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CMS homes in on Higgs boson’s lifetime
Physicists help create time crystals with quantum computers
Constraining quantum measurement
Quantum physics across dimensions: Unidirectional Kondo Scattering
For brain, context is key to new theory of movement and memory
Spin Mixing in Ferromagnets Revealed
Laser cooling for quantum gases
Graphene-like 2D material leverages quantum effects to achieve ultra-low friction
Poetry of physics
Scientists compare energy consumption during extraction and synthesis of one diamond carat
Electron family creates previously unknown state of matter
Machine learning useful tool for quantum control, finds new study
Quantum physics in proteins
Innovative chip built by UCPH physicists resolves quantum headache
Professor Antti Kupiainen receives international award in mathematical physics
Explore Lancaster in new light
Discovery of universal adversarial attacks for quantum classifiers
Ultrafast and coupled – atomic vibrations in quantum material boron nitride
Levitated particles take off
Ruling Electrons and Vibrations in Crystal with Polarized Light
Patent on sustainable energy
New partnership between QEP and Thales to spur innovation in quantum security and quantum sensors
Memetics and neural models of conspiracy theories
Grant funds machine learning discovery in quantum physics
Scientists introduce theoretical method to produce light in vacuum
‘Back to basics’ approach helps unravel new phase of matter
Polarization optics for biomedical and clinical applications
Engineering researchers develop new explanation for formation of vortices in 2D superfluid
SLAC’s Riti Sarangi wins 2021 Farrel W. Lytle Award
Yang leads $1.8M quantum physics research project
Gem of lab will bring world of quantum physics into light
Gem of lab will design next-generation diamond sensors, bringing world of quantum physics into light
Two HKU academics win 2021 Xplorer Prize
Physicists discover black holes exert pressure in serendipitous scientific first
New theory ‘detects’ light in darkness of vacuum
Putting new theory of many-particle quantum systems to test
Understanding how electrons drive chemical reactions
Quantum Microscope Made in Jülich
EPFL launches new Center for Quantum Science and Engineering
Light-matter interactions propel quantum technologies forward
This Exotic Particle Had an Out-of-Body Experience; These Scientists Took Picture of It
Electron-electron and spin-orbit interactions compete to control electron
Experts call for international collaboration to take quantum experiments to space
Researchers join national initiative to advance quantum science
Albert Einstein at 50
Main Attraction: Scientists Create World’s Thinnest Magnet
Researchers create world’s thinnest magnet
Major grant for research into nature of time and life itself