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Quantum computing needs right combination of order and disorder
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Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on President’s New Directives to Advance Quantum Technology
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Physics of singing saw
ANU random numbers go global
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New horizons in quantum physics
Visualizing spin angular momentum in water waves
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MAGIC telescopes detect vampire star nuclear explosion
Quantum in Classroom
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Microcavities as sensor platform
Opening up electromagnetic spectrum
Quantum physics sets speed limit to electronics
Physicists create extremely compressible “gas of light”
Artificial neurons go quantum with photonic circuits
Quantum optics offers topological matter even more protection
New world record for qubit storage
New technology to make charging electric cars as fast as pumping gas
Inspiring next generation for National Science Week
$10M gift boosts quantum science at Cornell
Wormholes help resolve black hole information paradox
We made a ‘time crystal’ inside a quantum computer
Sensor breakthrough facilitates groundbreaking map of world under Earth surface
JILA Atomic Clocks Measure Einstein’s General Relativity at Millimeter Scale
What’s inside black hole? U-M physicist uses quantum computing, machine learning to find out
Quantum errors made more tolerable
Kagome Metals Baffle Science
Einstein’s photoelectric effect: time it takes for an electron to be released
Dissociation mechanism of oxygen molecules on silver surface unveiled
New language for quantum computing
Quantum computing in silicon hits 99 per cent accuracy