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UK and US agree to strengthen ties in science and technology
Novel Materials: Sound Waves Traveling Backwards
From burglar alarms to black hole detectors
Subatomic particle seen changing to antiparticle and back for first time
LHCb measures tiny mass difference between particles
Toshiba announces breakthrough in long distance quantum communication
UTA pioneers quantum physics training for high school teachers
New Board Member: Dr. Astrid Lambrecht Starts 1 June
Quantum Experiment in Science Raises Questions
New evidence for electron’s dual nature found in a quantum spin liquid
Startup Year scheme is a good start says Go8
Researchers test new approach to quantum-secured communication in space
Presenting… Valeria Saggio: Quantum physics for machine learning
Researchers confront major hurdle in quantum computing
A new way to make AR/VR glasses
Uniquely sharp X-ray view
Boosting fiber optics communications with advanced quantum-enhanced receiver
Tremendous Boost for Quantum Research in Amsterdam Ecosystem
In a first, scientists watch 2D puddles of electrons spontaneously emerge in a 3D superconducting material
615 million euros for quantum research
Quantum material’s subtle spin behavior proves theoretical predictions
Ct.qmat: DFG funds mobile game on quantum physics with 100.000 euros
Artificial intelligence meets quantum physics
Remote control for quantum emitters
Twin Atoms: A New Source for Entangled Particles
Pondering unknowable
Engineering boundary between 2D and 3D materials
Black Quantum Futurism wins this year’s Collide residency award
How quantum is it? University of Toronto physicist Aaron Goldberg may have answer
46 mio. kr. for seven young researchers
Light-controlled Higgs modes found in superconductors; potential sensor, computing uses
Munich Quantum Valley – a leap forward for quantum science and technology
£213 million UK Government funding to help UK scientists
Quantum wave in helium dimer filmed for first time
JILA’s Bigger and Better ‘Tweezer Clock’ Is Super Stable
‘Magic’ angle graphene and creation of unexpected topological quantum states
Researchers to investigate Quantum Computing for music industry
New online platform lets anyone explore and learn about quantum technology
UNM’s Carlton Caves awarded Micius Quantum Prize 2020
New JILA Tools ‘Turn On’ Quantum Gases of Ultracold Molecules
Finn Foton makes a quantum jump to Japanese market
Simplifying long-range quantum interactions in many-body systems
Algorithm breakthrough may lead to new applications for quantum computers
Astronomical community expectation for new Gaia data
Large investment into Danish quantum cryptography
Quantum magic squares
Researchers have developed a new theory for observing a quantum vacuum that could lead to new insights into
Gravity of dreams