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Online science class for teenagers focuses on IoT use in fridges
Rapid Adaptation of Deep Learning Teaches Drones to Survive Any Weather
Tristram Mayhew, Sir Ian Livingstone CBE, Lord Iain McNicol, Ndidi Okezie OBE and Ashley Summerfield have been reappointed
Third Fall 2021 IoT seminar focuses on Python for beginners
Robust and low-cost cryptosystem for post-quantum era
Security main focus at second Fall 2021 IoT seminar
Saving seaweed with machine learning
Machine designs new Swiss Alpine architecture at Seoul Biennale
‘Bee Box’ provides stress-free insight into hidden life inside hive
Smart laser cutter system detects different materials
Adapting roots to hotter planet could ease pressure on food supply
Videos of cosmic proportions
Raspberry Pi computers are helping revolutionize biological research
‘PrivacyMic’: For a smart speaker that doesn’t eavesdrop
Two-in-one: Wide-angle monitoring meets high-resolution capture in new camera platform
Researchers aim to develop bilingual computer programming curricula for youth
Laser lights way
Natural Sciences students’ research published in prestigious journal
GPS and garbage trucks: Mapping digital divides in U.S. cities
Researchers make ‘high vis vests’ to help monitor bee behaviour
SMART researchers engineer a plant-based sensor to monitor arsenic levels in soil
Do it yourself: TSU scientists created a drone constructor with AR
Researchers demonstrate serious flaws in Tesla Model X keyless entry system
2020 Beaver Works Summer Institute goes virtual
Shrinking deep learning’s carbon footprint
Low-Cost Cameras Could Be Sensors to Remotely Monitor Crop Stress
Open-AirVentGT Emergency Ventilator Provides Patient Monitoring, Feedback Control
U.S. Air Force Youth Programs releases applications for summer Space Camp and Aviation Camp
From new coders to Internet inventors in 13 weeks
Latest Raspberry Pi 3 computer board now available from RS Components