitating balls and high-speed oscillators to help solve quantum physics problems
Leveraging Ethics to Make Quantum Research Sustainable
Spin correlation between paired electrons was demonstrated
Microlaser chip adds new dimensions to quantum communication
Observation of mechanically bound states in continuum in optomechanical microresonator
New Center for Quantum Technologies Launched at OIST
Rainer Blatt Named 2023 Herbert Walther Award Recipient
Enzymes could be key to understanding how DNA mutates, quantum biologists find
Scientists discover exotic quantum state at room temperature
Keeping Omicron infection risk low requires room ventilation rates 50 times greater